How To Keep Jack Russell Busy? Guide + Tips

How To Keep Jack Russell Busy? Guide + Tips

If you own a playful Jack Russell, I’m sure at least once in your life, you’ve wondered how to keep your furball busy. Jack Russell Terriers are lovely dogs full of life and energy, so they expect you to play with them.

While most of the time it’s enjoyable to watch these attention-seekers running across the hall barking around, it’s not so comforting when you are in the middle of some critical work! Often, dog owners have asked me how to keep Jack Russell busy all day. Therefore, I thought of sharing some of my Jack Russell training hacks with you.

How to keep Jack Russell Terriers (JRTs) busy? Since JRTs are dogs with excess energy and playful nature, you can keep them busy by making them engage in activities all the time. Enough exercise, regular walks, taking assistance in your tasks, providing toys, and fun activities are good ways to keep your furry friend busy.

With this article, you may get an idea of how you should keep your JRT busy and the reasons for keeping them busy. Then let’s discuss some tips to keep your Jack busy together with the fun activities to entertain them.

So, JRT owners, staying 2-3 minutes with us won’t be a time waste for you. 

How to keep your Jack Russell busy?

Jack Russell Terriers are a dog breed that is active and energetic. They were specified as hunting dogs from the origin. JRTs are filled with excess energy in their little four-legged bodies, and they need a way to burn and release that amount of energy.

Jacks get stressed if they have no opportunity to engage in activities. They are born working dogs specializing in outdoor activities. So, it is important to keep your Jack busy and make it engage in activities.

JRTs are not a dog breed famous for sleeping and lazy behavior, while they are athletic dogs with hunting roots. So, you can keep your JRT busy by engaging them in activities all the time and entertaining them through fun games.

As an owner of a JRT, you should understand the nature of your furry friend and the way you should keep it busy.  

Why should you keep your Jack Russell busy?

Jack Russells are energetic by nature. Their ancestors were great hunters. They have an instinct for exploration, and that’s why you find them suddenly pulling on from the leash when you are walking them.

Since they are energetic dogs, they must get enough exercise. Giving adequate exercises to your Jack Russell improves their physical and psychological wellbeing and gives them a long life. 

Hindering your furball from being busy and active could seriously affect their physical and psychological health. After some time, you will notice unusual behavior from your furry friend.

They might refuse their food, chew your belongings excessively, chase away other animals and bark like it’s the end of the world! It’s all because your furry friend is incredibly bored and lonely.

All he needs is some fun and energy in his life. So now you know why you should keep your Jack Russell active, and here are some tips to keep your friend active, healthy, and entertained. 

Tips to keep your Jack Russell Terrier busy

Keeping your furball busy might seem a bit challenging at first. It is natural to feel so, especially if you haven’t parented any JRT before.

Fear not! I will now discuss several things you can do easily to keep your friend busy and entertained.

1. Take them for a walk

Jack Russells love walks more than any other breed! Taking your JRT for a walk on a bright sunny day not only gives him the exercises he needs but also helps to keep his spirits up. I’m sure watching your dog’s great excitement will make you smile. 

However, there are a few facts to be careful about when you take your friend for a walk. You have to make sure that he is on his leash. It’s better if you train him to walk by your side.

Always JRTs tend to run around barking when they are excited. While these innocent creatures mean no harm, this can put both you and your dog in trouble if children and elderly people are around. Thus, keeping your friend on the leash will be great for everyone’s safety. 

2. Give them plenty of toys

As I mentioned at the beginning, JRTs are incredibly playful animals. Playing with toys will help them burn their energy and keep them distracted from you.

Since this will keep them busy and engaged, you won’t have to worry about them barking to drive your neighbors mad! Preferably, chew toys go best for your furry friend as they might tear apart stuff toys in one go if you give those.

Giving toys will also help your dog to learn to be obedient. After some time, your dog will know when to quietly entertain himself with his toys. Of course, you need to be patient with your furry friend, but it is all worth it!

3. Letting your JRT watch you cooking 

If you have had a JRT for some time, by now, you must have observed that not only are they great explorers, but also they are great observers.

Especially, JRTs love to watch you doing stuff as much as they love to play with you. Thus, bringing your JRT to the kitchen with you is a great way to keep him occupied. Which dog doesn’t like to help themselves with titbits falling from the pantries after all!

4. Bringing another companion home 

As I mentioned before, Jack Russells are playful and energetic animals. They love to keep company. Handling two JRTs may not seem an easy task for sure.

Yet, if you handle them right, you don’t need to worry at all. Having another companion to play with improves your furry friend’s physical and mental health.

Playing with a companion will make your JRT busy and occupied. It will help them burn their energy. So don’t worry about keeping them busy anymore!

Fun activities to keep your JRT entertained 

Day-to-day activities I mentioned before can keep your JRT well entertained. However, you can try many other exciting activities to make your dog’s life extra fun.

Make sure you continue reading to get to know these fun activities to answer the matter, “How to keep Jack Russell busy?”

1. Chasing

Jack Russels love to chase and to be chased! You can throw sticks or any of the sort to keep your friend busy. You might have to chase him two or three times to show that you are really in the game, but once you show the stick and get him to chase the stick, it is most likely that the dog will keep on chasing the thing you threw.

Make sure not to make eye contact with the dog once you give the dog something to chase. That way, you will keep him distracted.

2. Hiking

Now and then, you can try hiking with your JRT. As I mentioned before, JRTs are great hunters as well as explorers.

Both of you will be able to enjoy a super fun hiking time if you take the necessary precautions before you take your JRT for a hike. 

Make sure to dress in appropriate hiking clothes, and you take enough water for yourself and your furry friend. All will be well.

3. Tug of War

Tug of War is another great activity to keep your JRT happy and busy. Not only does it keep your dog entertained, but also it helps his muscles grow stronger.

It is an ideal way to have fun, especially on those winter evenings when it’s too cold to go outside. 

4. Scavenger hunt 

JRTs are hunting experts, as I mentioned before. Here’s a fun activity that’ll help them use their hunting expertise in action.

Like every other dog, all JRTs love scavenger hunts. You just have to take a few items and spread them around your house. I’m sure your furry friend will find them for you.

5. Hide and Seek 

Every one of you must have enjoyed playing this age-old fun old at least once in your life. Dogs love it, too, as much as humans love it.

Thus, it is an excellent game to play with your JRT when you are bored. You just have to hide behind a door or under a chair, and your JRT is sure to find you. 

It not only teaches your doggie to be observant but also increases their confidence and makes them healthy physically and emotionally. 

6. Food puzzles 

With a simple twist to your day-to-day feeding practices, you can create enjoyable moments for your loving Jack Russel. All you should do is to make your JRT search for his food.

You can hide the food in a place where he can find it and challenge him. Food Puzzles are a great activity to teach your furry friend obedience and make his food time extra fun.

7. Taking for a ride 

Every dog loves rides. Have you seen furry friends on cars sticking their tongues out on busy days? Jack Russells enjoy car rides very much, and it is an enjoyable activity for them.

This will keep JRTs occupied and help them burn their energy. Make sure you give them some of their toys to make their day extra special.

8. Swimming

Last but not least, we can mention swimming as a fun activity to keep your doggie occupied. Be it a pool, a lake, or even your bathtub, your Jack Russell wouldn’t mind.

Splashes of water on hot summer days would keep your dog active and happy. It will also help your dog release all the extra energy he has. Which dog wouldn’t love a good swim on a warm day after all!

Final thoughts about keeping your JRT busy

So, How to keep Jack Russell busy? If you read this article, I’m sure you must be thinking that it is not as difficult a task as you thought.

While some of these activities I’ve mentioned may be too much for your tight schedules, most of these activities are easily doable. With a bit of creativity, you use your day-to-day chores to create exciting activities for your loving Jack Russell. 

This article gave you some of the easiest ways to keep your JRT entertained. I’m sure these tips are valuable for those of you who are struggling to keep your furry friends busy.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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