Are Fox Terriers Aggressive Towards Other Pets, Strangers, Or Kids?

Are Fox Terriers Aggressive Towards Other Pets, Strangers, Or Kids?

When preparing to become a dog parent, we should ensure that the dog breed we select matches our lifestyle and personality. If not, there can be many uncomfortable and embarrassing future problems.

And now that you’re trying to figure out whether Fox Terriers are aggressive, I guess you’re either trying to decide whether you should adopt one or you already own, yet, want to learn more about them.

Either way, from this article, I hope I can curb all related questions relating to Fox Terrier’s aggression. 

Let’s start from the basics; are Fox Terriers typically aggressive? Yes, Fox Terriers are generally aggressive towards other dogs, especially males. They also get vocal towards strangers, letting you know someone he doesn’t know or like is approaching.

Moreover, sometimes Fox Terriers could get aggressive towards kids due to their high-pitched voices and fast behavior, thinking that small kids are something that they could hunt!

Are Fox Terriers Generally Aggressive? 

This small dog breed is exceptional when it comes to hunting. They are lively and remarkably active, and if you’re a person or have a family that loves to be highly engaged with pets, then a Fox Terrier is the best dog breed for you. 

As I mentioned in the beginning, Foxies are exceptionally good at hunting. Therefore, it’s unsurprising and natural that they tend to get aggressive.

So, the general answer to your problem, “are Fox Terriers aggressive?” yes. But the next question is when and why do they get aggressive? 

Let’s check it out!

  • Being Aggressive Toward Strangers 

Any dog, despite its breed, tends to be aggressive when a stranger enters its territory. They get vocal and bark until you order them to be silent.

Fox Terriers often bark at strangers, too but will rarely do anything other than that, such as biting.

But, if the stranger tries to harm you or the Foxy, he will not hesitate to take out a chunk of the person’s flesh. 

  • Being Aggressive Toward Kids 

Small children are generally noisy, chaotic, and run all the time. Our Fox Terriers, natural hunters, may misunderstand their behavior as prey.

And when they are interested in hunting, Foxies tend to get excited and bite to complete their hunt. But this habit could be curbed by training. 

  • Being Aggressive Toward Other Pets 

If you didn’t socialize with your Foxy when he’s a puppy, he would have a small problem socializing with other dogs when he’s a grown-up.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you take the necessary steps to make him familiar with other dogs at an early age.

What’s more, they being natural hunters, could get excited as soon as they saw small animals like rats, squirrels, and even cats. This strong instinct to hunt can be controlled through training and obedience classes.

Are Fox Terriers Aggressive Towards Strangers?

The straightforward answer to the above question is yes; Foxies are aggressive towards strangers. These vermin hunters are fearless despite their small size.

Therefore, just like any other breed, Fox Terriers reject strangers too strongly. But don’t worry; he won’t bark at every stranger you come across while having a walk or when you’re at the dog park. 

They will only get verbal when someone enters their territory, Such as your home area / property.

It could also happen when a person with whom they are unfamiliar enters your personal space whether or not you both are outside or inside your property. But it’s infrequent. 

These strangers who visit you may not get a warm welcome from your beloved Foxy until you approve of them and let them come inside your house.

But make sure you ask your pet to be silent, or he might keep scolding the person that just came to visit and you.

Are Fox Terriers Aggressive With Kids?

Fox Terriers are very active and love to play games with anyone. Sometimes you might even laugh till your stomach hurts, watching your Terrier being childish.

They also love playing with small kids, yet, you need to keep a very close eye and it would be better if you could stay in proximity. 

If you’re wondering “why?” Let me explain. 

Even though Foxies love to play with kids, the behavior of small children could excite your pet, giving him a wrong impression.

They are naturally very loud and have a solid habit of running around. It could get the Foxy excited and bring up his hunting traits to the surface.

And there’s a big chance that your pet might jump and bite the small, unknowing kid when he’s surrendered to the strong urge to hunt. 

Therefore, you must give your pet the proper training when he’s a puppy to avoid unforeseen, unfortunate events.

Ultimately, it’s not your pet’s fault that he got excited and bit the small kid. They are natural hunters, and you should keep in your mind.

Are Fox Terriers Aggressive Towards Other Pets? 

Many dog breeds, especially Terrier-like dogs born hunters, get aroused when they see other pets. Male Fox Terriers, who are territorial animals, will flat out reject any other male dog.

You must familiarise your best friend to interact with other dogs and animals. And make sure that you keep an eye on small animals like wild rabbits or squirrels when your Fox Terrier is around.

How To Suppress The Fox Terrier’s Aggression?

The only way to curb Fox Terriers’ aggression is through proper training. They are fast learners thanks to their smartness, so it’s better to train your Foxy at puppyhood.

This training should include the general training that teaches him to obey your commands, potty, and walk with you on the leash. 

Also, don’t forget the special training where he learns to control his thirst to hunt. It includes behavioral lessons, socializing, and extensive training to make him obey the first command.

After this learning period, you wouldn’t even have to worry for a second about your Foxy’s hunting trait because we’ll be behaved and know what to do and what not to, especially regarding small kids and other animals. 

But, it’s wise to keep the aggression he feels towards strangers, or he will let anyone, despite good intentions or bad, wander into your property regardless of a dog on the lookout.

And don’t forget. Fox Terriers are known to be very skilled watch dogs. The primary reason for their existence when you adopt one will be to protect you and nothing else. 

So barking when the Fox sees a stranger in his territory is not really bad. 

That’s the end of this article on “Are Fox Terriers aggressive?” 

I’ll see you in the next chapter with another exciting blog about our beloved dogs. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. So until next time, goodbye!


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