Rat Terrier And Beagle Mix (Raggle) - Hybrid Breed Info, Pics & FAQs

Rat Terrier Beagle Mix (Raggle) – Cross Breed Info, Pics & FAQs

Dog owners are more curious about hybrid dog breeds nowadays than earlier. Rat Terrier and Beagle mix, called Raggle, is another marvellous designed dog breed.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world. There are hundreds of dog breeds out there. Some of them are purebred ones, while others are crossbreed.

You might be someone looking forward to getting a dog but not so sure to get which one out of those vast amounts of breeds. Well, read this article; today, we will be talking about Raggles. Raggles are amazing crossbreed dogs, and they might be the ideal pet for you.

Who are Raggles? Raggles are the crossbreed version of two well-known dog breeds, Rat Terriers and Beagles. This designer dog breed is small yet energetic and full of charisma. Appearance-wise and personality-wise, they are often a perfect blend of their parent dogs, Rat Terriers and Beagles.

I always find it intriguing to have a mixed breed dog because mixed breed dogs get physical and personality traits from both parents. So there are lots of interesting things about them.

Hence, Raggle is also a mixed breed; you will find it exciting to have one. It might be a little challenging but still exciting. Keep reading to find out more details about this dog breed.

Fast Facts of Rat Terrier and Beagle Mix (Raggle)

Average height 10 – 12 inches 
Average weight 14 – 20 pounds
Lifespan 11 – 13 years 
Suitable for Apartments, Singles,
Families with kids, Couples
Temperament Energetic, Loyal, Playful,
Protective, Attentive,
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Raggle, Rat-A-Bea
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Origin of Rat Terrier And Beagle Mix

Raggle might not be the most familiar dog breed to you. But I’m sure most of us have heard about Rat Terriers and Beagles. Simply put, Raggle is the mixed version of these two dog breeds.

It is pretty hard to trace the exact roots of its origins. However, by observing the heritage of parent breeds, we can roughly understand the origins of the Rat Terrier and Beagle mix.

To commence with Beagles. Data shows that Beagles were developed in the mid-1800s in the United Kingdom.

In the initial stages, Beagles were more miniature in body size and were used for hunting purposes.

When it comes to Rat Terriers, this breed has its roots in the early 1900s in the United States. Just like Beagles, Rat Terriers were also bred for hunting.

There isn’t any precise information regarding when their mixed version was precisely produced. However, this hybrid dog version gained popularity over the past few years.

The appearance of Rat Terrier and Beagle Mix

The appearance of Rat Terrier and Beagle Mix

Raggles inherit looks from both their parents. Both Rat Terriers and Beagles are relatively small in their body size, yet as they were bred as hunting dogs, they have sturdy posture and sharp features. 

The mixed version of a Beagle and a Rat Terrier, as already mentioned, could have physical features from both breeds.

Sometimes a Raggle can have more physical characteristics over one parent breed or equally get attributes from both.

However, generally, Raggle is a small-sized dog breed, but its body structure is quite muscular. A Beagle Rat Mix can weigh up to 20 pounds and stand tall up to 12 inches.

Like parents, Raggles also have a short, straight, thick coat. The coat color of Raggles may vary. It comes in different colors, including white, black, brown, and cream.

Furthermore, Rat Terrier Beagle mixed have almond-shaped brownish eyes and thick floppy ears. 

How big do Rat Terrier And Beagle Mix get?

Usually, the Rat Terrier and Beagle mix or Raggles are considered small-sized dogs. Neither Rat Terriers nor Beagles are gigantic dogs.

Therefore their hybrid version also tends to be small-sized dogs. Raggles’ body size and growth may differ depending on their gender, their parents’ bloodline, and external factors such as nutrients and physical activities.

However, a healthy adult Beagle Rat Terrier mixed would grow up to 10-20 pounds and stand tall about 8-12 inches.

The temperament of Rat Terrier And Beagle Mix 

Dogs have different temperaments. Rat Terriers and Beagles also possess unique personality traits, but sometimes they could have the same personality traits, especially since both breeds were bred as hunting dogs.

But today, we are talking about their hybrid version, Rat Terrier and Beagle mixed. And as a crossed dog breed, Raggles’ temperament has bits and pieces from Rat Terriers and Beagles.

Now you know that Raggles are small-sized dogs, but they certainly have big personalities. Raggles are lively and energetic dogs.

If you are someone looking forward to having a fun little dog, Raggles are perfect for you. Not just that, Raggles are friendly, and they get along well with human beings.

These dogs are loyal to their owners and love spending time with the family. Raggles are good to have around children, and they are also very protective of them.

The prayer instinct they inherit naturally makes them good watchdogs. Rat-A-Bea might react differently in front of other animals and strangers. Thus proper training allows these smart dogs to socialize better. 

How much do Raggle puppies cost?

It is hard to give a fixed price to a Raggle. The usual cost of Raggle puppies is determined based on factors such as the bloodline of parent dogs and the breeder’s reputation.

If you are willing to buy a Raggle puppy, you might have to spend around 300-600 US dollars. There are chances where you could find Raggles for lower prices.

Nonetheless, my advice would be to buy the puppy from a reputed breeder despite the cost.

Whether it’s a Raggle or any other mixed-breed dog, you definitely have to pay a lot of attention when buying one.

Average Lifespan of Beagle and Rat Terrier Mix

We know that Rat Terriers have a relatively longer lifespan than most other Terrier breeds. However, Beagle and Rat Terrier mixed dog breeds have a lower average lifespan than Rat Terriers.

Rat Terrier and Beagle mixed dogs live around 11 – 13 years. Even though they have a shorter lifespan, typically, they are healthy dogs.

Average Lifespan of Beagle and Rat Terrier Mix

Tips for the maintenance of a Rat Terrier and Beagle Mix

When having a dog in your home, you must fulfill some duties regardless of its breed. As a dog parent, you have to have sound knowledge about the maintenance of your dog.

Below are some of the essential things you should know regarding the upkeep of a Rat Terrier and Beagle Mix.

  • Grooming and general maintenance

You have to put different levels of effort into maintaining different dog breeds. Some dogs are tough to maintain, whereas others are somewhat easy or very easy.

Raggles are low-maintenance dogs; in other words, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into the general maintenance of a Raggle.

The shedding amount of a Raggle is low, making them easy to groom. It would be sufficient to brush them once a week and bathe only as required.

Given that they are low-maintenance dogs, you cannot completely ignore their maintenance. It is always good to stick to a routine.

Apart from brushing their coat, it is essential to clean their ears and teeth and trim their nails to keep the dog clean and healthy.

  • Food requirements 

To raise a happy and healthy Raggle, you must provide them with a proper diet. Feeding your dog well doesn’t mean that you have to give them vast amounts of food to bulk them up.

Significantly Raggles could gain weight quickly, so you have to be conscious about what you feed them and how much you feed them.

It is enough to give them a bowl of food twice a day to meet their regular food requirements.

Remember, it is essential to feed your Rat Terrier Beagle mixed with quality as well as healthy food as these dogs are super energetic.

Dog food is a safe and easy option. You can also give extra vitamins and minerals under instructions. 

  • Physical activities and training

As already mentioned, Beagle Rat Mixes are active and energetic dogs. Having genes from two hunting dog breeds, it is not surprising that Raggles are lively dogs.

In order to release their energy levels and stay fit, you have to give them physical exercises on a regular basis. It is not hard to make these dogs engage in physical activities; instead, they will love running around and playing for hours.

However, taking them for a walk or playing fetch for 30-45 minutes each day would help them stay healthy and fit. Speaking of training, Raggles are obedient to their masters, which makes them easy to train well.

But if you don’t start the training process at a young age, they could be a few trouble makers. So, begin training at the youngest age; most importantly, train them to socialize with others.

  • Veterinary checkups 

When raising a Raggle, it’s always good to have a fair understanding of their health conditions because you can easily spot if something is wrong.

Raggles have a good amount of life expectancy; thus, they can inherit some health concerns from parent breeds, for instance, glaucoma, hip and elbow dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

If you notice sudden and frequent changes in their usual behavior, don’t hesitate to take them to a vet.

Moreover, it is advisable to do occasional veterinary checkups, especially checking their eyes and ears, to ensure that they are in good health. It is helpful to avoid serious health concerns.

Final thoughts about Raggle

We talked about Raggle or the hybrid version of Rat Terriers and Beagles throughout this article. Like their parents, Raggles are also adorable looking, fun, energetic, and affectionate dogs.

For anyone who needs a playful yet alerted dog, Raggles are ideal. However, as I mentioned at the beginning raising a crossed breed dog can be pretty challenging compared to a purebred one.

You might not find crossbreed dogs as much as purebred ones, and Raggle is a unique crossbreed. After all, I believe that having a Rat Terrier Beagle mixed is a challenge worth taking because you will not regret it.

I hope you got some valuable insights by reading this article! Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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