Fox Terrier's Temperament And Personality Traits

Fox Terrier’s Temperament And Personality Traits

We know that dogs make perfect human companions no matter what breed they belong to. Generally speaking, dogs are friendly and loyal.

However, depending on their breed, their temperaments and personality traits significantly change, which I clearly witnessed having two separate dog breeds.

Hence, when you raise a dog, it is essential to have a good understanding of its temperaments. In this article, we will be talking about the Fox Terrier’s temperament and personality traits.

So, what are the highlights of Fox Terrier’s temperament and personality? Fox Terrier is a breed that predominantly descends from a hunting background; nonetheless, they have become perfect family dogs over the years. Fox Terriers typically are active, playful, fierce, and alert dogs. They naturally inherit bold personality traits thanks to their ancestors.

If you have a Fox Terrier in your home, you are less likely to get bored because this dog breed always bursts with a lot of energy. Sometimes they can be a little mischievous; overall, they have bold and dynamic personalities.

It is hard to say what makes a good dog. How you interpret this question may differ based on what you expect from a dog. Some people like to have active, energetic, and playful dogs, whereas others prefer calm and gentle ones.

Fox Terriers, as mentioned earlier, are well known for their energetic and playful behavior. Even though we cannot pinpoint what sort of personalities they would get, we can somewhat understand through generalizing the temperament of this breed.

Give this article a read to better understand the temperament and personality of a Fox Terrier. 

Fox Terrier’s Temperament

In a theoretical context, temperament refers to the nature of humans or animals that affects their behavior.

All dogs belong to the Canis lupus family, and to some extent, dogs share similar behavioral traits despite their breed. Still, they can be categorized into several breeds; accordingly, their physiques, temperaments, and personalities change.

In this article, we are particularly focusing on Fox Terrier’s temperament and personality traits. As briefly mentioned in the beginning, some typical temperaments that Fox Terriers inherit are activeness, playfulness, fearlessness, and alertness. 

How do Fox Terriers get these temperaments? If we trace the roots of this dog breed, Fox Terriers were first bred in the 19th century as hunting dogs. They had exceptional skills in flushing foxes out of hiding places.

Although they were primarily known as hunting dogs, their temperaments did change eventually. However, the hunting genes they inherit from their early generations have not entirely faded.

Fox Terriers are vigilant dogs. They have sharp senses and are usually aware and cautious of things around them, especially since they are protective of their owners.

To some extent, they have predator behavior which can be seen when they are around other small animals.

On the bright side, Fox Terriers are trainable and get along well with masters; therefore, if you take appropriate actions, you will not find it hard to eliminate their unwanted behavior.

Fox Terriers are also energetic and lively dogs. They enjoy playing and having fun instead staying inside home and sleeping. On top of everything, Fox Terriers are friendly dogs. 

Fox Terrier’s personality traits

By observing the temperaments of Fox Terriers, you might think these dogs have easy-going personalities; in most cases, they do. I believe the best way to explain the personality of a Fox Terrier is small dogs with big personalities. 

Fox Terriers are small-made dogs with so much charisma lodged in those tiny bodies. As mentioned above, most of the time, this dog breed has amicable personalities.

They are fun-loving, trainable, and loyal, so many dog owners find it easy to cope with the personality of Fox Terriers. However, we cannot always anticipate them to have the same personalities. 

Sometimes Fox Terriers can have bold and fierce personalities. They don’t have the most dominant personalities out of all dogs, but they can be a little dominant to some extent.

However, as they are naturally friendly and intelligent, you can train them not to be bossy. Also, proper training allows Fox Terriers to blend well with other animals.

Fox Terrier’s personality is closely linked with their temperament; still, the influence they get from their owners also changes and adapts their personalities in significant ways. 

Are Fox Terriers cuddly?

Dogs usually do not hesitate to show their love for their owners; also, they expect owners to reciprocate it.

Dogs use different gestures to indicate their love, and cuddling is one common gesture to express their affection towards you. Although some dogs are incredibly cuddly, some dogs might not be the biggest fans of cuddles.

How about Fox Terriers? Fox Terriers are affectionate dogs and get along very well with their owners. They can also be attention seekers. Therefore it is fair enough to say that Fox Terriers are pretty cuddly. 

What makes a dog cuddly? As already pointed out, it is a way of expressing emotions and getting good cuddles to help dogs feel loved and protected.

Some dogs like to be cuddly and cozy all day long. Still, Fox Terriers usually do not belong to that category. Like any other dog, they also prefer cuddles, but they don’t usually spend much time cuddling with you.

Fox Terriers have intense energy levels hence the majority of the time, they like to spend it actively.

Suppose you had a good training session with your Fox Terrier, or you came home after leaving them alone for a while, then they would love to get some good cuddles from you. As they are affectionate dogs, they are cuddly, but it also depends on their mood.

However, if your Fox Terrier follows you and asks for some cuddles, do not neglect it because it will certainly make your Fox Terrier feel better and also build a stronger bond between you and the dog. 

Do Fox Terriers make good pets?

The way we define the ideal pet changes according to our expectations and viewpoints. If you ask a group of dog owners which breed would be the best to have as a pet, they will give you varying answers.

When you get a dog, it is always better to do a brief background check on the breed you want. Some people might have specific concerns when having a pet dog, while others just need to have a friendly, loyal, and fun companion.

If you are someone who needs an amicable pet, a Fox Terrier will never disappoint you.

Why do you get yourself a pet dog in the first palace? Perhaps you need a friend, someone to protect the family, someone to play with your kids, and the list goes on.

Even though we cannot precisely mention what makes a good pet dog, if the dog is friendly, caring, protective, and active, we can say it is a good pet. Fox Terriers generally fulfill all these qualities; therefore, they become ideal dogs to have in a household. 

In this article, we learned that Fox Terriers are untiringly active and a little mischievous. It is impossible to completely eliminate Fox Terrier’s behavior because it is linked to their personalities.

However, proper training allows for mitigating stubborn behavior since Fox Terrier’s temperament, personality, and excessive energy. Considering the overall personality of this breed, they fit best into families with active lifestyles.

Fox Terriers are perfect for you if you have children in the house or regularly go for walks or runs. The bottom line is to determine whether Fox Terriers are good pets; you have to analyze the pros and cons it gives you. Nonetheless, Fox Terriers have become demanding family dogs. 

Final Thoughts 

Throughout this article, we comprehensively discussed the temperament and personality of Fox Terriers. Dogs have been praised as humans’ best friends for ages, and that is mainly because of the tremendous behavioral traits and personalities that dogs own.

Speaking of dogs, we all know that they are exciting, lovable, loyal, and friendly animals. While dogs share similar temperaments, they also have unique ones depending on their breed.

Fox Terrier is a small canine that belongs to the Terrier dog family. This breed is well known for its vibrant and outgoing personality. 

Adopting a dog might not be as easy as it sounds. There are heaps of things that you should consider. However, the most important thing we all need is a loving companion, and a Fox Terrier will never fail you.

Fox Terriers are friendly; they love their masters, care for them, and are protective of them. They might be small, but they are very alert dogs who take good care of the family.

They can be fierce and troublesome at some points, but nothing is uncontrollable with correct practice. There is no accurate way to describe the personality of this dog breed.

Still, if we put all the temperaments together, we can say that Fox Terriers are dynamic dogs. Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. Cheers!!  


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