What Can I Give My Dog To Make Her Feel Full?

What Can I Give My Dog To Make Her Feel Full?

It’s natural for a dog to clean his food bowl like a vacuum cleaner. And begging for more is also very common among dogs. With my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, it’s like how much ever she eats, she’s never full. That brought me to this question. 

What can I give my dog to make her feel full? If you give your dog a meal rich in fiber and nutrients with carefully timed treats and snacks, you can keep them feeling full for most of the time. That is until their next meal. 

After thorough research and consulting my doggy’s doctor, now I am more aware of how to deal with this problem. So, I thought of sharing it with you guys. Let’s dive in!

Why does my dog never feel full? 

After I give my dog’s meal, she’ll clean her bowl right off like a vacuum cleaner most of the time. Oh, pardon me, that’s every time.

After gulping down her food, the next task she gets on to is to beg for more. She will even get aggressive, start barking sometimes, and continue throughout the day. 

So, how do I make my dog feel full? This question raised another doubt in my mind. Why does she never feel full? Here’s what I found.

If the meal I give my dog doesn’t meet her energy requirements, she will soon feel hungry again. When the energy her meal provides her body is all spent up, it will make her less active.

So, if you need a dog contented with the food, make sure his meal has lots of nutrients to give him energy, especially if your furball is a bit “too” active.

Also, a meal with high fiber can make dogs feel full after a meal. Because the fiber takes some time to digest into the body, this guy’s little tummy will always be busy. But make sure that you do not go overboard with it.

Also, boredom plays a big part in this. Keep your dog engaged in an activity every possible time. If he lays in a corner in a dull mood, the next thing he thinks about will be food.

Hence, he will crave more food. Play with your dog or give him a toy to play with. That proved very efficient in making my dog feel full. 

What would make a dog hungry all the time?

When trying to find out what makes a dog hungry often, I had to look at it from many angles. Let me tell you,

Out of habit

Dog’s predecessor is the wolf. That’s the first domesticated animal, and they are scavengers too. Because they do not know when they will get their next meal, they will eat anything and everything they find.

So, it’s no wonder if they passed it down to their kin. That’s why dogs eat up any edible thing in his contact.

How many of you had your dog get into a bag of dog food? They can finish the whole bag without a second thought. It’s not their fault; they are just greedy little monsters.

Hint of a disease

Some diseases can make a dog hungry all the time. I stumbled upon these when looking for options to make my dog feel full.

Sometimes you wouldn’t even know your pet is sick until the last moment. While I advise you to take immediate actions, if you’re in doubt, let’s take a quick look through some of these diseases. 

  • Diabetes – If your lovely little creature ever gets diabetes, it can leave him with frequent hunger. The absolute shortage of insulin in the doggo’s body and the wrong responses of cells towards insulin can prevent the dog from essential nutrients. It will prevent organs from converting glucose into energy. Keep symptoms like increased appetite and thirst, and frequent urination in check.
  • Inflammatory bowel problems – This is a gastrointestinal problem. If a dog has IBP, it will also interrupt an animal’s nutrient absorption process. Weight loss alongside heightened hunger are some common symptoms.
  • Intestinal cancer and tumors – Like in IBP, excessive cell growth in the dog’s intestines will cause malabsorption. 
  • Hyperthyroidism – In this case, the dog’s body will overproduce thyroxine. High thyroxine levels will push the body into override and increase metabolism. So however much a dog eats, his energy will spend up relatively quickly, leaving him with a hungry stomach.

Apart from this, less nutritional food, boredom, and old age can cause a dog to be hungry all the time. I had to consider all these aspects when trying to make my dog feel full.

It’s so sad to watch her begging when I have a snack. But I soon realized that maybe she’s a bit too greedy after all. 

Is it true that dogs don’t get full? 

Yes. Sometimes, dogs might not realize that their tummies are full. Have you heard the saying “dogs can eat themselves to death”? Dogs are food-driven animals.

If they ever get the chance, they will eat nonstop. The majority will stop once they are enough. But on rare occasions, there can also be dogs who won’t stop eating until they vomit or feel nauseous and die out of the odd.

My advice? Hide that big bag of dog food Somewhere your greedy fellow can’t reach. Out of sight, out of mind. 

You can also forbid them from coming to the kitchen and having strict meal schedules. So that your doggo friend knows he has to wait for his mealtime. 

What can I give my dog to make her feel full?

It’s the last step in my research of making my dog feel full. I wondered what would make her feel full?

  • High fiber and nutritious main meat and treats – this is important. A diet that has a decent amount of fiber with rich nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and other vitamins can keep your dog’s stomachs full most of the time. So, this is what I did first to make my dog feel full. 
  • Give some veggies as snacks – don’t forget to throw in some veggies throughout the day. You can give carrots, cabbage, celery, and even boiled pumpkin pieces between the dog’s meals and treats.
  • Portion out snacks treats, and the main meal – following a rough timetable will help you potion out his daily food intake. That way, you will always have something at hand to give your dog whenever he asks for it. And because we don’t increase the amount of food more than the recommended amount, your dog will also stay within the BMI. It worked wonders when I was trying to make my dog feel full.
  • Keep the water bowl filled all the time – like us humans, dogs need to drink a proper amount of water every day. Usually, my doggy drinks a lot of water right after her meal. This way, her stomach will stay filled. So now go and fill that water bowl of your pet. 

So, this is what I found when I was searching for answers to keep my dog full because he was constantly giving me puppy eyes and begging for food. Somehow, the guide and directions I got from professionals helped me keep my dog feeling full. 

If you ever have doubts about your furball’s health, never hesitate to get advice from your pet care.

Do you know any other ways I can make my dog feel full? You can share it with us. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. I’ll see you next time.


  • Sofia Williams

    Sofia W. is a professional dog trainer who completed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA) certifications. Also, she has completed the Pet Nutrition Coach Certification. Sofia is interested in creating nutritious food formulas for dogs to give them a longer and healthier life. She believes food and training are a collective combination of a healthy dog. So, she is with us to share her expertise and knowledge with other dog parents.

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