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Jack Rat (Jersey Terrier) is a smartly designed dog breed resulting from the Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix. They are family-friendly and guarding dogs, with an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

JackRat is famous for his activeness and multi-talented skills such as agility, tracking, hunting, retrieving, and jogging.  

If you plan to raise a Rat Terrier and Jack Russell Mix, you will have many questions about their history, appearance, health, etc. Once you finish reading this post, you will have complete knowledge about this energetic breed.

I have listed the main topics and frequent questions people ask that I discuss in this topic below. Feel free to jump straight to the topic you want.

Fast Facts – Jack Rat Terrier (Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix)

Average height 13 to 18 inches
Average weight 20 to 26 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 16 years
Suitable for Singles or Couples, Families with Kids,
Active Seniors, Apartments
Temperament Active, Guarding, Loyal, Smart
Good for families? Yes, Need a proper Training
Other nicknames Jersey Terrier, Jack-Rat
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Origin of Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix (Jack Rat)

Origin of Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix (Jack Rat)

The origin of Jack Rat is a mystery yet. Although, there is a discussion that their origin could have happened in the 1980s somewhere in England. It would be easier to find out their origin by studying their parent breeds.

History of Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier’s history runs into the early 1800s’ in England. John Jack Russell had bred them for mainly hunting purposes. Jack Russells are so energetic and fast; so, they could hunt small foxes and rabbits easily.

And also, they have a good sense of instincts, which helped a lot for hunting. However, now they have become family dogs, one of the most popular dog breeds globally.

History of Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier has a long history. They are a result of cross-breeding of Old English White Terrier, Fox Terrier, and Bull Terrier, which happened in the USA in the 1920’s. Rat Terriers were considered as a hunting dog or a working dog for farmers.

They are fast and quick, so they helped owners to catch rabbits, rats, and foxes. Rat Terriers were famous between 1920 – 1940 among most farmers. They became family dogs after the 1970’s. However, they are considered as stubborn and aggressive dogs with their inherited genes.

As usual, the Jack Russell Terrier mix breed has both qualities of their parents. They have good qualities for being a family dog, such as energy, loyalty, companionship, intelligence, and love.

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The appearance of Jack Rat

The appearance of Jack Rat

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix get their major characteristics and prominent appearance from either parent. The appearance may differ from one to one even within the same litter because it is a designed breed.

Jersey Terriers have a double-layered coat with Black, Brown, Blue, and Tan. Most of the time that could be a combination of those colors. They have almond-shaped Brown eyes and triangular-shaped ears.

Jack Rat Mixes hair may be short to mid-length and can be primarily smooth touching. As a mix of Jack Russell and Rat Terrier, Jersey Terrier’s physical features and appearance may slightly differ from one to another due to the quality of the genes and the pedigree of their parents.

How big does a Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix get?

Jack Rat Terrier mix creates a medium-sized dog. Typically, their height is around 13-18 inches and 20-26 pounds in weight. They have a strong body structure with short and tightened muscles.

Temperament – Common facts about Jack Rat Mix

Jersey Terrier is an intelligent, energetic, and loyal dog. They have taken the intelligence and energy from Jack Russell and the loyalty and companionship from Rat Terrier. Therefore, Jack Russell with Rat Terrier Mix creates a mid-sized, muscular dog with intelligent, pleasant, and adorable qualities.

However, Jack Rats are a little bit stubborn dogs. They are very good with family members but could be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. Therefore, it is important to give them good training at their early age.

These dogs are so much active and energetic. So, they need regular exercises to maintain their physical and mental stability.

Temperament - Common facts about Jack Rat Mix

However, they are so intelligent. Jack Rats know how to adapt to the situation. If you don’t want to go out, he will enjoy the indoor atmosphere by sleeping on the couch, curling on your lap, and sitting on your feet all day.

Are Jack Rats aggressive?

Yes, they could be highly aggressive if they didn’t get proper socialization and training at their young age. You may see frequent growling towards other pets at home. However, they are loyal and obedient to the family.

Sometimes, Jack Rats can become destructive and noisy barkers when they don’t have enough activities to do. 

Are Jersey Terriers stubborn?

Yes, sometimes. When you don’t have enough time to spend with them, they get discouraged. Then they start to act weirdly. Also, sometimes they expect to do what they want. But the best thing is, all the stubborn actions will fade away when you give something to eat or give a hug.

Are Jack Russell Rats guard dogs?

Yes, of course. They are medium-sized dogs with solid body structures. Their history shows that both of the parent dogs used to be hunting dogs and guard dogs. Therefore, Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix create a strong guard dog.

Typically, they are not that noisy. However, when there is a threat, they will guard you. They have also got qualities of being good guard dogs such as attentiveness, intelligence, and courage.

How often should you wash a Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix?

They don’t have a stronger doggy smell like some other dogs that have a double-layered coat. It means you don’t need to wash them frequently. However, their coats need to be regularly brushed and maintained.

This is a big plus of adopting a Jack Rat. You can train them to swim as well. 

How much exercise do Jersey Terriers need?

How much exercise do Jersey Terriers need?

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix dogs have qualities of Jack Russell Terriers and Rat Terriers half to half. So, they may be highly active and energetic.

Therefore, it’s advisable to give them at least 30-40 minutes of regular exercise daily.

What are the common Health issues Jersey Terriers has?

Jack Rats are typically healthy dogs. Their major health concerns are deafness, eye problems, allergies, and incorrect bites. There is also a possibility of having patellar luxation, skin infections, and Legg-calve-Perthes disease with their old age.

Do Jack Rats get along with other pets?

Yes, of course. They love to play with other pets. However, they need good training at their younger age to avoid some destructive behaviors. Otherwise, they could get messy around with other pets.

Are Jack Russell Rat Terrier mixes good for families?

Yes, they are suitable for families. However, it is not advisable to raise a Jack Rat with small kids. Typically, they are so gentle with kids. Although, they can be aggressive when their temper goes higher. Jack Rats will play with you the whole day. 

And also, if you don’t want to go out, he knows to lay on the couch for days without making a noise. They quickly adapt to the situation because of their high intelligence.

How much do Jack Rat puppies cost?

Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix lifespan

Jack Rat mix puppies’ cost could be 400$ to 700$ (550-900 Euros) depending on their health, color, and size. There is a possibility that Jack Russell Rat Terrier mix puppies get different appearances even within the same litter.

Therefore, negotiate with the breeder or the seller and compare the prices before you buy. Also, you will need some extra bucks in hand for initial expenses like tests, shots, deworming, chipping, carrier, collar, toys and leash. 

Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix lifespan

Jack Rats have got 12-16 years of average life expectancy as their parent breed. Read about Jack Russell Terrier’s lifespan and Rat Terrier’s lifespan. However, they are susceptible to heavy weather and sicknesses. Therefore, your proper care and attention will give them a maximum lifetime. 

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix are one of the most innovative designs in the world. If you have a Jack Rat, you can share your story with us.

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