Jack Russell Terrier and Whippet Mix (Jack-A-Whip / Whip-Russell)

Jack Russell Whippet Mix (Jack-A-Whip / Whip-Russell) Cross Breed

Jack-A-Whip is a hybrid dog breed resulting in Jack Russell and Whippet mix. This is a bubbly little dog and a great family friend. Therefore, most potential dog owners ask about this dog breed. So, I will be sharing some essential things you should know about Jackawhips.

My neighbor is a dog enthusiast, and the newest addition to their family is Toby, a Jackawhip. I’m also someone who adores dogs, and I find it interesting knowing all the details about different dog breeds.

The combination of two great canines makes Jackawhips active, playful, confident, and highly energetic dogs with strong natural instincts. Let’s get started by learning some fast facts about this crossbreed.

Fat facts of Jack Russell and Whippet Mix (WhipRussell)

Average height 12 – 18 inches 
Average weight 15 – 25 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 16 years 
Suitable for Active owners, Apartments,
Families with children
Temperament Active, Energetic, Confident,
Fast, Prey-drive
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Jack-A-Whip, Jackawhip,
Jackwhippet, WhipRussell,
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Origin of Jack Russell Terrier and Whippet Mix

When did these mixed breed dogs invent? Well, first, let’s briefly go through the roots of their parent dogs, Jack Russell Terriers and Whippets. 

Jack Russell Terriers were first bred in England during the 1800s, and they were trained as hunting dogs. In a short period, Jack Russell Terriers became popular dogs for their energetic and loyal personalities and, of course, for hunting skills.

Over the years, they became ideal family dogs for anyone who’d like to adopt one. Speaking of Whippets, who also have their origins from England, shows they have a pretty long history.

However, they came into popularity during the 1890s. Whippets were initially trained as race dogs, so they inherit a lot of energy and prey drive within them.

Today we are focusing on their mixed version, Jackawhips. Even though both their parent breeds have a long history as purebred dogs, Jackawhips do not have much of an extensive history.

Whippets and Terriers were started to cross over the past few decades for various reasons. It’s hard to precisely trace when and why Jack Russell Terriers and Whippets were crossbred.

Yet, we can assume that Jackawhip is relatively a new crossbreed version, following the existing information.

The appearance of Whippet and Jack Russell Mixed

The appearance of Whippet and Jack Russell Mixed

If you are familiar with the physical appearance of Jack Russell Terriers, and Whippets, you could already picture what their mix-breed potentially looks like.

A Jackawhip could be a perfect blend of their parent dogs; sometimes, they could possess more physical traits from one parent than the other. 

Jack Russells are small-sized dogs with floppy ears and a short length coat that is usually a combination of black, white, and brownish colors. On the other hand, Whippets are medium-sized dogs, and unlike Jack Russell Terriers, they have long, slender legs.

Whippets have flopped or semi-flopped ears and short fur. Their coat color is usually fawn, tan, black, gray, white, or a mixture of such stains. 

As mentioned, Jackawhips get their looks from both parents. Overall, they are medium-sized dogs. They might not be as big as a purebred Whippet; nevertheless, they often get the slender and long legs from Whippets.

Their coat is usually short and smooth, and it comes in various colors that can be seen in Jack Russell Terriers and Whippets.

Also, Jackawhips have semi-flopped or erect ears and brownish eyes, which gives them an adorable look. 

How big do Jack Russell and Whippet Mix get?

Jackawhips usually have an average height of 12-18 inches, and they weigh around 15-25 

Pounds. They are considered medium-sized dogs; however, they aren’t very bulky. Still, they possess a strong body structure.

The weight and the height of male dogs can be slightly higher compared to female dogs. 

The temperament of Jack Russell and Whippet Mix

Jack Russell Terriers and Whippets share some similar personality traits, also clearly different ones. Jack Russell Terriers has a reputed history as hunting dogs and Whippets as race dogs.

Jack Russell Terriers have so much energy embedded in their small bodies; therefore, they tend to be lively and playful pooches. On the other hand, Whippets are well known for their high speed and prey drive.

The hybrid version of these two dogs is usually identified as energetic, lively, and confident. Imagine the blend of hunting skills and prey-drive; that certainly makes very alerted dogs.

Jackawhips are conscious of things that happen around them; they have sharp eyesight and a strong sense of smell. Jackawhips are loyal and friendly; sometimes, they can be a bit clingy to one person in the family whom they consider as their master.

They seek companionship but also know how to enjoy their time independently. If you feel like they may not be a suitable type of dog to have in your home due to their exceptional energy and high natural instincts, you aren’t necessarily correct.

They are ideal family dogs; all they need is training from a young age and affection from the family. 

If you have another dog at home and wonder how a Jackawhip would associate with them, the good news is that they are very socialized dogs; so it won’t be a big issue.

But, due to the genes they inherit from their parents, especially from Whippets, they might try to take the lead and dominate other dogs. If you train your Jackawhip to live with other dogs from a young age, they will not overlook it. 

How much do Jack-A-Whip puppies cost?

If you plan to buy a Jackawhip, you may have to spend around 800-1500 US Dollars.

The bloodline of the parent dogs and the breeder’s reputation could be primary criteria to decide the price of a Jackawhip. 

Tips for the maintenance of a Jackawhip

Tips for the maintenance of a Jackawhip

Having a pet dog undoubtedly brings you so much joy. Still, you should not forget that there are responsibilities attached to this.

Below are some vital tips that you should know when adopting a Jackawhip. 

  • Give exercises

Do Jackawhips need regular exercises? The answer is clearly, yes. These dogs are highly energetic, so it’s essential that you let them release their energy and stay fit.

They require a minimum of one hour of physical activity per day. You can simply take your Jackawhip on a walk or take it to a park and run around and play.

Trust me; your Jackawhip will love it. If you are doing running-related activities with your Jackawhip, In that case, it is better to do such activities in a spacious area rather than inside the house because their energy level may be a bit of a handful to take care of in such cases.

  • Give proper food

If you want your Jackawhip to have a healthy and long life, good food is a must. Be mindful of what you feed and how much you feed your Jackawhip from its young age.

One of the most crucial things you should pay attention to when feeding your Jackawhip is their ability to digest the food. It is recommended to give dry dog food twice a day.

They can easily digest dry dog food; also, it helps them meet their basic nutrition needs. You can give them additional vitamins under the advice of the breeder or a vet.

Make sure you don’t provide them with high-calorie food that we consume because it may create complex health issues. 

  • Pay attention to grooming

You have to pay sufficient attention to grooming when adopting a Jackawhip. They often have short lengthed fur; therefore, coat maintenance isn’t complicated. But don’t forget to bathe and brush its coat as required.

Also, you can brush your Jackawhips teeth a couple of times a week to make sure extra plaque won’t gather in its gums. Brushing teeth will aid in minimizing the oral issues of your dog to a great extent.  

  • Pay attention to common health concerns

Jackawhips have an average life span of 12-16 years. If you want your Jackawhip to enjoy its maximum life span, you must take good care of it.

Any dog would face health complexities, especially with aging. Even though it is unavoidable in most cases, we can still avoid the danger by identifying the health concerns at the initial stage.

Jackawhips could inherit health issues from both parent breeds. Some of such health concerns are hip dysplasia, Glaucoma, and Deafness. It’s vital to do veterinary checkups as required so you can avoid these conditions before getting worse. 

Final thoughts about Jack-A-Whips

Jackawhips are the hybrid version of Jack Russell Terriers and Whippets. With the combination of the physical and personality traits from the parent breeds, Jackawhips are certainly unique dogs.

My neighbor’s Jackawhip urges my love towards this dog breed, and for any dog lover, especially if you love a unique dog, Jackawhips are a brilliant choice.

If you already own a Jackawhip or planning to get one, I hope this article gave you a comprehensive understanding.

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Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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