Are Fox Terriers Hunting Dogs? Truth With Hints

Are Fox Terriers Hunting Dogs? Truth With Hints 

Fox Terrier is a small-bodied dog bred in England. Initially, they were employed in retrieving Foxes out of holes to help huntsmen in hunting games, yet up to date, the Fox Terrier is a reliable companion and a pro gamer that won’t let you down.

Although small and miniature, they have sky-high confidence and intelligent personalities. And today, we will find out how good our Fox Terriers are at hunting.

So, are Fox Terriers hunting dogs? Yes; They originated in England as Fox chasers who helped hunters to find prey. Even today, after over a century since their origination, Foxies are still active hunting companions. Although now they are domesticated and only rarely engage in hunting with people in the modern world, you could still catch a glimpse of their high prey drive as soon as the Foxies see potential prey.

Let’s find out more in-detail!

Are Fox Terriers Hunting Dogs?

British people love hunting. Out of all the huntsmen, people who were engaged in Fox hunting first had difficulty bringing the Foxes out of their holes. As a solution for this, Fox Terrier was designed to help aristocrats in forests chase out the Foxes. 

When the Foxies are in hunting mode, they will chase behind their prey at 38 mph. Their small agile body can fit through many barriers and holes, giving them an added advantage in succeeding in the hunt.

Not only that, they are strong too. After jumping on the prey with a final leap, the Fox Terrier will catch the vermin from their neck before giving a firm shake shaping the neck. The hunt is completed. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking of adopting a Foxy, don’t get misled into thinking that after centuries from their origin, Fox Terriers have lost their hunting trait. This high prey drive runs in their blood and gets inherited by genes. 

Indeed, Foxies are perfect companion dogs, and many people adopt them because of their loyal and loving nature. But even today, they are hunters.

You may have witnessed your Fox Terrier chasing behind other small animals, such as wild rabbits, squirrels, etc., whenever he gets a chance.

Still, there are specially designed training programs for Foxies if you want to curb their hunting traits.

If you love to go on hunting with a trustful companion who’s active, intelligent, alert, and fearless, then opting for a Fox Terrier will be your best option.

Don’t worry. I know that this dog breed is an excellent hunting breed. But still, they are perfect for you if you’re looking for an affectionate companion who will be by your side every possible time.

Moreover, a Foxy will be great for you if you’re a very active person who loves to spend most of your leisure time exploring outdoors.

They are vibrant and lively and are full of energy all day, every day. Therefore it’s best to have at least a small yard where your dog can run around and be active.

Characteristics Of Fox Terriers As Hunting Dogs

Some characteristics are common to all dog breeds. But there are some that help you distinguish a good hunter dog From the rest.

And when you’re doing your research about “are Fox Terriers hunting dogs,” you must also check out the Characteristics of Fox Terriers as hunting dogs.

And if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best hunting companion among dogs, then knowing these characteristics will help you find the best match. 

  • Small And Sleek Body

When a dog is hunting, having a small body will be a bonus to succeed in hunting small creatures such as rats, rabbits, and especially Foxes.

Because of their tiny body, they can effectively crawl into Fox holes and chase them out. But it wouldn’t be possible if they had a well-built muscular body.

  • Fearless 

Fox Terriers are brave, unlike many other small dog breeds who get scared pretty easily. They don’t hesitate even to ask for the game from more giant animals.

This characteristic further makes the Fox Terrier the best hunting dog companion.

  • Long Legs

Naturally, having a small body means less weight. The Fox Terrier’s long legs help them reach a maximum speed of up to 38mph when they are very much into the hunting game.

These legs help the dog gain on their prey within a moment.

  • Alert

Another characteristic of a good hunter is always being alert, and the Fox Terrier is the expert at being alert. 

  • Highly Intelligent

To be able to effortlessly train your Fox Terrier to hunt to polish his skills, he must be intelligent and witty. A Fox Terrier gets 5 out of 5 stars in this sector.

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, a Foxy also has a high prey drive and energy level and loves to wander and explore his surroundings.

Make sure that you mark these down when trying to search “are Fox Terriers hunting dogs,” and they are excellent hunters and dependable companions if you love to hunt. 

Tips For Training A Fox Terrier To Hunt

Even though Fox Terriers are traditional Fox hunters, now they are much more domesticated companion dogs. But, occasionally, some people get the help of Foxies to hunt.

And if you’re one of them, this article gives you essential tips on how to train your Fox Terrier to hunt. There are three main methods to train your hunting dog. Namely;

  • The Introducing Young Method 
  • Teaching To The Track Scent 
  • Experienced Team

1. The Introducing Young Method

This method should be initiated when the canine is in his puppy age. First, train the puppy to obey voice commands and off-leash recall.

After that, you could start introducing him to Fox hunting. A Fox pelt is the best place to start your pet on the Fox scent.

You can initiate by playing fetch with the pelt and gradually increase the difficulty by hiding the pelt in different places.

After the pet is accustomed to the scent, you can let him loose in the wild as a rehearsal.

2. Scent Trail Tracking 

You may buy a commercial Fox stent and create a trail your dog can follow. You will have to wear gloves and boots to minimize the human smell on the track.

At the end of the course, make sure to hide a pelt. Then introduce your canine to the trail and direct your pet through it. 

Don’t forget to reward the Foxy when he successfully finds the hidden fur. Moreover, repeat the process several times and ensure the dog is familiarized with the following scent trails. 

3. Experienced Team

This is how you train your dog to hunt as a pack. With an experienced dog in the lead, you should allow your dog to interact and follow the lead dog.

If you’re doing this in the wild, don’t forget to have a tracking device on inexperienced dogs to prevent them from wandering off while the hunt is going on. 

Make sure to use voice commands and direct them appropriately. After several practice sessions, your canine will get a hold of the process and respond as a pack. 

There you go. All the answers to your question are Fox Terriers hunting dogs. If you have questions about your doggo, don’t forget to forward them to us. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. So until next time, goodbye!


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