How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier? A Complete Guide

How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier? A Complete Guide

Do you want to get a Fox Terrier or already have one as a pet? Fox Terriers are super cute, cheerful little dogs who make excellent companions. We will tell you everything to know about the Fox Terrier, including its size, personality, and training requirements, as well as how easy it is to train a Fox Terrier.

So, how easy is it to train a Fox Terrier? They are very easily trained with the proper methods. You can teach them to listen to you, stop barking excessively, and not bite other people! Potty training is also an essential part of the process.

Fox Terriers are small-sized dogs, weighing between 15 and 18 pounds. They are lively and energetic despite their small size. Because they are active, a Fox Terrier should live in a home with a garden where they can move around and play.

They enjoy picking fights with larger dogs, so Fox Terriers are not recommended to be around other pets unless they are socialized.

How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier?

When you have a Fox Terrier, positive reinforcement is one of the most crucial things to include in your training schedule.

For example, if your Fox Terrier isn’t paying attention to you, don’t yell at him. 

In a firm yet calm manner, say “NO.” Use gentle language to make him realize what he did was wrong. Give him some treats when he behaves well.

And when you are verbally complimenting him, be sure to comfort them by lightly touching them under the chin. 

Avoid training your Fox Terrier for more extended periods. Instead, try to divide the training into small sessions so they don’t get exhausted.

You can do the training for 5-10 minutes four times a day, then repeat the process the next day. Start training your Fox Terrier puppy as early as possible (at least by eight weeks old) so that they understand what is right and wrong from a young age.

Also, avoid encouraging behaviors at a young age that you would not want to see in them later in life. This could be as simple as biting slippers, pillows, and so on.

How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier To Listen To You? 

This must be your most challenging problem because, before you begin potty training your Fox Terrier, you must first ensure that they attentively listen to what you are saying.

Fox Terriers, despite their small size, tend to see themselves as the “Alpha,” believing that they are always right. So, ensure the Fox Terrier understands you are the “Alpha” here.

You can accomplish this by doing simple things like preparing a meal for you first, then giving him one after some time.

Or even as a puppy, you shouldn’t let him sleep in your bed; instead, give him his own sleeping space.

I know these are heartbreaking techniques, but if you don’t teach him to listen to you now when he’s a puppy, he might never learn!

How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier To Respond To His Name? 

You must train your Fox Terrier to react to his name as soon as possible. Because if it does not happen, you won’t be able to hold his attention long enough to teach him any other instructions.

This type of training will be easy because you will use positive reinforcement in the form of pet treats.

Take a pet treat in your hand and repeatedly call the Fox Terrier’s name. Not the name, but the pet treat will probably get his attention, so that’s why you have to repeat this. 

It will help the Fox Terrier understand what you are calling him, and once he does and responds when you call him by his name, be sure to reward him with pet treats or cuddles.

How To Potty Train Fox Terriers?

After you’ve trained him to listen to you, the next big challenge is potty training.

So, how easy is it to train a Fox Terrier to use the bathroom correctly?

It will become easier with time, but it will not be a quick journey because you must be kind and patient with your dog. We have some suggestions to help you quickly potty train your Fox Terrier.

  • Step 01 – Take your Fox Terrier outside often to check if it needs to go potty and to show them where to go. They will learn from this that doing it inside the house is a bad habit. 
  • Step 02 – Praise the Fox Terrier for the behavior when done correctly, and he will learn to repeat it because he is now positively reinforced. 
  • Step 03 – Make sure the location is the same one they’ve been to before. First, train the Fox Terrier by accompanying them to the exact location. 

After a few repeats, they will learn to go without you. Dogs usually indicate that they need to go by whimpering, circling in the same spot, or simply waiting near the door. Watch out for these indications in your Fox Terrier as well!

How Easy Is It To Train A Fox Terrier To Not Bite Other People?

It may not be as simple as it appears, but Fox Terriers are generally friendly with people. 

The best thing to do is to socialize your pet with your friends and family when they are young and expose the Fox Terrier to new surroundings.

Fox Terriers have a history of being aggressive when they feel threatened, so it’s essential to understand your dog’s communication style, aggressive tendencies, and the things that make him aggressive.

At times like this, they may also bark for no apparent reason. Try to be understanding because sometimes, even more time than potty training, time is needed when teaching a Fox Terrier to bark less.

Make sure you teach him the words “Stop” and “Quiet.” Also, don’t yell at your Fox Terrier. Then he will think you’re enjoying it, encouraging him to bark even more.

Fox Terriers also bark for no reason when they are restless. It is because they enjoy being outside and being active. Make sure to have playtime or take him for a 20-minute walk daily to avoid such behaviors.

And that is how you efficiently train your stubborn but adorable Fox Terrier. Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers!


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