How Long Do Jack Russells Live? JRT’s Lifespan & Expectancy Revealed

If you are already a Jack Russell Terrier owner or looking forward to adopting one, you might be thinking, how long do Jack Russells live? Or what is their average lifespan and expectancy? In that case, this post gives you a complete idea of what you are looking for.

So, how long do Jack Russells live? What is JRT’s average lifespan? Jack Russell Terriers have an average life expectancy of around 14-16 years. It’s a relatively longer lifespan than other small dog breeds. Typically, JRTs are a healthy dog breed though they have some common health issues. Therefore, if you properly look after your JRT, you can expect a decent lifespan.

I also hope to share my experience with my two Jack Russells, Shaggy and Lenny. That will be a quick impression of life expectancy, common jack Russell’s health problems, What is the life expectancy of Jack Russell mix, and more.

I have listed the main topics that discuss in this post below. Let’s get started!

What is the average lifespan of Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terriers are one of the healthy and longer-living dog breeds. Their life expectancy is average between 14-16 years. If you plan to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier; Indeed, it is a wise decision. You are going to find a great companion for about One and a half decades. 

Jack Russell Terriers are an active, aggressive, and healthy breed. Their life expectancy depends on the nutrition they get, exercise, and timely care of the owner. Therefore, your care for the dog directly affects how long Jack Russell lives.

How long do Jack Russells mix live? Comparing other mix Terriers lifespan

It is worth knowing how long Jack Russell’s mix breeds live. Therefore, comparing other mix terrier breeds would help you to get a clear idea about the real life expectancy of your lovely dog.

The following table explains the compared average life of mix Terrier breeds.

Terrier BreedAverage Life
Terrier BreedAverage Life
Airedale Terrier10-12 YearsMiniature Bull Terrier11-14 Years
American Staffordshire Terrier10-15 YearsNorfolk Terrier12-15 Years
Australian Terrier11-13 YearsNorwich Terrier12-14 Years
Bedlington Terrier12-14 YearsParson Russell Terrier13-15 Years
Black Russian Terrier10-11 YearsRat Terrier15-18 Years
Border Terrier12-15 YearsRussell Terrier13-15 Years
Boston Terrier13-15 YearsScottish Terrier13-15 Years
Bull Terrier10-14 YearsSilky Terrier12-15 Years
Cairn Terrier12-15 YearsSkye Terrier12-15 Years
Cesky Terrier12-15 YearsStaffordshire Bull Terrier12-14 Years
Dandie Dinmont Terrier12-15 YearsTibetan Terrier12-15 Years
Glen of Imaal Terrier10-14 YearsToy Fox Terrier13-14 Years
Irish Terrier13-15 YearsWelsh Terrier12-15 Years
Jack Russell Terrier13-16 YearsWest Highland White Terrier13-16 Years
Kerry Blue Terrier13-15 YearsWheaten Terrier12-15 Years
Lakeland Terrier12-16 YearsWire Fox Terrier13-14 Years
Manchester Terrier14-16 YearsYorkshire Terrier13-16 Years
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When is Jack Russell considered as a senior dog?

How long do Jack Russell Terriers live?When is Jack Russell considered a senior dog?

Jack Russells are small and cute for their entire life. It is challenging to assume a Jack Russell Terriers age by the impression. However, they become moody and lazy when they reach 11-12 years of age.

Their tempers and aggressive attitude get reduced at that age. They tend to be more serious and mature. That is the time when Jack Russell is considered as a senior dog

What is the average age for a Jack Russell to die?

These lovely dogs can have some health complications in older age, such as partly blinded and deafness. Overall, they will have around 12 years without any significant health complications.

They are a strong and high-tolerance terrier breed. Therefore, mostly it takes more than 12 years on average for a Jack Russell to die.

The proper care and nutrition will support Jack Russell terriers to live up to 16 Years of age.

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What Is the Oldest Living Jack Russell?

There is no information about the current oldest living Jack Russell Terrier. However, documented oldest Jack Russell had lived 20 years and 106 days.

It was a Jack Russell terrier born in 1994 named Willie; lived until September 2014 with a loving family in the United Kingdom. Willie, please accept the greetings from Shaggy and Lenny.

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What health problems does Jack Russell have?

What health problems do Jack Russells have? (Jack Russell old age problems) - How long do Jack Russell Terriers live?

All dog breeds have common health problems. As a Jack Russell owner, you will want what comes in the future; so, you can prepare for it. Your preparedness will keep your dog healthy and happy. 

  • Partly blindness / Dislocating lenses

Among the other eye problems that dogs can suffer from, Jack Russells are prone to partial blindness and dislocating lenses. It is called ‘Lens Luxation.’

This problem can be treated completely with surgery. And also, you can use eye drops to control the situation with a Doctor’s prescription.

  • Gum disease

Gum disease occurs when a tooth’s deep supporting structures are inflamed. The released bacteria from infected gums can spread all over the body and damage the Kidneys and Liver.

This condition can be prevented by maintaining your Jack Russell Terriers dental health

  • Breathing issues

Breathing problems are more often within the small dog breeds like Jack Russell Terriers. It would be best if you kept them energetic with proper exercises all the time.

If the breathing issues or shakings become more compromised, it is advisable to go for surgery.

No one likes to see their lovely pups looking sad or depressed. Therefore, taking action in time is highly advisable.

Final thoughts – How long do Jack Russell Terriers live?

How long do Jack Russell Terriers live? The answer depends on your care.

We discussed all the information related to the life expectancy of Jack Russell Terriers so far. The exact answer for how long do Jack Russell terriers live is just an average number.

Usually, Jack Russells live happily and playfully for up to 12 years. Therefore, how maximum can Jack Russell live depends on the owner’s care and attention. Significantly, there are few main things needed for a healthy dog, such as;

Jack Russell Terriers are a great life companion and an intelligent family dog you can have in your life. In my experience with Shaggy and Lenny, they tend to be bossy sometimes with your unlimited love and affection.

But, keep in mind to train your Jack Russell well for the maximum obedient result you expect.

I can also assure you that no matter how long do Jack Russell terriers live, they will make that time worth it. They will give you something to remember for your whole life.

Thank you for reading this article. Keep an eye on Jack Russell Owner for more informative articles about your favorite dog breed.

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