Rat Terrier And Basenji Mix (Rat-Senji) - Hybrid Dog Breed Info

Rat Terrier Basenji Mix (Rat-Senji) – Cross Dog Breed Info

In this article, we are talking about Rat-Senji, an exceptional hybrid breed resulting Rat Terrier and Basenji mix. If you want to know whether it is the ideal breed for you, keep reading.

Do you have any plans to get yourself a pet dog? Well, if so, there are lots of things that you should pay attention to. If you already own a dog, you would certainly agree with me. Not all dog breeds have the same personalities, maintenance needs, food and activity requirements, etc.

It significantly changes from one breed to the other. Therefore, you must select a suitable breed for you. This might sound a little challenging, but the job will be much easier if you thoroughly check the breed before buying it.

Rat-Senji is a hybrid dog breed that results from Rat Terriers and Basenjis. Rat Terriers and Basenji mix, simply known as Rat-Senji, is an adorable-looking pooch with a vibrant personality.

One cannot pinpoint the appearance and temperament of this mixed breed because sometimes they can inherit more characteristics from one parent over the other; also, they can be the perfect blend of both.

Overall, Rat-Senjis are friendly, active, and loyal dogs. Their small size, ease of training, and maintenance make them perfect family pets for anyone. 

Hybrid dogs are becoming popular day by day thanks to their uniqueness. Raising a hybrid dog can be challenging, but it might not be as perplexing as you think.

All you have to do is educate yourself about the breed. Through this article, you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary details about the Rat Terrier and Basenji mix.

Fast Facts of Rat Terrier Basenji Mix

Average height 14 – 18 inches 
Average weight 17 – 25 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 16 years 
Suitable for Active owners,
Families with kids, Couples
Temperament Friendly, Playful, Loyal,
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Basenji-Rat mix, Rat-Senji,
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Origin of Rat Terrier and Basenji mix

When was this breed developed, and from where did they come? To understand the origin of Rat-Senji’s first, we should trace the history of parent dogs. The parent breeds of Rat-Senji have a long and fascinating history linked with them. 

If we start with Rat Terriers it is a breed developed in the early 1900s in the United States. Rat Terriers were bred as hunting dogs to hunt rats and pests on farms.

On the other hand, Basenji is a breed that is considered one of the most ancient dog breeds. Yet, the information shows they became a recognized breed in the mid-1800s.

Their land of origin is Congo, Africa, and the African tribes used them as hunting companions. Basenjis were imported to England around the 1930s and eventually became a famous breed around the world.

An interesting fact to mention is Basenji’s are known as barkless dogs. The unusual shape of their larynx may make it impossible to bark; however, they are not entirely silent; they communicate through a unique mechanism called yodeling. 

Although both parents descend from hunting backgrounds, they became great family dogs over time. Speaking of their mixed breed, Rat-Senjis became popular somewhat recently.

When it comes to hybrid dogs, it is hard to trace precisely when and why they were developed, and no exception with Rat-Senjis.

The appearance of Basenji Rat Terrier mix

The appearance of Basenji Rat Terrier mix

Rat Terriers and Basenjis have distinct physical features; however, they also share some similar ones. Rat-Senjis get bits and pieces from both parents.

Rat-Senji is a small-sized dog; usually, a full-grown Rat-Senji weighs around 17-25 pounds and stands up to 14-18 inches tall. Rat-Senjis have smooth short coats.

The color combinations of their coats differ according to their parents. Primarily the coat consists of brindle, white, black, and sable colors. It can be either bi or tri-colored.

They get erect ears and sharp eyes, giving them adorable yet fierce looks. Moreover, even though Rat-Senjis are small in their size, they have poised and well-built bodies. 

How big do Rat Terrier Basenji mix get?

Both Rat Terriers and Basenjis are small-made dogs; therefore, their hybrid version is also small in size. Genes and gender are the primary factors determining the breed’s size.

Accordingly, a Rat-Senji typically grows 18 inches in height and 25 pounds in weight. However, these measures are relative, so they could slightly differ sometimes.

Furthermore, the quality of food and the number of physical activities can also impact the dog’s overall growth other than genes. 

The temperament of Rat Terrier and Basenji mix

What sort of temperament do Rat-Senjis get? As mentioned in the beginning, we cannot pinpoint their personalities; however, we can generalize things.

Typically the Rat Terrier and Basenji mix is a dog full of energy. They are active but also friendly, loyal and protective of their owners. Sometimes they can be a little mischievous too.

Nevertheless, their mischievous behavior can be tackled through proper training. On the positive side, Rat-Senji’s are easy to train, so they can be an excellent fit for both experienced and inexperienced dog owners. 

How long do Rat Terrier Basenji mix dogs live?

The average lifespan of a dog is around 8-12 years. Still, some breeds live above the average lifespan. Usually, small dog breeds live longer than large ones.

Given that Rat Terriers and Basenjis are small-made dogs, both breeds have longer life spans considerably. Rat Terrier is one of the longest-living dog breeds; they typically live up to 15-18 years.

On the other hand, Basenjis have a life span of 12-16 years. So the Rat-Senji mix enjoys an approximate lifespan of 12-16 years. 

How long do Rat Terrier Basenji mix dogs live?

How much do Rat Terrier and Basenji mix puppies cost?

The price range of Rat Terrier and Basenji mix varies based on several factors, most notably the bloodline of the parents and the breeder’s reputation.

Purebred Rat Terriers usually cost around 800-1500 US Dollars and Basenjis around 1000-2500 US Dollars. So it is hard to give a fixed price for their crossed breed.

However, you will likely have to spend around 1000-1500 US Dollars for a quality Rat-Senji puppy.

Also, remember that despite their price, getting hybrid puppies from experienced and reputed breeders is always good. 

Tips for raising a Rat Terrier Basenji mix

Maintenance is a crucial topic that every dog parent should be aware of because it is the key to keeping your pup healthy and happy. If you are extremely occupied, you might worry about having enough time to maintain a dog.

With Rat-Senjis, you do not have to stress much about it. Rat-Senjis are low-maintenance dogs; therefore, you can easily take care of them.

However, just because they are low-maintenance dogs, do not take it for granted. Below you can find some valuable tips for taking care of a Rat-Senji.  

  • Follow a grooming routine 

Rat-Senjis do not require complex grooming needs. Nonetheless, it is essential to stick to a grooming routine to ensure that they stay clean and healthy.

Rat-Senjis have a short lengthed smooth coat; usually, they do not shed much, but shedding frequency might vary. So to reduce the shedding and keep their skin healthy, you should wash them at least once a month and brush them weekly.

Nails should be trimmed when needed; since this is an active breed, they can easily get hurt by having long nails. You can also brush their teeth to maintain oral hygiene. 

  • Healthy foods and exercise

When you feed your dog, make sure that you pay attention to both quality and quantity. Rat-Senjis are small dogs hence do not overfeed them.

Apart from dog food, you can add veggies and selected meats to their meals so that they will get a balanced diet. This breed has high metabolism levels; therefore, a well-balanced diet is essential for Rat-Senjis.

Rat-Senjis, as mentioned, are highly energetic dogs. However, engaging the dog in exercises is vital to keep them fit consistently.

Since this is a small dog breed, you can play with them in your home or garden, which will help them meet their everyday exercise needs, or you could take them on regular strolls. Regular exercise helps them to stay both physically and mentally stable. 

  • Pay attention to general health

Any dog parent should have some sort of knowledge regarding the general health of their pet dog’s breed. Because when you have an idea of your dog’s health will help you a lot to mitigate the potential risks.

Rat-Senji is a healthy hybrid breed, but they may inherit some health issues such as patellar luxation, cardiac disorders, hip dysplasia, Basenji enteropathy, and Fanconi syndrome.

Notice if your dog indicates sudden and frequent odd behavior; if so, you better take the dog to a vet. Also, it is advisable to do occasional eye checkups and urine tests. 

Final thoughts about the Rat-Senji mix breed

Rat-Senji is an active, radiant, fierce at the same time, loving, and caring hybrid dog. When you decide to get a dog, this might not be the very first breed that pops up in your mind.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique dog? Most importantly, despite their small size, these little canines have so much to offer, and they can surely fill your home with happiness. 

Thank you for reading this article! Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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