Are Fox Terriers Obedient Dogs? Answered With Tips

Are Fox Terriers Obedient Dogs? Answered With Tips

Fox Terriers are fun-loving family dogs. Fox Terriers are perfect sized dogs for a big house and, thanks to their toughness, have a likeness to the outdoors. However, be aware that their personality can make them a challenge at times since people are worried whether Fox Terriers are obedient dogs or not.

So, Are Fox Terriers Obedient? Most of the time, yes. Most people believe Fox Terriers to be aggressive because they were originally bred as hunting dogs. While some of it may be true, Fox Terriers are manageable even with their overall arrogance and stubbornness. 

When you have a Fox Terrier or are thinking about getting one, one of the first questions that come to mind is, “Are Fox Terriers obedient?” Fox Terriers tend to lead the way, so unless someone constantly tries to build a strong bond with them, they will not readily follow orders.

So as long as you and the Fox Terrier respect one another, the dogs will obey you. You should, however, always make him aware of the rules and your expectations when they are first brought into the house. 

Keep in mind that with a spirited, active, yet headstrong dog like the Fox Terrier, patience is the key to success!

What Exactly Is Dog Obedience Training?

All dogs worldwide must first undergo obedience training, so this does not just apply to your dog.

Training your dog to obey fundamental commands is referred to as obedience training. It is done to maintain good control over the dog. 

But are Fox Terriers obedient to follow such commands? They will, for sure! Every dog, especially Fox Terriers, must learn fundamental commands like heel, sit, stay, and come.

  • Heel – While the dog is at knee height on your left side and the leash is in your hand, say the Fox Terrier’s name while directing him to “Heel,” and begin walking with your left foot first. When he walks correctly, give him treats and praise. Give the leash a light tug to bring him back into position if he doesn’t pick it up right away, then try again.
  • Sit – While saying “Sit” and the Fox Terrier’s name, hold a treat in your hand and move it toward the back of his head. If not, gently touch your dog’s butt while giving the command. When he sits correctly, give him treats and praise.
  • Stay – Start with your Fox Terrier dog seated. Say “Stay” and his name while commanding him with an open palm gesture. Make sure to stand in front of him while doing this. Maintain eye contact with the Fox Terrier and hold him in the stay position for 30 seconds before telling him the word “Okay.”
  • Come – Connect a leash to your Fox Terrier when he is seated. Pull the leash gently while saying “Come” and the dog’s name enthusiastically. Make sure to reward the dog with treats when it finally comes in front of you.

When Should You Begin Obedience Training Your Fox Terrier?

It is best to start your Fox Terrier’s obedience training when he is around 12 weeks old because, at that age, he will have a longer attention span.

Obedience training will be more challenging if your dog is older because some behaviors need to be unlearned.

By considering the Fox Terrier’s weight and height, get everything needed for the obedience training before you begin, such as a good collar and a leash. 

Your veterinarian can help you with this if you don’t know how to do this properly. You will also always need to keep treats in your pocket so that they can be given to the dog as rewards whenever he behaves well.

What Should I Do Before Obedience Training A Fox Terrier?

Before you begin obedience training with your Fox Terrier, ensure that you examine his behaviors because understanding him is the quickest way to overcome this challenge!

  • You can assume that a Fox Terrier puppy is aggressive if he quite often growls at you to get what he wants, such as treats, playtime, etc. If it is, you must teach him not to be aggressive, especially around young children and other animals.
  • Another key point to keep an eye out for is his barking patterns. Are Fox Terriers obedient when you tell them not to bark at everyone? Generally speaking, yes, but if your Fox Terrier starts barking at everyone and everything, including your family and friends who come over very often, he may need obedience training. Similar to barking, obedience training may help if your Fox Terrier whines repeatedly.
  • Keep an eye out for other habits like digging grounds, nibbling, stealing, peeing at home, etc. These habits must be controlled, or they will become permanent as your Fox Terrier grows older. 

Tips On How To Make A Fox Terrier Obedient

You now have an answer to the question, “Are Fox Terriers obedient?” along with what to do before beginning obedience training.

We have also included tips on making Fox Terrier obedience training a success.

  • Make sure the training schedule isn’t too long

You do not need to train the Fox Terrier puppy for 20-30 minutes daily. Even if he requires extra training, only 5 minutes a day is enough; otherwise, he will grow tired and overwhelmed and not learn anything.

  • One skill at a timeThis advice will be helpful if you have a Fox Terrier puppy

You must concentrate on one skill at a time for a few weeks without teaching him everything at once because a Fox Terrier puppy can easily be distracted.

So, if you want him to learn his name, do it for a while without teaching him other commands.

  • Use positive reinforcement 

And, whether you have a Fox Terrier puppy or not, use positive reinforcement in obedience training.

For example, if you say sit and the Fox Terrier does it, you can reward him with a small treat to show him he did a good job. Even if you don’t have any treats, hugs and cuddles will be enough.

  • Consistency is the key

Maintain consistency in the time and location of your obedience training. For example, if you begin at 4:00 PM today, be sure to start at that time tomorrow so that the Fox Terrier understands it is an essential routine in his life.

That’s it for today for the frequently asked question, “are Fox Terriers obedient?” 

Fox Terriers can be very challenging, so they may not be suitable for everyone. However, a Fox Terrier can make a wonderful companion even with obedience issues with the right owner and proper understanding and care.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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