Irish Jack Russell Terrier - All you need to know

Irish Jack Russell Terrier – All You Need To Know

Many people raise dogs as their pets because the dog is the closest friend of human beings. Among them, Irish Jack Russell will be the choice of many dog lovers.

Their cute and smart look, extreme activeness, and their energy steal the hearts of anyone. But, you should have a clear understanding of your dog to raise it well. So, it is important to know all the related information about the Irish JRT if it is your choice. Therefore, this article is all about the Irish Jack Russell terrier. 

So, who is the Irish Jack Russell terrier? Irish Jack Russell is a smart and very small terrier who always loves to learn new things. They look very cute with their short legs. They have little differences from the typical Jack Russell with its calmness and being very close as a companion dog that the Jack Russells normally do not have. You can raise it well as a nice pet to your house by beginning to train as soon as it comes to your house, praising the dog, keeping it healthy, etc. When grooming the Irish JRT, you do not want to spend much effort and time because it is easy to groom. And make sure to feed the dog with high-quality food for the due amount without decreasing or exceeding the amount.   

Accordingly, in this article, I have focused on who they are, the differences between Irish and typical Jack Russells, how to feed and groom your Irish Jack, and finally, I have provided you with some tips to raise an Irish Jack Russell.

Let’s get started!

Who are Irish Jack Russell Terriers?

Irish JRT is a smart, short-legged, cute, and active dog breed. So, you may wonder whether the typical Jack Russell and the Irish Jack Russell are similar as both are small. But, it is not; they are different in their personality, height, and body structure. 

Irish Jack Russell has been originated as a working dog in the United States. This is a small terrier whose lifespan is about 10-16 years. 

The height of Irish Jack Russell males is about 18-35 cm or 7-14 inches. The weight of an Irish jack Russell is about 5-8 kg or 11-18 pounds. They are popular as Shorty Jacks, Short Jack Russells or Puddin Jack Russells with these short legs and cute looks.

Not only is their outlook, but their calm temperament also able to attract people towards them. People find them easy to train. Also, they are affectionate, alert, curious, cheerful, energetic, friendly, independent, lovely, intelligent, responsive, outgoing, protective, social, and stubborn.

So, many people, even with small children, choose Irish Jack Russell as their pet by thinking that they will be safe and lovely companions for the whole family. 

Irish Jack Russell has a short, long, or coarse coat with different colors like; complete black, complete tan, mix with tan and black, or any other color variations.  

Also, Irish Jack Russell does not struggle with many health problems. But, the health issues like; dysplasia, ear infections, bloat, and dental diseases are common among this terrier also as many other dogs have.

So, if you notice that the dog is sick and lethargic, it is better to take it to the vet as soon as possible.  

Accordingly, Irish Jack Russell is one of the best terriers for your house if you are looking for a lovely pet dog.

The differences between Irish Jack Russell and the typical Jack Russell

Jack Russell is not a new terrier for you. Many people love to own a Jack Russell due to it’s activeness, energy, and loyalty to the owner. Irish Jack is one of the breeds that will challenge the typical Jack Russell.

Then, do they differ from one another? 

Here, we can give a simple answer: yes. There are few differences between Irish Jack Russell and the typical Jack Russell.

So, if you have a choice between the typical jack Russell and the Irish Jack Russell, Irish Jack Russell will be your choice because they will be calmer and closer companions for you than the typical jack Russells. 

Although it seems that these two dogs are quite similar in appearance, they have personality differences.

Especially if there are small children under 6 years old, Irish Jack Russell is good for your house as a pet, not the typical Jack Russell because; they are not as aggressive as the typical jack Russells.

They will be a close friend to your family. Also, it is found that the Irish jack Russell is easier to train with its calmness than the typical jack Russell and it suits well for your house if you are living in an apartment.

But, before getting the dog to your house, it is better to search the behaviors of its mother dog and the conditions in which the puppy was raised and socialized. You can identify whether the dog has a calm temperament by looking at the behaviors of its mother. 

When talking about the physical appearance, Irish Jack Russell has short legs and different coat colors.

Accordingly, they will be completely black, completely tan, or maybe mixed with tan and black. And there also will be some other color variations that are mostly opposing to the typical hunting jack Russells. 

So, there are some differences between the Irish Jack Russell and the typical Jack Russell. It does not highlight one terrier as the best and the other as not good; only the differences have been introduced for your understanding.  

How to groom and feed your Irish Jack Russell?

When talking about the grooming of the Irish Jack Russell Terrier, you do not want to spend more time and effort on it because they are easy to groom with their longish or short coat.

You only need to brush the coat once or twice a week. But, it is better to take care of its nails because they are growing quickly. So, they can harm or damage both your pet and you. Therefore, trimming the nails of your pet is important to prevent this damage.

And, when focusing on the feeding of the Irish jack Russell, you should make sure only to provide high-quality food always.

If you are feeding it with manufactured dog food other than the food that you prepare yourself at home, take care of the instructions of the manufacturer when giving them. 

Not only that, but it is also very important only to give the due amount of food for the pet because both overfeeding and less feeding can create health problems for your dog. Consider the age and weight of your dog and then decide the amount of food to give it. 

You can add rice, cooked chicken, and pasta as the food for the dog except for the manufactured dog food. Also, you can give vegetables to the dog if it likes because; vegetables do not harm the health of your pet.

And, it will be better to provide some raw meat for the dog occasionally because your pet will love to have them. You will see how they enjoy the treat with their bright eyes. 

Tips for raising an Irish Jack Russell

Dogs are the closest friends of people where many people love to raise a dog as their pet. So, the Irish Jack Russell is the best choice for such a dog lover. They are cute, friendly, energetic dogs who are very loyal to their owners.

Therefore, owners should raise them with much love and caring. Accordingly, here let’s focus on some valuable tips to raise an Irish Jack Russell.

1. Begin to train as soon as possible

This terrier is very active and energetic and especially loves to learn new things. So, when you begin to train your pet soon, it will be able to learn many new things and learn to socialize successfully.

Therefore, you should train the dog as soon as it comes to your house, and then you can set some limitations for its successful existence.

And make sure to provide the training with fun activities which will not be boring for the dog and as they are very talented, they can learn the new tricks soon. 

2. Praising the dog

When you train your dog with love and much caring, it will follow your instructions. So, you can maintain their loyalty and make them engage in your commands by praising what it does wisely.

You can show acclamation by giving it some treats. You should convey that you praise its good behaviors, and it will encourage them to engage in more good behavior. 

3. Take steps to keep good health of your dog

First, you should understand the needs of your dog according to its origin. As Irish Jack Russell is an energetic terrier, it wants to release a specific amount of energy per day. So, it is better to provide exercises for the dog to maintain good health.

Not only do they exercise, but they also need high-quality, nutritional food to maintain their physical well-being. Also, you should visit the vet to do checkups of the dog to know whether there is something wrong with its health. 

4. Let your dog know its place

Here, you should make sure not to accept the unsuitable behaviors of your dog and only accept its good behaviors. It will help them to recognize their place in your family.

There, you can set various rules and limitations for the dog to prevent its unsuitable behaviors and the sense of ownership in the house.

If your pet gets to know about its boundaries in the house as soon as it comes to your place, it will adapt to the environment and prevent misbehaving. It is helpful to maintain the happiness and comfort of your dog. 

5. Minimizing the anxiety of separation

This is a common feeling of dogs. Accordingly, many dogs feel the anxiety of separation. So, it is better not to be stressed or emotional in such a situation. Instead, prevent it from facing the situations that it feels anxious about.

There, you can provide it with some treats if you leave it alone in the house for some time. And, make sure to return them early, which will make your pet so happy, and it will not be a good idea to leave your pet alone for a long time. 

Also, if you are out of the house for a long period, it is better to keep the pet in a good daycare center. 

Conclusion – What do you want to know about the Irish Jack Russell Terrier?

We have discussed the Irish Jack Russell Terrier in more detail. I think this article will be very important for the dog lovers and especially for the Irish JRT owners as I have provided information about some significant areas as; who are Irish Jacks, the differences between typical Jack Russell and Irish ones, how to feed and groom your Irish JRT and finally have provided you with some tips to raise an Irish Jack Russell.

The Irish Jack Russell Terrier is very popular among many dog lovers because most of them like to raise an Irish JRT as their pet. It originated from the USA as a small terrier who is very clever, intelligent, lovely, active, and energetic.

Although it is not a good idea to raise a typical Jack Russell in a house with small children, with the calm temperament of the Irish Jack Russell, even the people who have small children also choose them as their pet dog. That is an important difference that we can see among these terriers.

And, when it comes to grooming, you do not want to spend much effort and time on it as this terrier is easy to groom. But make sure to always provide only the high-quality food at the due amount without increasing or decreasing the amount of food.

So, you can own the lovely pet you want by beginning to train the dog as soon as it comes to your house, praising the dog, maintaining the health of the pet, etc. 

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about our four-legged friends.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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