Fox Terrier Grooming Tips and A-Z Complete Guide

Fox Terrier Grooming Tips and A-Z Complete Guide

Welcome to our complete guide on Fox Terrier grooming! If you are a Fox Terrier parent, you know how important it is to keep them looking their best.

In this blog post, we’ll share some easy-to-follow grooming tips that will help you maintain your Fox Terrier’s coat and keep them feeling comfortable and happy. So let’s dive right in and learn all about Fox Terrier grooming!

Introduction – Importance of grooming your Fox Terrier

Regardless of its breed, grooming is a must for any pet dog. You might think grooming is limited to bathing and brushing your dog. However, grooming is not limited to that. A proper grooming schedule for a dog includes bathing, brushing, nail care, ear care, and teeth cleaning.

They all allow a dog to stay much clean as well as healthy. In this article, we will be discussing grooming tips and tricks for Fox Terriers.

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Fox Terriers are small-made dogs; hence it is not perplexing to groom them. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to its grooming as it plays a vital role in your Fox Terrier’s regular life and benefits them in multiple ways.

Fox Terriers can be prone to skin conditions, oral issues, and ear infections, negatively impacting the dog’s overall health. While some of these conditions are unavoidable, most can be adequately mitigated through a grooming routine.

On the other hand, if your Fox Terrier is well-groomed, it will reduce room for the spread of allergies. So grooming your Fox Terrier is crucial for the dog’s well-being as well as yours. 

Just because Fox Terriers are small in size, that does not mean they do not require a correct and consistent grooming schedule. Maintaining a grooming schedule for a Fox Terrier is not a complex task. As long as you know tips to groom, you will not face many complexities.

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If you own a Fox Terrier or have plans to get one, this article will be extremely helpful. Below is how you should maintain a Fox Terrier grooming routine. 

Understanding your Fox Terrier’s coat

Coat maintenance is one of the fundamentals in a Fox Terrier grooming routine. The coat is a unique feature in dogs that varies from breed to breed. To elaborate, the coats’ length, texture, density, and color are not the same in all breeds.

A dog’s coat benefits them in several ways: it protects the skin, keeps them warm, and shields them from external elements. Therefore it is mandatory to maintain a healthy coat.

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First, to build a Fox Terrier grooming schedule, it is necessary to identify what kind of coat this breed has. 

Understanding your Fox Terrier's coat

Different types of Fox Terrier coats

Fox terriers are divided into two groups based on the type of coat, namely Smooth Fox Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers. As the name implies, Smooth Fox Terriers have a smooth coat that is short in its length.

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Smooth Fox Terrier’s coat has two layers: a soft undercoat and a hard textured top coat. On the other hand, Wire Fox Terriers have wirey and dense double coats. 

Tips for identifying your Fox Terrier’s coat type

It is easy to differentiate the two types of coats that Fox Terriers have observed from the outside.

To get a thorough understanding, you can use your hands to feel the coat and understand the texture and density. Identifying the dog’s coat type is vital to creating a grooming schedule.

Fox Terrier Grooming tools you’ll need

You must have all the necessary tools to follow a Fox Terrier grooming routine. Generally, grooming tools for this breed include brushes, combs, nail clippers, and scissors.

However, it is essential to note that you have to select suitable tools considering specific criteria such as coat type.

Brush types

As pointed out already, Fox Terriers have two types of coats: smooth and wire. You have to select brushes based on the Fox Terrier’s coat type.

As the name implies, smooth coats are gentle and easy to maintain. A bristle brush would be the best choice for a Smooth Fox Terrier.

Wire Fox Terriers require a slicker or a pin brush to detangle the curls and maintain a tidy and healthy coat. 

Comb types

If you are using a comb for your Fox Terrier, it is recommended to have a narrow-tooth comb for smooth coats and wide-tooth combs for wired coats. 

Nail clippers

It is essential to avoid the excessive growth of your Fox Terrier’s nails as it could be dangerous in several ways.

There are plenty of nail clippers you can find explicitly designed for dogs. However, be considerate about the dog’s size, adjustability, and safety when selecting one. 


You will need scissors to trim your Fox Terriers coat as necessary. When using scissors, be mindful of using quality scissors made for grooming purposes instead of regular ones.

There are various types of grooming scissors for pet dogs; since Fox Terriers generally have short coats, ensure to use scissors that suit them.

Bathing your Fox Terrier

Bathing is a crucial part of the Fox Terrier grooming schedule. You might have heard that dogs do not require frequent baths as humans do.

So how often should you bathe a Fox Terrier, and what steps should you follow when washing them? Below you can find the recommended bathing frequency for this breed, some best practices for bathing, and recommended types of shampoos. 

How often to bathe your Fox Terrier

It is essential to bathe your Fox Terrier and keep them nice and clean. However, this does not mean you should bathe the dog regularly.

Dogs generally do not need frequent baths, but this varies based on breed. One bath every 4-6 weeks would allow this breed to maintain a healthy and clean coat.

Sometimes there could be exceptions where you have to bathe the dog a couple of more times than that; unless there is a specific reason, stick with the given frequency because overbathing can cause multiple issues. 

Best practices for bathing

Apart from bathing frequency, you should properly understand what steps and methods to use when bathing your Fox Terrier. Even though bathing is necessary for a Fox Terrier grooming schedule, some could be fussy about bathing.

This is why you should know what actions and practices to follow. Have a tub or a specific area to give showers to the dog; since this is a small-sized dog breed, you do not need a vast space to bathe them.

Before giving baths, you have to make sure your Fox Terrier is comfortable with it, so if the dog hesitates to take baths, take things slow and use positive reinforcement methods like giving a treat.

It is also necessary to keep all the bathing supplies close by so you do not have to go here and there to find stuff while bathing the dog. When you bathe your Fox Terrier, use water at the correct temperature; it shouldn’t be too cold or too hot.

Especially under extreme hot or cold weather, you must be more cautious about the temperature of the water. First, you should wet them and then apply dog shampoo. Once you apply the shampoo, you have to lather it over the body but avoid the eye areas.

Also, be gentle as possible when washing the dog’s face. After applying shampoo, you have to rinse it off well. Finally, dry the dog using a towel. 

Shampoo recommendations

The pH level of a dog’s skin is different compared to humans, so using human shampoo to wash your Fox Terrier could develop skin irritations and related issues; this is why you should always use a shampoo made for dogs.

In general, avoid shampoo containing polyethylene glycol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehyde precursors, and Mineral oil.

Some of the recommended shampoo brands for your Fox Terrier include;

Fox Terrier Brushing and combing

You should understand how to brush and comb the dog when executing a proper Fox Terrier grooming routine. It keeps the coat well appearing and maintains coat health in many ways.

Techniques for brushing and combing

Once you bathe your Fox Terrier, let the dog dry, and then brush and comb the coat. Since this breed has a short coats, brushing them is not perplexing.

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However, when you brush your Fox Terrier, make sure to move in the direction of the hair growth applying a small amount of pressure. Do not be too rigorous on the brushing, as it could damage the coat and possibly hurt the dog.

Best practices for maintaining your Fox Terrier’s coat

Although Fox Terriers have short coats, they require adequate attention to maintain them. So how do you take good care of your Fox Terrier’s coat? What best practices should you pursue?

First, bathe the dog as required, brush them, and keep their coats nice and clean. Bathing and brushing are the most preliminary yet essential practices to maintain your Fox Terrier’s coat.

You can also supply the dog with recommended vitamins and oils for a healthier coat. Moreover, you should either hand strip or trim the coat as needed.

How often do brush and comb

There is no precise frequency to brush a Fox Terrier. Generally speaking, if you own a Smooth Fox Terrier, you can brush the dog a couple of times a week.

If you have a Wire Fox Terrier, you should brush regularly as their coat is more prone to tangling. 

Nail care of your Fox Terrier

Nail care might be an aspect that you pay very minimum attention to when grooming your Fox Terrier. You should always remember that nail care is also vital to a Fox Terrier grooming schedule. 

ail care of your Fox Terrier

Importance of trimming your Fox Terrier’s nails

Why does nail care for a dog matter in the first place? As veterinarians point out, having long nails can cause pain in dogs. In some cases, it could also damage the dog’s paws.

Furthermore, if you completely neglect your Fox Terrier’s nail care, there could be a possibility that the dog get affected by germs and parasites.

In order to prevent possible negativities, you must trim your Fox Terrier’s nails. 

Techniques for trimming

Trimming your Fox Terrier’s nails will be much easier if you know what methods and techniques to follow. When trimming your Fox Terrier’s nails, make sure you use nail clippers explicitly made for the job.

You have to be very careful when cutting the dog’s nails, so take time as needed. When you trim the nails hold the paw firmly but be gentle with the trimming; also, trim the tip of the nail straight across. 

Best practices for preventing over-trimming

Some dogs naturally have thicker and longer nails, but Fox Terriers do not typically belongs to that category. Therefore you will not find it hard to trim their nails properly.

However, you also should be cautious not to over-trim the nails. To avoid over-trimming, you have to be gentle with the dog as much as possible, and as said, only cut the tips holding the paw firmly. 

Ear care while grooming Fox Terrier

Ear infections are one of the most unpleasant experiences that your pooch has to go through. You must include ear care in your dog’s regular grooming routine to avoid ear infections.

Speaking of ear care, in a Fox Terrier grooming schedule, you should clearly know how to clean the dogs’ ears, what to do, and what to avoid. 

Importance of cleaning your Fox Terrier’s ears

Dog ears can be highly vulnerable to infections, primarily due to wax overgrowth, so cleaning them is crucial.

Ear infections can lead to several negative consequences that can sometimes be exaggerated into severe conditions. To overcome this, you have to adhere to an ear care routine for the dog.

If you take action to keep your Fox Terrier’s ear care, it will also contribute to the dog’s overall well-being. 

Techniques for cleaning

It is essential to follow accurate techniques when you clean your Fox Terrier’s ears. When you clean your Fox Terrier’s ears, ensure the dog is calm and relaxed.

Place the dog on your lap, gently lift the flopped ear, and start cleaning. You can use store-bought cleaning solutions to clean inside the ear, but be mindful of using quality and recommended ones.

You can use a clean cotton ball soaked in cleaning solutions and clean the ear canal; after a few minutes, remove the cotton ball. Also, do not enter it too further inside the ear. 

How often to clean

You do not have to clean a Fox Terrier’s ears on a regular basis; doing it once a month would be sufficient. 

Fox Terrier Teeth care

Oral hygiene is yet another crucial part of a Fox Terrier grooming schedule because relatively there are several chances where this breed may develop oral issues due to poor oral hygiene.

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In fact, dental issues are considered one of the most common health issues among the breed. As a result, you have to pay ample attention to your Fox Terrier’s teeth care. 

Importance of dental hygiene for Fox Terriers

As mentioned above, dental hygiene is mandatory for this breed as they can be prone to oral problems.

The most common reason behind Fox Terrier’s dental issues is excessive tartar build-up. If you do not clean the tartar, it will easily cause oral issues. For the worse, they may end up damaging the kidneys, liver, heart, and joints. 

Techniques for cleaning teeth

There are specific brushes and kinds of toothpaste that you can use to clean your Fox Terrier’s teeth.

Take a tiny bit of the toothpaste to the brush, and you can gently brush the outside surface of the dog’s teeth. If the dog seems uncomfortable with it, do not force it; take things slow until the dog feels okay.

Apart from brushing the dog’s teeth, you can also use dental treats, wipes, and sprays as cleaning alternatives. 

How often to clean teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth two to three times weekly will allow you to maintain general oral hygiene.

However, considering the vulnerability of Fox Terriers to oral issues, it would be better to brush their teeth regularly. 

Styling your Fox Terrier’s coat

Do you prefer to keep your Fox Terrier’s coat neatly and attractively? As long as you are considerate about the health and cleanliness of the coat, there is no harm in styling it.

How can you style your Fox Terrier’s coat? 

Tips for creating a neat and tidy appearance

Creating a neat and tidy-looking coat is simple if you follow the Fox Terrier grooming routine basics.

If you bathe them, brush them, and trim them as required, it will help to upkeep a neat and tidy appearance.

When you maintain your Fox Terriers appearance, paying attention to the products and equipment you use is essential. At the same time, be attentive to the consistency of the grooming routine. 

Best practices for trimming and styling

You can elevate your Fox Terrier’s adorable appearance by following trimming and styling techniques. As discussed in this article, Fox Terriers have two different types of coats.

Either way, you can follow trimming techniques and style their coats. If you want to style your Fox Terrier’s coat, first, you should understand the tools you will be using.

Before trimming the coat, give a bath to the dog and wait until it gets dry, detangle the fur, and then start trimming.

If you are an amateur, it is advisable to get help from someone till you get the hang of it. 

Conclusion – Recap of key tips and tricks for Fox Terrier grooming

Throughout this article, we comprehensively discussed the key tips and tricks to groom a Fox Terrier properly. Many dog owners misinterpret grooming is only about washing and combing the dog.

However, as pointed out in the article, the Fox Terrier grooming schedule should cover multiple aspects, including skin care, nail care, ear care, and oral care.

Regarding skincare, it is vital to bathe the dog accordingly, brush its coat, and trim it on time. You also have to trim the nails of the dog and maintain its nail care.

Furthermore, cleaning the dog’s ears is critical; last but not least, brushing teeth is also a must. Grooming impacts the overall health of any dog. So make sure to follow the given mechanisms and follow a proper grooming schedule for your Fox Terrier. 


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