Can Jack Russells Howl? Do JRTs Howl Often?

Can Jack Russells Howl? Do JRTs Howl Often?

Howling is a long, sad sound like barking or crying that is famous among wolves and dogs. Most potential Jack Russell owners ask us, can Jack Russells howl?. Therefore, this article is all about JRT’s howling. 

Jack Russell Terriers are one of the famous breeds of people since they are a small and energetic dog breed that is cute in appearance. JRTs are considered hunting dogs famous for hunting foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and small rodents. 

So, can Jack Russells howl? Do JRTs howl often? Yes, Jack Russells can howl. Even though some consider only the large dog breeds can howl, it is not true. Small dogs like JRTs can howl to an extent, and their howling differs from dog to dog. However, Jack Russell Terriers are not regular or excess howlers. They howl only in certain instances, such as when they feel separation anxiety, fear, pain, hunger, thirst, and seeking attention. 

By reading this article, you may identify whether Jack Russell Terriers can howl or not and do they howl often. Then, let’s understand the reasons for Jack Russells to howl, and finally, I’ll provide you with some tips to control the howling of your JRT.

So, if you are a JRT owner who got disturbed with your Jack Russell’s howling or if you are willing to adopt a JRT and still worry about the howling of them, then this article will be the best choice for you.

Can Jack Russells howl?

Jack Russell Terrier is a famous dog breed among many dog lovers. This breed originated in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. They are small, energetic, and active dogs that love to play outdoors.

They are a dog breed with excess energy, and they love to interact with activities, and if not, they get stressed and bored.

Dogs have relations with the wolf family, and therefore howling is a common behavior among many dogs. Then the matter, “Can Jack Russells howl” arises. The answer is Yes, Jack Russells can howl. 

Most people believe that when it comes to howling, only the large dog breeds can howl and not the small dogs. But the truth is every dog can howl to some extent or degree.

Since JRTs have been hunting dogs for a long period, this howling behavior also comes with the hunting roots of Jacks. However, JRTs are not as popular as howling dogs.

However, they have the ability to howl. Sometimes howling of dogs is very irritating and disturbing for you, especially the night howling.

If your JRT starts to howl at night time regularly, it will be a huge disturbance for you and your neighbors’ sleep.

However, JRTs are not regular or popular howlers, and there won’t be many complaints from your neighbors regarding the howling of your Jack. 

Do JRTs howl often?

When searching for answers for the matter “Can Jack Russell’s howl,” it is controversial to find out whether they often howl or not. It depends on the JRT you have and its characteristics.

As a proud owner of a JRT for three years, I can share my experience with you regarding their howling. My JRT, Shaggy, was an excessive barker at the initial point of adoption.

Then with the training, he controlled his barking behavior. Shaggy was never an excess howler, and he rarely howls in some instances.

There are special occasions for Shaggy to howl, and that howling also was never a huge disturbance like the wolf howling. 

However, this situation can be different with the nature of your JRTs. If your JRT is well disciplined and mannered as well as trained well, then their howling too can be controlled.

Howling has connections with excessive barking, and if your dog is an excess barker, sometimes they howl. But when it comes to the common consideration to whether JRTs howl often, it is not like that, and JRTs are not often howlers.

They howl only in special instances, and it depends on the training and characteristics of the JRT you have. 

Why does my Jack Russell Terrier howl?

Suppose you are an owner of a Jack Russell Terrier and experiencing its howling. In that case, you may have the question of why your JRT howls and what are the reasons behind its howling.

As an owner of a JRT for three years, here are some reasons that I witnessed as the causes for my JRT to howl. Find out whether your JRT shows off these reasons to howl.

1. Seeking attention

One of the common reasons for JRTs to howl is seeking attention. They always love to have cared for and feel loved. They seek the attention of their owners and want to take care of the owners.

When JRTs feel that they are being neglected and you love other pets or family members more than it, then they start to howl to get your attention toward it. 

2. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common matter many dogs encounter when their owners are not nearby. JRTs always need their owners around them, and they love to play with the owners always.

When you are outside the house, or your dog is locked in the crate, then they’ll feel separation anxiety, and they start to howl to release their stress of anxiety. 

3. Fear

You can witness your JRT’s howling when it has experienced fear of something. If your Jack sees something new, unfamiliar, or threatening, it will howl suddenly.

Then, just go to your dog and find out the reason for its fear and howling. Sometimes it may be a threat to your home. So do not neglect the howling of your JRT.

4. Pain

When your dog is in pain also, he may howl. It can be a pain in its body or an injury that it has. When your JRT starts to howl as a sad crying, then go to it and observe whether it has any injuries or pains.

If not, there can be some illnesses inside its body, and you should consider its health issues further. 

5. Hunger and Thirst

JRTs are active and energetic dogs, and therefore they need food and water sufficiently. They have a high amount of energy filled in their body.

Therefore to burn the energy and maintain good health, they need enough food and water.

If you have the habit of providing food and water to your dog at a scheduled time, then if you miss the schedule, your dog may howl due to hunger and thirst.

Tips to control the howling of your JRT

Since we’ve identified that the answer for the matter, Can Jack Russell Terriers howl is yes, we need to get a clear idea on how to control the howling of JRTs.

Here are some tips that I follow to control the howling of my JRT, Shaggy, and you can get used to it. 

1. Don’t keep alone for long

As we already discussed, JRTs howl due to the feeling of separation anxiety. Therefore, to control the howling of JRTs, try to reduce the time you leave your dog alone.

Don’t keep your JRT alone for more than 6 hours, and try to take care of them at least for 4-6 hours. Don’t leave them alone for more than that, and then they will get stressed and howl excessively. 

2. Proper schedules

Prepare proper schedules for the daily activities of your JRT. Especially follow up a regular schedule for your dog’s meals, exercise, and playtime.

Don’t miss them when you are busy, and try to appoint another family member to fulfill it when you are not available. Then you can avoid the howling of your JRT due to hunger and thirst. 

3. Maintain the good health of your JRT

JRTs howl due to their pains, injuries, and health matters. Therefore, you should be concerned about their health and well-being further.

Keep a separate veterinarian for your JRT and have checkups at least once in two weeks. Then you can make sure that your Jack Russell is in good health. 

4. Figure out fears

JRTs howl, especially when they experience something unfamiliar and threatening. Therefore, you should notice the things that JRTs fear and try to reduce their fear of such things.

Some JRTs fear thunder, rain, and such a natural phenomenon. You can figure out their fear of such things and control them by training them to face such natural incidents.

5. Proper training

Training is the most important part of adopting a JRT. At the initial adoption stage, JRTs have aggressive behavior with excess barking and howling.

To overcome such instances, you should train your dog to control barking and howl. A well-trained and well-disciplined dog can control howling since it is not popular with JRTs.

Therefore, train your JRT well at the initial point of adoption. 

6. Make time for it

JRTs always seek the attention of their owners, and when they lose the attention, they may get stressed, and howling comes as a way to express their need for the time of their owners.

So, try to make time for your dog and spend fun activities with them. JRTs are very playful and active dogs, and therefore they love to play with you and your family members.

Making time for your dog will make it happy, and then the sad cry of howling will disappear. 

Final thoughts about Jack Russell’s howling

So, now you have got a clear idea about the matter, Can Jack Russells howl, and then we’ve discussed whether JRTs howl often or not. Then, we’ve identified the reasons for Jack Russell to howl and finally understood the tips to control the howling of JRTs.

Suppose you are worried about the howling of JRTs and get discouraged from adopting a Jack. In that case, my answer is they are not excess howlers and don’t think about their howling on instances since it also can be controlled by following tips.

So, get a four-legged furry friend into your life since they won’t be irritative howlers for you.Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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