How Do You Calm A Fox Terrier? Guide With Tips

How Do You Calm A Fox Terrier? Guide With Tips

When you become a pet parent, especially for a very active and energised dog, you must be prepared to face situations of all kinds.

Fox Terriers with a high prey drive, fearlessness, and confidence will undoubtedly attract problems that require your involvement to settle the case. From this article, let’s check how you could calm down an aroused Fox Terrier.

So, How do you calm a Fox Terrier? First and foremost, you should train your Foxy to obey you on the first command. Then you can get him to stop whatever he’s doing with a voice command. Ignoring your pet and giving him some space also works. Do not overuse giving pet treats whenever he obeys your order because it will reinforce a negative meaning and give him a new bad habit. 

Are Fox Terriers Hyper? 

Many dog breeds are extremely active and have a very high energy level. These dogs need high-engaging exercises for at least 40 to 90 minutes daily.

If you ever miss one of these regular exercise routines, your doggo’s pent-up energy will get released through being hyperactive. 

Not only will this situation annoy you and get out of control quickly, but it could also annoy everyone around you and your dog.

The border collies, Labrador retrievers, Australian shepherd dogs, Siberian husky, and many more are on the top of the list of hyper dogs. And somewhere below the top 10 dogs is our adorable Fox Terrier. 

Their daily activity level is very high and lively and energetic, too. Therefore, Fox Terriers are prone to hyper if you don’t give him his essential exercise package for the day.

A well-exercised Foxy and a Foxy who hadn’t been burning energy for the day are pretty easy to note apart. 

The exercised doggo will be calm and relaxed throughout the day. At the same time, the one who’s not will get excited at the small event and start going berserk much more often than you would like. 

Moreover, you couldn’t trust a Fox Terrier when he’s off-leash. One primary element that gets Foxies worked up is their high prey drive.

You cannot 100% guarantee that he won’t chase small animals as soon as he spots one. Therefore, never take the Foxy off his leash if you’re not on a hunting trip or in your own yard secured with a wall or fence. 

Always remember this. Fox Terriers are bred as working dogs. Therefore it’s not uncommon for them to have so much energy inside their small bodies.

So you must stimulate your pet mentally and physically to get rid of all those pent-up energies.

Are Fox Terriers Stubborn?

Some dog breeds need a strict owner to keep them in line and ensure proper behavior. If you’re a person who’s looking for a companion dog, sometimes those stubborn dog breeds may not be a good choice for you. And your Foxy also has a reputation for being stubborn. 

They are working dogs bred to accompany people while hunting. To do this job, the dog should be able to think independently, and the Fox Terrier is just that. They could be stubborn and hyper sometimes but also very intelligent. 

Some doggos are stubborn and stupid, making them hard to train. You will have to repeat the same command a hundred times before they understand what you’re trying to teach them. But our beloved Fox Terrier is intelligent and easy to train. 

However, it could be hard to house train them, such as potty outdoors. They will soon learn to do their business out of the house, yet will take time to understand doing it inside the house is bad. Therefore you need to have much patience while training them. 

Moreover, Foxies are also dominant. He will make you prove to him that you’re his leader, and you can make him do things before he surrenders to you.

But, if you give him enough mental and physical stimulation every day, your beloved pet will be relaxed enough to be tolerated by everyone. 

Further, the Fox Terrier is an excellent pet for an active yet calm household where all the house rules are clear and abided by everyone.

Still, you should create a voice of authority and clear leadership with your Foxy from his early ages, or he would always become reactive towards instructions and often ignore your commands. 

And that behavior could easily accelerate into a big behavioral issue in no time. Therefore, training at a younger age is vital to eliminate the above problem. 

Also, never think that your Foxy would always be quiet and calm, can walk off-leash, and will never get aroused when he sees another dog or a pet.

That is not a typical Fox Terrier’s behavior. But once again, a dog’s behavior may change from dog to dog. Therefore, a dog with the above personalities may not be impossible, as rare as it may be. 

Hence, ensure that the Fox Terrier is the perfect dog with a personality that matches your own before you start parenting one.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that you’re perfectly able to fulfill all the requirements of the Foxy such as mental and physical exercises. If not, you’ll have to face many issues faster than ever imagined. 

How Do You Calm A Fox Terrier? 

It’s true that Fox Terriers are stubborn and quickly get hyperactive. You must already have some experience; if you’re rushing on the internet searching, how do you calm a Fox Terrier. But don’t worry, especially if you’re a new pet parent who recently got Foxy to parent. 

It is easy to calm them down or avoid situations that could get your pet riled up. But to do that, you must have proper knowledge about calming your doggo down.

That’s what we’re here for, to help you understand how you calm a Fox Terrier. 

First, keep your ground and implement some simple rules such as; 

  • Keeping The Leash On Throughout The Walks 
  • Supervise Him When He’s Off-Leash Outdoors 
  • Not Allowed To Go Near Animals 

The above limitations must be implemented at a young age so that he gets used to obeying these rules. Using a treat when he behaves will help you get him to act much more easily.

But while you’re doing his training, don’t forget that what you’re trying to curb is his actual natural behavior. Therefore patience is important. 

Moreover, when trying to find out how do you calm a Fox Terrier; 

  • Not Encouraging Excited Behaviour 
  • Encouraging And Appraising His Calm Manner 
  • Wearing Your Dog’s Energy 

It will also help you calm down your dog. 

Discouraging the dog’s bad behavior is crucial to keep your dog calm. Moreover, as I explained before, the Fox Terrier behaves much better in an active household.

Yet, the environment must be relaxed and serene to keep your dog from getting excited. Just like that, when the dog is excited, you must stay calm, too. 

Being anxious would provoke the dog more, and the situation could get out of your hands much faster. Therefore, whatever happens, keep your calm. 

That’s it, folks. This is all you should know when trying to find out how do you calm a Fox Terrier. Don’t forget to share the information with other Terrier parents as well!

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