Jack Russell Terrier And Westie Mix (Jacktie / Russell-tie)

Jack Russell Westie Mix (Jacktie / Russell-tie) Cross Breed

The Jack Russell Westie Mix is a mixed-breed dog resulting from Westie and Jack Russell Terrier mix. The simple way to determine a mixed breed of dog temperament is to look up all of the species engaged in the cross and that any combination of features observed in each breed can be obtained.

Designer hybrid canines that are bred are not all 50 percent or more purebred. Breeders frequently use multi-generation crosses in their breeding programs. Families looking for a brave, friendly, independent dog breed can choose a Westie and Jack Russell mix.

This breed is exceptionally clever, compassionate, loyal, and energetic since it is a perfect blend of the attributes of its parent breeds.

A Jack Russell mix’s other distinguishing feature is that they have characteristics from their parent breeds, giving them a distinct appeal.

So are you interested in knowing more and more about Jack Russell Westie Mix? Yeah, this article will help you know about the origin of Jack Russell Westie Mix, the appearance of Jacktie, and how big Jack Russell Westie Mix is? Is, also you will learn about the temperament of Jack Russell Westie Mix and how much do Jacktie puppies cost? Finally, you will learn about some tips for maintaining a Jacktie. 

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Fast Facts of Jack Russell Westie Mix (JackTie)

Average height 10 – 13 inches 
Average weight 12 – 20 pounds
Lifespan 11 – 13 years 
Suitable for Active owners, Apartments,
Families with kids, Couples
Temperament Playful, Energetic, Loyal, Loving,
Inquisitive, Alert, Attentive, Social
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Jack-Tie, Russell-tie, Jacktie
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Origin of Jack Russell Westie Mix

The Jack Russell Westie Mix, like other hybrid breeds, acquires a lot of its personality qualities from both of its parent breeds.

Jack Russell Terriers were first produced in the United Kingdom in the 1800s and were mainly employed to track foxes with foxhounds.

They can go into hard-to-reach regions considerably more efficiently since they have a more petite body.

Jack Russell Westie Mix was created for a similar reason since they were used for hunting foxes and tiny pests like rats and mice.

Thanks to the mix of both hunting lineages, you can be sure that your Jack Russell Westie Mix will have a high prey drive. The American Kennel Club has yet to acknowledge the Jack Russell Terrier and Wesitie mix as a hybrid dog.

The appearance of Jacktie

A Jack Russell Westie Mix coat comes in various colors and patterns. They have a white or black coat with brown marks on it most of the time. Breeds with a white, tan, and black coat, usually known as tricolor, are also available.

Their coats are generally short or long, depending on their pet parent’s desire. However, most have natural medium to long hair.

Their dense covering will need to be maintained regularly, especially since the texture is usually straight rather than wiry or wavy.

This Terrier breed is known for having a stockier physique since they are highly muscular yet only reach a height of two feet.

You’ll also like how well-padded their paws are, which protect them from the weather when they’re outside.

The height of a Jack Russell Westie Mix is the most visible feature, as their hindquarters contain most of their muscles. This is a common characteristic of Jack Russells, recognized for their bouncy steps.

How big do Jack Russell Westie Mixes get?

How big do Jack Russell Westie Mixes get?

JRTs vary in various sizes, although they are usually little canines that seldom grow higher than 38cm. Another way, a fully grown Jacktie stands around 12 inches tall.

The Jacktie is a friendly dog who enjoys being touched. The Westie Jack Mix has a somewhat pointed muzzle. The Jacktie’s neck is long and slanted.

The physical appearance of the Westie Jack Mix is similar to that of a Jack Russell, with a broad chest. The Westie Jack Mix has a prancy and galloping gait.

Jackties toe’s are long and conspicuous, and the nails are either black or white. The Westie Jack Mix’s tail is quite long.

The temperament of Jack Russell Westie Mix

Gentleness, intellect, friendliness, courage, affection, attentiveness, and independence are all personality qualities that your Jack Russell Westie Mix is likely to have.

They may also be adept at cheering you up on a dark day and entertaining your children.

This breed gets along well with strangers, but their high hunting drive makes them unsuitable for small animals like cats.

Because socializing is so important, you should start training your Jack Russell Westie Mix as soon as possible. Otherwise, their prey drive will take control, making it challenging to teach them.

They will make excellent companions for children and other animals you may have around the house if they are socialized early.

You might be shocked by this breed’s energy levels, which are significantly higher than you might assume.

Their incredible quantities of energy need continual activity to avoid the negative habits that sometimes accompany boredom.

Because they are so lively, they will spend most of their time outside playing and running about.

Another fascinating trait of this breed is that it is naturally attractive. Jack Russell Westie Mix like discovering new odors and creatures they have never seen before.

They’ll want to get into everything, even on walks, because they like exploring their environment.

Every canine is one of a kind in its way. Every day, from the minute we get up to the moment we go to bed, our dog’s personality makes us chuckle.

He’s a fascinating individual! Here are a few instances to give you an idea of what he’s like:

When he yawns, he makes a variety of noises. When he gets thrilled, he spins in circles endlessly. He rolls around on his back, makes different noises, and looks at you.

They can jump or leap enormous distances. When he sleeps, he likes to rest his head on a pillow. When he senses you need to be protected, he will sit at your feet.

He will patiently wait for you to apologize to him first, then ignore you until he is pleased.

How much do Jacktie puppies cost?

Since they aren’t extensively bred, Jack Russell Westie Mixes aren’t as popular as other purebred and mixed breed dogs.

The Jack Russell Westie Mix is a rare breed, yet both parent breeds are. As a result, the cost of a Jack Russell Westie Mix isn’t prohibitive.

When purchasing a Jack Russell Westie Mix from a breeder, you should anticipate paying around $500.

The price might vary based on the breeder’s quality, the parents’ lineage, and the veterinarian care the puppy has received.

If you’re lucky, you could be ready to adopt one of these lovely dogs from the Humane Society for less than $110.

In any case, don’t forget to account for the cost of bedding, toys, food bowls, and an initial veterinarian appointment when calculating the total cost of your new dog.

These expenses may rapidly mount up, so it’s best to plan when adopting a Jack Russell Westie Mix.

Tips for the maintenance of a Westie Jack Russell mix

Tips for the maintenance of a Westie Jack Russell mix

You must keep an eye on your Jack Russell Westie Mix’s health at all growth phases as a pet parent. Craniomandibular osteopathy, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and seborrhea are among diseases that might affect this breed.

The conditions they treat are bleeding disorders, retinal dysplasia, Malassezia dermatitis, Addison’s illness, selective IG A deficiency, glaucoma, and follicular dysplasia.

Fortunately, most health issues in a Jack Russell Westie Mix are mild and uncommon. Shaker dog syndrome, urolithiasis, lens luxation, Mellitus, myasthenia gravis, atrophy, chronic hepatitis, cataracts, deafness, and pulmonic stenosis are only a few of the conditions.

You’ll be relieved to learn that your dog only has to be bathed when required. Depending on their activity level, you’ll also discover that brushing their coat is something you’ll need to do at least three times a week.

If your pet chooses to spend most of its time outside, grooming may require extra time.

The most critical aspect of caring for a Jack Russell Westie Mix is to check their ears and teeth regularly.

Periodontal disease and ear infections are prevalent in this breed. Make sure to check the region around their eyes since dirt and filth should be avoided.

Because both pet parents have intense activity levels, your Jack Russell Westie Mix will rapidly become the most active member of your household.

Depending on how much energy your Terrier has, they may require up to 80 minutes of exercise every day.

Otherwise, you’ll be inviting violent conduct because of their curious nature. Training may also be a great way to provide your Jack Russell Westie Mix with some much-needed exercise.

This breed is prone to digging and chewing, which can be difficult for your furniture unless you have the most OK chewer dog beds.

Because they enjoy burrowing beneath and jumping over fences, you will want to ensure that they have a safe and reinforced place to play.


A Westie and Jack Russell mix will immediately become a part of your family as a fantastic breed at keeping you engaged. If properly trained, they may be loyal and dependable companions with a manageable temperament that get along well with children and other pets.

You will fall in love with their adorable tiny and stocky physique, which sets them apart from other Westie mixes. You can better comprehend your Jack Russell Westie Mix if you know everything there is to know about Westies and their intriguing personalities.

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