Can You Run With A Jack Russell Terrier? Running Guide + Tips

Can You Run With A Jack Russell Terrier? JRT Running Guide + Tips

People love to have a good companion when doing exercises, running, and going for walks. Then, they are not alone anymore. So, those who love to run ask us, ‘can you run with a Jack Russell terrier?’. Therefore, this article is all about the JRTs and running.

So, can you run with a Jack Russell terrier? Yes, Jack Russells can run with you as they are originally hunting dogs with more energy and athletic skills. They also can run for long distances without being forced and therefore it will be easy for you to run with them. And, make sure to follow the tips like; testing the pet’s endurance and keeping your JRT always by your side when running with your Jack Russell.

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered; are JRTs good runners, can you run with them, tips for running with them, and finally, I have given you an idea of some other breeds which are recognized as good runners. 

Let’s get started!

Are Jack Russell Terriers good runners?

Jack Russells are originally hunting dogs, and accordingly, it is not a secret that they are hyperactive and energetic.

So, the answer to the question; can you run with a Jack Russell terrier is clear. They need to spend more energy per day and training is very important for that. 

JRTs originated in the mid-1800 as fox hunters. They are very lovely, playful, and loyal to their owners. The attention of their owners is the major concern of them in any situation.

Anyway, when talking about their running capacity, it can be said that they are really good runners who can run up to 25mph. With the activeness and the energy that their origin has gifted, they have become very good runners.

They can also run long distances and keep pace with their owners without any trouble. 

Accordingly, if you are looking for a pet friend who can run with you and have fun, you will not have any other choice than a JRT because they are unique and have a great personality.

Running can be cited as a good way to show your care for the pet apart from the benefits that you gain through it. So, I highly recommend JRT for you as a good terrier to have fun with running.

Can you run with Jack Russell terriers?

Now, you know that JRTs are very good runners. So, this is the time to find the answer; can you run with a Jack Russell terrier?

The short answer for this is yes. You can run with them. But, make sure to start it even when the dog is about 12 months old because; they need to mature physically to bear the physical engagement.

And, it is said that the small breed dogs are more mature physically than the larger ones. As JRTs are small terriers, it is common for them also. You can start to run with them before beginning to run with a German shepherd. 

As energetic dogs, JRT is a good choice to run who is even recommended by the vets as they want more exercise. But, they do not accept forced exercise. Both of you have to enjoy what you do at the moment. If not, many problems will arise. 

As JRTs are found to be athletic and enjoy the exercises, you will not face difficulties when running with them. And, they also can run for long distances with you.

And most importantly, with their consent to run, you may not want to force them for that. It will be a win-win activity for both parties. 

Tips for running with your Jack Russell Terrier

The answer is clear for the question; can you run with a Jack Russell terrier. If you are already an owner of a JRT or if you are looking for a pet dog from this breed, you may look for the tips to run with them.

So, here let’s talk about those tips with more details.  

1. Testing the endurance of your pet

Here, you should understand your pet’s endurance before starting to run. See whether it is comfortable enough and can run with you. It depends on their comfort and mood.

Sometimes, if they feel lazy, they do not actively engage in running with you. Also, if it is uncomfortable, even due to a health issue, they will be reluctant to engage.

Therefore, it is very important to check for the endurance of your jack Russell and make sure to begin it slowly and gradually increase the distance. 

2. All dogs do not like running

There are different personalities for various breeds. Some of them do not like to run, but some other terriers actively engage in it. Some breeds like quick walks and not jogging.

So, in such moments, do not force your furry friend to do something that he doesn’t like because it is not fun for anyone.

Here we talk about the JRTs; as you know that they are very active, you can easily engage them with you in the running.

If it expresses its love to engage in it every morning, you can start the day with a funny and active beginning. 

3. Make sure to keep your JRT always by your side

This can be done through proper training. You may use various tricks to make him learn, like; commanding words, hand signals, etc.

You also should have the ability to read the body language and your pet’s behaviors. It will help you to understand any discomfort of the dog.

And also, do not forget that it will take a desirable time to train your pet well. Make him understand what you say through the hand signals and commanding words. 

And, also do not forget to keep your furry friend by your side while running, as you should have its control on your hand there.

Until it takes better practice, you should be on his side to prevent injuries of you two. Do not off-leash the JRT until you are sure that the pet always follows you. 

4. Planning for the weather

This does not only talk about your preference. You have to consider the likes and dislikes of your dog also.

For example, although you would like to run during the summer, your pet may not because it may feel uncomfortable with the hot pavement and the burning sun. Remember that the Jack Russells are very sensitive to weather.

They do not like to hurt their muscles and feet. Therefore, as a good owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your furry friend’s health.

Not only in summer but be much considered during the winter also. And, some products can save your pet’s paws from adverse weather, so if you want to run during that time, you can also use them to protect your dog. 

5. Let the dog recover 

Regardless of the training periods and the age, your pet needs time to recover. If you are a person who is going out a couple of times per day to run, then you should make sure not to force it too hard.

It is better to bring it only once per day. If you force it inconsiderably, it will not come in the next time, although you provide it with treats.

And, if you want your friend to follow you every time, it is better to engage in a simple walk than jogging. 

What are the other dog breeds that can run with you?

Can you run with a Jack Russell terrier is a commonly asked question, and apart from that, most people ask about the other breeds that you can run with.

Therefore, I also thought of talking about this in more detail. 

1. Border collies 

This is a medium-sized breed that has tons of energy. So, more exercises are needed for them. Accordingly, running will be one of the best options.

They are very consistent runners who maintain a very active lifestyle. This terrier is being highly trainable and intelligent. 

2. Vizslas 

Vizslas are also identified as a medium-sized, sleek, and pointed coated breed. They are easier to train than other pointers.

This can be cited as one of the best runners with agility. Separation anxiety is common for this breed, but exercises are needed. Accordingly, it also can be a good runner for you. 

3. Australian Shepherds 

This is known to be made for running and identified as a herding breed. If you like to run for a long distance, you are guaranteed or recommended to have a running champion like Aussies.

This terrier is likely to have longer coats but easy to shave down to handle summer running conditions. 

4. Dalmatians 

If you are a person who loves to own a large dog runner, this will be a nice choice. They can run for long distances, and they are found to be more protective of the owners.

Accordingly, they are worth enough to be considered good runners, but the owners are to be committed to proper training.   

5. Retrievers 

These will be considered to be quintessential family dogs and good companions as energetic runners.

They are also highly trainable but extreme friends having a decent pace for moderate distances.   

Final thoughts about Jack Russell’s running ability

We have discussed; can you run with a Jack Russell terrier with more details. I think this article will work out for all the Jack Russell owners and dog lovers as I have discussed more important areas related to them such as; are JRTs good runners, can you run with a Jack Russell terrier, tips to run with them, and finally I have given you an idea on some other breeds which are recognized to be good runners. 

JRTs are the most commonly raised pet dogs among many people. So, they like to do everything with them, including exercises like running, walking, etc.

And, you may think about their capacity to run. There is nothing more to think about it because they are originally active and like running, especially with their owners.

And, it will be better if you can follow the tips like; planning for the weather, letting the dog recover, etc. Also, some other terriers are found as good runners like; Border collies, Vizslas, Australian Shepherds, etc.

Anyway, if you are an active person, you can enjoy your life with Jack Russell more than anyone else.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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