Do Fox Terriers Shed A Lot? FAQs Covered With Tips

Do Fox Terriers Shed A Lot? FAQs Covered With Tips

Carpets, sofas, and corners full of dog fur might not be something that pleases you. Whether you like it or not, this is a situation that most dog owners have to deal with. Apart from a few exceptions, shedding is a natural and regular occurrence among dogs.

However, the shedding frequency of dogs considerably changes for various reasons, primarily depending on their breed. Some dogs can be heavy shedders, whereas others are moderate or extremely low shedders.

If you own a Fox Terrier or have plans to have one, it is worth reading this article as it comprehensively discusses all the FAQs relating to Fox Terrier’s shedding.

So, do Fox Terriers shed a lot? Fox Terriers are not frequent and intense shedders. This dog breed’s coat comes in two textures; wiry and smooth. Based on that, Fox Terriers can be divided into two categories: Wire Fox Terriers and Smooth Fox Terriers.

According to the coat type, the shedding frequency may slightly differ. Moreover, we can further categorize them based on their size as Toy or Mini Fox Terriers, which also changes the shedding patterns to some extent. Generally speaking, this is a low-shedding breed.

Fox Terrier is a good choice if you want a dog breed that doesn’t shed a lot. Like any other dog breed, Fox Terriers also shed but comparatively, the frequency and amount of shedding tend to be pretty low among Fox Terriers.

To enhance your knowledge of this topic and get some valuable tips, feel free to go through the sub-sections below. 

Do Fox Terriers shed?

Have you ever come across the term hypoallergenic dogs? Technically it means dogs that do not shed.

However, it is impossible to find dogs that do not shed at all, but there are dog breeds that shed meager amounts, and they can fall into the hypoallergenic category.

Fox Terriers are not entirely hypoallergenic, yet the Wired Fox Terriers, in most cases considered so. Overall, Fox Terriers are low-shedding dogs.

Both get a short and somewhat dense coat, whether a Wire Fox Terrier or a Smooth Fox Terrier. Smooth Fox Terriers’ coat is straight and composed of a single layer, whereas Wire Fox Terriers have a wiry double layer coat.

As mentioned at the beginning, shedding is a natural circumstance that helps dogs to remove their dead skin cells.

Therefore Fox Terriers also shed to remove their dead and damaged hair, but luckily, the amount and frequency they shed are relatively low.

Fox Terrier varieties typically shed year-round, and seasonal shedding can also be seen, more precisely among Wire Fox Terriers.

When do Fox Terriers shed a lot?

Dogs typically shed throughout the year when they need to get rid of their dead hair, and there is no exception with Fox Terriers.

However, there are specific times when they shed more than usual. Seasonal shedding is a period where the shedding amount of this breed gets higher than average.

Seasonal shedding occurs in spring and fall. During these particular seasons, they shed more, making their coat more adaptable to the climate.

Seasonal shedding can be clearly seen among dogs with double coats. Wire Fox Terriers have a soft undercoat; hence they are prone to seasonal shedding. 

Do Toy Fox Terriers / Mini Fox Terriers shed a lot?

There is a fine line between a Fox Terrier and a Toy or a Mini Fox Terrier. As the name implies, Toy/ Mini Fox Terriers are the smaller version of this breed.

Mini Fox Terriers are small-made dogs with short and smooth coats. They do not shed a lot, thanks to their small size, hair length, and texture.

However, that does not necessarily mean they never shed. You will notice low shedding throughout the year and most probably moderate shedding during spring and fall. 

Why does your Fox Terrier shed like crazy?

As we discussed, Fox Terriers are extremely low shedders in most cases, but there are instances where they can also be moderate shedders.

But what if they shed like crazy? Is it something common to this breed, or is it something that you should be worried about? Let’s figure out what the possibilities are.

Some dog breeds can be intense shredders that shed throughout the year, especially large dog breeds with long fur. However, Fox Terriers typically don’t consider one such dog.

The short, smooth, or wiry hair of Fox Terrier only sheds in minimal amounts through the year, which tends to be expected.

If you notice frequent and heavy shedding in a Fox Terrier, it is crucial to find out why because it is not usual among the breed. Below are some possible reasons for intense shedding in a Fox Terrier.

  • Infections 

Infections are one of the primary reasons for heavy shedding in Fox Terriers. Infections may come in different ways, such as fungal or parasite infections.

Fox Terriers get parasite infections via ticks and fleas, and once they grow in your dog’s skin, they suck the blood out of the dog, and their saliva causes itching leading to heavy shedding.

They could get affected by fungal infections through other animals such as ring worms or due to overgrowth of natural fungi in their skin.

So if you see heavy shedding in your Fox Terrier, observe whether they scratch a lot, if flakes are peeling out of their skin, and if there’s an unpleasant odor. They could be other signs of infections.

  • Allergies 

Apart from infections, allergies could also cause excessive shedding. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly acts as allergens for Fox Terriers, but it could be anything such as food, cleaning products, or even medicine. 

  • Chronic illnesses 

Heavy shedding doesn’t always mean that your Fox Terrier suffers from a chronic disease, but shedding can be a side effect of some chronic diseases.

However, if it is a chronic disease, you will notice severe symptoms along with shedding, such as weight loss, vomiting, and blood in the stool. 

  • Stress 

It is not only physical illnesses that make a Fox Terrier shed a lot; they experience a mental condition that also leads to heavy shedding.

Dogs get anxiety for various reasons, which could change not only the mentality of dogs but also their physique. Heavy shedding can be an outcome of stress and anxiety. 

How to minimize your Fox Terrier’s excessive shedding?

Most of the time, Fox Terriers are not extreme shedders, but they might shed more often during specific times. Below you can find some tips to mitigate this concern. 

  • Proper grooming 

Fox Terriers are low-maintenance dogs, but you should pay attention to their grooming. You do not have to bathe or brush them every single day. However, be consistent.

You can wash them once a month and brush their coat at least once a week. Proper grooming aid in reducing excessive shedding to a great extent. 

  • Healthy food 

A well-balanced diet is mandatory for your Fox Terrier in many ways. It helps the dog grow better and gives them a luscious and healthy coat, minimizing the shedding capacity.

You can occasionally add fatty acids such as Omega3 to their meals as it helps to control shedding. Also, do not forget to give them enough water to drink regularly. 

  • Allergy and flea control

When your Fox Terrier gets affected by allergies and infections, it makes their skin itchy and uncomfortable. Allergy and flea controls can help them to reduce it.

There are different medications for this, yet when using allergy and flea control, always do it under the guidance and recommendations of a veterinarian.

Tips for maintaining your Fox Terrier’s coat

If you are pretty busy, you might not have a lot of time to spare on grooming and maintaining your pet dog’s coat.

The good thing is if you own a Fox Terrier, you do not have to worry much about this because maintaining their coat is not an intricate job. Still, you should never take this advantage for granted. 

To maintain the healthiness and cleanliness of the coat, it is enough to bathe them once a month. Always use mild dog shampoo to wash them.

Brushing is vital to keep the coat nice and glossy. You should pick the correct brush and decide the brushing frequency according to the type of Fox Terrier you have.

If you have a Smooth or Mini Fox Terrier, it is better to use a bristle brush and brush them at least once a week.

For Wire Fox Terriers, you might need to use a slicker brush or a pin brush, and it is better to brush them a few times a week to ensure the hair doesn’t tangle.

Giving adequate amounts of protein and fats also help to give them a better coat.

Final Thoughts 

Shedding is something that you have to expect if you have a pet dog at home. However, not all dogs shed in the same way.

Fox Terrier is a breed that is generally considered low shedding, and this could slightly change based on the hair type they have and some other particular circumstances.

Still, this breed does not shed heavily unless there is something unusual. Heavy shedding in a Fox Terrier could be a consequence of a poor diet or an allergy, but also something more grave like stress or a chronic disease.

As long as you pay fair attention to your Fox Terrier’s coat maintenance, the shedding will not be a nuisance that worries you.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. Cheers!!


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