Jack Russell and Corgi Mix (Cojack / Corki) - Facts, Pics and More

Jack Russell Corgi Mix (Cojack / Corki) Cross Dog Breed Facts

Cojack (Corki) is a hybrid dog breed resulting from the Jack Russell Corgi mix. They are medium-sized dogs with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Corki is famous for his adorable appearance with round eyes, short legs, fat butt, and large pointed ears. 

Cojack is a lively and friendly dog with a big heart. They are loyal to their owners and love staying around their family members and curl on their lap. However, as a mix of Jack Russell Terrier breeds, Cojaks have endless energy and strong hunting instincts. Therefore, we recommend regular and constant training to keep them in the way you want. 

If you plan to raise a Jack Russell Corgi Mix, you may have many concerns about their facts such as history, appearance, health, temperament, etc. Once you finish reading this post, you will know everything about this lovely mixed dog breed.

I have listed below the main topics and frequent questions people ask about Cojaks. Feel free to jump straight to the topic you want.

Fast Facts – Cojack / Corki (Jack Russell Corgi Mix)

Average height 10 to 13 inches
Average weight 18 to 28 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Suitable for Singles or Couples, Families with Kids,
Active Seniors, Apartments
Temperament Intelligent, Active, Loyal, Playful, lively
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Welsh Cojack, Cacki, Corki
Complied by Jack Russell Owner

What is a Cojack dog? – Origin of Jack Russell Corgi Mix

What is a Cojack dog? - Origin of Jack Russell Corgi Mix

Welsh Cojack, Cacki, and Corki are the other names for the Jack Russell and Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix. As same as other hybrid breeds, Cojacks have a short history. There is not any documented evidence about the exact date or a place of their origin.

However, since both Jack Russell Terrier and Welsh Corgi were bred in England, we can assume that Corki’s origin could have happened somewhere in England.

Welsh Cojack is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), and Dog Registry of America.

Since this amazingly designed dog is a result of the purebred Jack Russell Terrier and Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix, it would be better to look at their parents’ origin to get a clear idea of what a Cojack Dog is.

History of Jack Russell Terrier

History of Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier has a long history that runs more than 200 years back. John Jack Russell had bred these amazing dogs as working dogs in the early 1800s’ in England. They were excellent as hunting dogs because of their remarkable speed, endless energy, undivided alert, and superior intelligence. They helped in hunting small foxes and rabbits using their born talents. 

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However, Jack Russell Terriers have been able to win the dog lover’s love and affection and became family dogs later on. Today, Jacks are one of the most famous dog breeds worldwide. They were able to win a lot of dog competitions due to their speed and accuracy. And also, they are fast learners that can perform lots of tricks in a short time.

History of Pembroke Welsh Corgi

History of Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi is one of the most beloved family dogs nowadays because of their cute appearance and loyal behavior. They have got round and bright eyes showing their intelligence. And also, their tall and erect ears give them a funny look.

Most importantly, they have a chubby body with short legs, which give them an adorable appearance. Overall, this little companion is capable of bringing a smile to your face at any time.

The origin of Pembroke Welsh Corgi runs around 1000 years back to somewhere in Wales. There is a belief that fairies used corgis as horses in ancient times. As a result, they have got saddle marks on their back and harness marks around the shoulders. Though that is a myth, it shows they have a long history none other than other dog breeds.

However, Corgi became more famous early in the 1900s in England because King George VI had gifted Corgi puppies to his daughters. The American Kennel Club identified Pembroke Welsh Corgi in 1934. Since then, Corgi holds his popularity continuously as a lovely and friendly family companion.

Jack Russell Terrier and Corgi mix create a small-sized and energetic dog. They are famous mixed dog breeds with exceptional intelligence, adorable appearance, and unbeatable loyalty.

I can say that Cojack is an all-in-one solution for people who expect a family dog that is easy to maintain as well as make you smile.

The appearance of Corki

The appearance of Corki

Typically, Corgi Jack Russell mixes get their major characteristics and prominent appearance from either parent. However, Cojack’s appearance is unpredictable as usual in most crossbreeds. 

They are medium-sized dogs with short legs as Welsh Corgis and short coats as Jack Russells. And also, Corkis have a well-built, long body with a strong structure. However, their appearance may differ one to one even within the same litter since they are hybrids.

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Typically, they have long and pointed triangular-shaped ears. And also, they have bright and intelligent eyes in brown color. Sometimes, Cojacks may take the Jack Russell appearance with folded short ears and black eyes depending on the mix of both breed’s genes.

Jack Russell Corgi mixed dogs have short and smooth fur with high density. Sometimes, it may take a slightly rough texture. Usually, Corki’s coat colors could be Black, White, Brown, and Red.

How big do Cojacks get?

How big do Cojacks get?

CoJack is a mid-sized dog. Typically, they have short legs with a long body. Their height is around 10-13 inches and 18-28 pounds in weight. They have a strong body structure and muscular body. Mostly, they look overweight because of their short legs.

Temperament – Common facts about Jack Russell Corgi Mix

The Corki is an energetic and playful dog with an adorable appearance. They like to entertain always and stay active. Cojaks are loyal to their owners and gentle with family members. Therefore, this amazing dog will be a perfect companion for singles as well as families.

However, one of their parents is a Jack Russell Terrier that has a hunting heritage. Therefore, they may have some aggressive and stubborn qualities that naturally come with their endless energy. And also, they are intelligent dogs with good common sense. They know how to adapt and control the situation.

Jack Russell and Corgi mix create a dog, including all the qualities that a dog owner expects. They are friendly towards other animals and strangers. And also, if they identify a threat, they will not tolerate it. Usually, Cojacks don’t make so many noises. Therefore, they will be a good choice for apartment owners.

Typically, they are firmly attached to their owners; but, they know how to be independent when needed. However, if you are a person that is away from home frequently, Cojack would not be a good choice. Cojacks is a type of dog that suffers from separation anxiety when their owners are away.

Are Cojcks aggressive?

Are Cojcks aggressive?

Sometimes they may be aggressive as the same as any dog. But, typically, Cojacks are calm and gentle dogs. And also, they are loyal to the owners and family. However, you need to train them well to maintain good behavior. Early socialization is recommended to avoid some destructive behaviors.

Are Corkis stubborn?

As we discussed earlier, mixed dogs carry good qualities and bad qualities from their parent breeds. We know that Jack Russell Terrier has a hunting heritage, and they are stubborn. Therefore, Jack Russell Corgi mix can create a stubborn dog even though the Corgi is a lap dog.

They may be a little bit messy when they are not offered attention and affection as they expect. But, don’t worry! It is not a big deal. They are just little creatures that expect something to eat and lots of love.

Are Jack Russell Corgi mix guard dogs?

Are Jack Russell Corgi mix guard dogs?

It depends. We know that Jack Russell is a good guard dog while Corgi is a pet dog. Therefore, Corgi and Jack Russell mix could create a dog with influencing both qualities. Usually, Cojacks have the same strength as Jacks. Therefore, they are not afraid of threats. You can expect from them attentiveness and continuous barking against threats.

How often should you wash a Jack Russell and Corgi Mix?

Cojacks may have a medium or short coat with high density. If the coat is short, you don’t need to wash him frequently. However, regular brushing is recommended. It is advisable to wash Cojacks with medium coats every two weeks. And also, brush them regularly.

According to Corkie’s owners, they don’t have a strong doggy smell. It is a big plus if you consider raising a Cojack. 

How much exercise do Cojaks need?

How much exercise do Cojaks need?

Cojacks are energetic and active dogs. And also, there is a possibility of gaining lots of weight if they aren’t active enough. Therefore, it is essential to give them at least 30-40 minutes of regular exercise daily.

As an experienced dog owner, I can say that if you make your dogs lazy, you will have to put massive effort into making them active again. Therefore, try to interact with their exercises constantly.

What are the common Health issues Cojacks have?

This mixed breed is relatively healthy without having any breed-specific health issues. However, they may have inherited common genetic issues from their parents. This may include hip and elbow dysplasia, supernumerary teeth, excessive trembling, and intervertebral disc diseases.

There is also a possibility of having ear infections, unilateral deafness (partial deafness), and partial blindness. As I mentioned earlier, they can lead to musculoskeletal issues such as dysplasia and patella luxation due to increasing body weight. Therefore, your proper care and maintenance is the crucial point of their health condition.

Do Corkies get along with other pets?

Do Corkies get along with other pets?

Yes, of course. They have a friendly attitude towards other pets and animals. Cojaks love to play with other pets. However, you need to train them well at their younger age to avoid some destructive behaviors. Otherwise, they could get messy around with other pets.

Are Jack Russell Terrier and Corgi mix good for families?

Yes, they are perfect family dogs. Typically, they are so gentle with kids. Cojaks love to spend their time playing and curling on the couch. They are so silent and obedient. So, I can say that Corkies are perfect family companions. 

How much do Cojack puppies cost?

Jack Corgi mix puppies’ cost could be 650$ to 750$ (550-650 Euros) depending on their health, color, and size. Therefore, negotiate with the breeder before you make a decision. Also, keep some extra bucks for initial expenses like tests, shots, deworming, chipping, carrier, collar, and leash. 

Are Jack Russell Terrier and Corgi mix good for families?

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Corgi Jack Russell Mix lifespan

Cojacks have got 12-15 years of average life expectancy. As we discussed earlier, they are relatively healthy hybrid dogs. However, your proper care and attention will give them a maximum lifetime. 

Jack Russell Terrier and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix create a Lovely, gentle, and adorable dog breed. I hope this post helped you to know the most needed facts about Cojaks. If you have a Jack and Corgi mix, send us photos through our contact page. We will love to share them with other people who love dogs. 

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