Are Fox Terriers Good Pets? Yes; But Read This First

Are Fox Terriers Good Pets? Yes; But Read This First

In the latter part of the 18th century, a dog breed known as Fox Terrier was developed in England. This dog breed gained popularity as hunting companions. So, dog lovers ask us ‘Are Fox Terriers good pets or not?’.

Due to their physique, Fox Terriers had a remarkable ability to enter fox dens and chase them, helping hunters to hunt them efficiently, which is why they are known as Fox Terriers in the first place.

Apart from the hunting skills, Fox Terriers are also identified as show dogs used in circuses and theaters to entertain crowds. As time went on, Fox Terriers became a demanding breed not only in England but all around the world.

The question is whether a dog breed that predominantly comes from a hunting background is capable of making good family pets. Today we will be finding answers to this question.  

So, are Fox Terriers good pets? The simplest and the most straightforward answer for this would be yes. Despite their inherited hunting genes, Fox Terriers are dogs with easy-going personalities. Fox Terriers are loyal to their masters; they are also friendly; therefore, it doesn’t take much time for a Fox Terrier to bond with humans.

They might be small in their size, but Fox Terriers are fearless and protective. When adding a canine to your family, other than their temperaments, we also pay proper attention to their health, activity, dietary requirements, and grooming.

Like any other dog, Fox Terriers are also prone to some health concerns, yet they are generally healthy dogs that live up to 15 years. Neither their exercise needs nor their dietary needs are complex.

Furthermore, this low-maintenance breed makes it easy for you to take care of them. When we consider all the above factors, it would be fair enough to state that Fox Terriers are good pets. 

When we decide to buy a dog, we pay attention to several factors, and the requirements and expectations of dog owners could differ. What one person interprets as the ideal pet might not be the interpretation of another.

Although this question can be answered in a subjective way, friendly, loyal and protective dogs often tend to be good family pets.

Read this article to get a thorough understanding of what makes Fox Terriers good family pets.

Are Fox Terriers Good Pets?

What determines a good pet? Are there any fixed criteria for it? As mentioned earlier, this depends on what we expect from having a pet.

Dogs are one of the go-to pets we humans opt to have, and we all have to agree that they are one of the ideal pets to raise in a family. However, not every dog has the same personality or needs; it varies significantly.

Generally, the components we focus on when adopting a dog are temperament, living conditions, grooming, care, and affordability. If we appraise Fox Terriers under given components, Fox Terriers are dogs with a fun and easy-going personality and not a handful to control.

They are relatively easily trainable, have less intricate exercise, dietary, and grooming needs, and are not the most expensive breed.

Unless you are concerned with specific factors, Fox Terriers are good family pets for any dog lover out there. 

What Makes Fox Terriers Good Pets?

I believe now you have adequate knowledge to understand what makes Fox Terriers good family pets. Let’s comprehensively understand these factors.

  • Simple living conditions

When selecting a pet dog, you must consider the lifestyle of your family and what living conditions the dog requires. If you go for a larger dog breed, it is mandatory to have a spacious home for them to grow.

If you live in an apartment or a less spacious home, stick with a small breed. Fox Terriers are perfectly fit for anyone as they are small-sized dogs.

Just like any dog, Fox Terriers also require regular physical activities, and you can easily engage them in both indoor and outdoor activities. They also are a good fit for active individuals.

Fox Terriers do not have complicated dietary needs. They require quality and healthy food, but they do not need a huge amount of food, and you can also add raw food to their meals, making the meals less costly.

  • The outgoing personality

We all would love to have friendly and fun-loving dogs, and Fox Terriers, without a doubt, are fun little dogs with outgoing personalities.

They have good energy levels and love to spend their time actively. Sometimes it is not unusual for them to be spunky; nonetheless, they are loyal and obedient to the owners.

These dogs are pretty social; they get along well with others through early socialization. Thanks to their vibrant personalities, you will not get bored around a Fox Terrier. 

  • Trainability 

One of the biggest concerns that dog owners encounter is whether they can train their dogs. Especially if you are a first-time dog owner, you might be very conscious of this fact.

First, we should understand that not all dog owners are professionals. We all start the dog parenting journey as amateurs, and eventually, we get the hang of it.

However, some dogs might be a lot for a new dog owner to train based on the dog’s physique and personality.

Fox Terriers are comparatively easy to train and get along well with anyone, including children and seniors.

Early socialization is a must for any dog, including Fox Terriers. Still, you can train them even though you do not have previous experience raising a dog.

  • Minimal grooming needs

Most of us have busy schedules in our daily lives, so sometimes, you will find it hard to pay close attention to your dog’s maintenance.

Maintenance is a must for a happy and healthy canine, and the maintenance levels vary from one breed to the other. The good news is Fox Terriers are generally considered low-maintenance dogs.

Fox Terriers are hypoallergenic; therefore shedding amount is extremely low. They do not need a regular grooming routine, yet a consistent one is essential.

Fox Terrier’s coat comes in two textures; wire and smooth. Based on the texture, you can brush them once or a couple of times a week.

You can also include nail trimming and ear cleaning in their weekly grooming schedule.

  • Affordability

The dog that you desire to buy should fit your budget. Some breeds can be highly expensive, not only in their selling price but also in the overall cost of taking care of them.

Fox Terriers are not the cheapest breed you can find, yet compared to many other breeds, they are relatively less costly.

The average price of a Fox Terrier weighs between 1500-2000 US Dollars. After buying the dog, you should take care of their food, maintenance, medical, and other costs.

You don’t have to spare vast amounts of money for food and maintenance as this breed has simple needs.

Speaking of medical conditions, some health complications that they may undergo are unavoidable.

Still, if you take good care of a Fox Terrier, the health complications can be mitigated as this is generally a healthy breed. 

Are Fox Terriers cuddly?

The bond between dogs and humans is spontaneous and phenomenal. A dog could have so much love for its owners, and they will never neglect to show their love through gestures such as cuddling.

While some breeds are not the biggest fans of cuddles, some breeds are extreme fans. Cuddling is a gesture linked with a Fox Terrier’s personality, and they indeed make ideal cuddle buddies.

Their compact size and personality both make them cuddly. Fox Terriers are affectionate by nature and very fond of their owners, so it is not unusual for you to notice them trying to curl up in your lap and cuddle with you quite often.

They expect you to reciprocate your feelings towards them as much as they love you. So when you wake up in the morning and come home after a long day, make sure to give some warm cuddles to your Fox Terrier.

It will help to create a strong bond with your pet; also, it will make your pet’s heart smile. 

Let’s wrap things up with a quick recap!

This article elaborately presented the facts that make Fox Terriers good family pets. Small from their size yet Fox Terriers are dogs full of life.

If we focus on the personality of a Fox Terrier, they are active, fun, loyal, and obedient, making them great family pets. On the other hand, their living conditions are also less complicated.

Combined all together, Fox Terriers become perfect family pets for inexperienced to well-experienced dog owners, spacious to less spacious house owners, children to adults, and occupied to less occupied owners.

Adopting a dog is a responsible duty that you should never take lightly. It is essential to pay attention to several factors and do a background check to see if that particular breed suits your requirements.

Fox Terrier, as we discussed, sure makes good family pets for anyone who needs a fun-loving, active, and curious little dog. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. Cheers!


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