Can You Fly With A Jack Russell Terrier? Yes, But Read This First!

Can You Fly With A Jack Russell Terrier? Yes, But Read This First!

Sometimes the most significant thing that stops you from traveling the world happens to be your beloved dog. There are complications when moving a long distance with a dog, especially when flying. Most people would rather not travel than have all these problems.

So, can you fly with a Jack Russell Terrier? The answer is you can. But, you have to go through all the airline’s procedures when transporting animals. Moreover, please acclimate your JRT to flying before the trip. It will save loads of trouble for you.

Jack Russells are particularly active and loud dogs. You have to train him so that nobody on the flight will get disturbed. Let’s see how to fly with a Jack Russell from top to bottom. 

Can you fly with a Jack Russell Terrier? 

If the airline allows it, You can fly with any dog breed, let alone a JRT. And it is as safe as flying yourself until you do everything just the way you have to. As I mentioned before, you’re probably aware of the loud and overly active nature of Jack Russells. 

To fly with a Jack Russell Terrier, you first need to get him used to traveling long distances. It should be done both while you’re present and not because you cannot 100% guarantee that the airline service will allow you to take the pet into the cabin.

Sometimes you might have to hand him over to the cargo section (this could cause problems). 

It would be best to discuss this with the airline management to find the best way for your JRT to fly. Also, make sure your dog can stay calm and quiet throughout the journey.

If the airline allows Jack Russells On Board, considering all aspects optimistically, you can fly with a Jack Russell without any complications.

Can Jack Russell Terriers go on planes?

While flying might not be the most suitable method to travel with any dog breed, it’s not the unsafest either. But you have to consider a few things before, while, and after you fly with a Jack Russell. Let’s see what they are. 

Before The Flight

  • A Check-Up with your pet’s vet

The first thing you need to do is visit your pet’s doctor. They will assess your dog’s health and decide if your fluffball is capable of flying or not.

Also, don’t forget to get a health assessment document from them because you need to provide it to the airline service. Make sure it’s within ten days before the flight. 

  • Understand your doggo’s personality 

As your dog’s primary caretaker, you know his personality very well. You must be confident that your JRT will travel in the plane without causing any disturbance to passengers, or you might have to give your pet a tranquiliser, which I do not recommend at any cost.

If you ever sedate your dog, there’s a high chance that he won’t be able to balance his body temperature and pressure according to the elevation, which can be lethal for your dog’s health.

I recommend training him months before the flight or considering another way to travel (with or without your dog).

  • Documentation

If you don’t already have a pet passport, you should, unless you don’t want to fly with your Jack Russell.

Further, there will be more paperwork for you to fill out. Before signing the documents, make sure that your pet will be safe with the mode of transportation. 

Be aware that if your dog ends up in a cargo area, a simple mistake of workers can be risky for your dog’s life. Try to find a way to bring the dog on a carrier to the cabin, where you can keep an eye on him.

However, that comes with pros and cons. I assume you’re well aware of it from our earlier discussion, such as your JRT’s personality. 

During The Flight

If the airline service requires the dog to fly in cargo, you have the right to insist that you oversee the loading process. The workers will be more careful when they know you are watching.

Also, make sure that there is at least a few hours gap before you have to board the next plane in a transition. This way, you can feed and take your dog for a walk to relieve his stress. 

After The Trip

Flying can be a terrifying thing for your dog. So reach the pet as soon as the flight is over to ensure he’s alright. Also, a few hugs and kisses will significantly calm your pet.

Things to do while flying with a Jack Russell 

  • Feed your Doggo

It would be best to give your dog a nutritious meal at least 2 – 3 hours before the flight. It will provide you with enough time to get your JRT to empty his bowels, as well.

Your dog will get much-needed energy for the long trip ahead, too.

  • Vaccinations and health certificates

Bringing your pet’s vaccines up to date is very important before any flight to keep health concerns in check.

Also, the health certificate document from your veterinarian is essential to provide officers who ask for it sometimes. That ensures a smooth boarding of the plane without any crisis.

  • Dog’s tag with identification and owner’s information

We all have heard about cargo getting misplaced, haven’t we all now? Therefore, having a chipped dog tag with identification and essential information of the owner is mandatory, especially if your dog has to travel in a crate in a cargo hold.

I’m not saying that your dog will definitely get lost, only that there’s a considerable chance of that happening. 

  • Preparation and training

As I have mentioned a couple of times before, it will be easier for you and your dog to train your pet before you fly with a Jack Russell. It’s vital mainly because of the infamous personality. 

  • Also, be ready for on arrival procedures at the landing airport
  • Buy a strong travel crate/carrier 

What not to do when flying with a Jack Russell 

  • Not providing enough water

Your dog will either be in a crate in the cargo or a carrier in the cabin. And believe me, it will be a long and unfamiliar ride for your dog.

So make sure you provide enough water when you fly with your Jack Russell Terrier (or any other breed).

  • Not warming up the Carrier/Crate 

Throw in a blanket that your dog can snuggle in if he ever feels cold. Most of the time, if your flight has many layovers/transits during the ride, keeping your fluffy warm is essential, predominantly if your JRT is traveling in cargo. So, the safety of your dog is the priority.

  • Don’t expect your dog to be just the same as he first got on the plane

Here comes the most challenging thing that happens when you fly with a Jack Russell. believe me, sometimes you will have to be prepared to clear him after you land.

It’s not unusual for dogs to vomit or have a bowel movement while flying. So you better be ready for that.

  • Don’t forget to say goodbye if you’re leaving him in cargo
  • Don’t forget your doggy’s favorite toy. 

Have you ever had a flight with your pet? How did that go? You can share it with us. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts. Cheers!!


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