Jack Russell Terrier And English Bulldog Mix (Bull Jack)

Jack Russell English Bulldog Mix (Bull Jack Dog) Cross Breed

Have you ever heard of Bull Jacks? If you are a dog enthusiast, I bet you do. And today, we are going to talk about the Jack Russell English Bulldog mix. Simply known as Bull Jack Dogs!

This is a hybrid mix breed resulting English Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier. Bull-Jacks are famous for their active and lively temperament and undivided loyalty to their owners.

Therefore, we are going to discuss all the information you should know about this mix-breed as a potential dog parent through this post. Let’s get started!

Fast facts about Jack Russell and English Bulldog mix

Have a look at the table below to be familiar with the most common and crucial things about the Jack Russell English Bulldog mix.

Average height 12 – 14 inches 
Average weight 17 – 30 pounds 
Lifespan 10 – 12 years 
Suitable for Experienced dog owners, Apartment dwellers,
Active singles, Families with small children 
Temperament Spirited, Loyal, Loving, Active
Friendly, Emotionally dependent
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Jack-Bull, Bull Jack,
Jack-A-Bull, Bull-A-Jack
Complied by Jack Russell Owner

General facts you should know about Bull-Jacks

There are more than hundreds of dog breeds in the world. Some of them are purebred dogs, and some are mixed-breeds.

Bull Jacks belong to the second category, and the parent dogs are Jack Russell Terrier and English Bulldog. Hence this is a hybrid version of two dog breeds; Bull Jacks have characteristics from both parent breeds.

So here are some interesting facts you must know about the Jack Russell English Bulldog mix.

  • Possess good energy levels

Bull Jacks tend to be pretty energetic dogs. Despite the fact that Bulldogs, in general, are considered inactive and indoor dogs, Jack Russell Terriers are well known for their rigorous energy levels.

So the Bull Jacks got the energy gene from Jack Russell Terriers. Also, due to their extreme energy levels, they require regular exercise.

Therefore it’s important to take your Bull Jack on a stroll, play fetch, and give that required amount of activity.

If you are looking for a playful little dog with a good energy level, Jack Russell English Bulldog mix is an ideal choice. 

  • Seek care and affection 

Bull Jacks love to socialize with people, and they do it at a rapid pace. In other words, it doesn’t take a lot of time for you to bond well with your Bull Jack.

You may think it is great because we all love when dogs connect well. It certainly is a great thing. Nevertheless, this also could make these dogs very needy.

Once they get attached to the family, they always seek companionship. So they require a lot of care and affection.

As the owner, if you fail to provide it, there is a tendency to affect the dog’s mental health.

As already mentioned, Jack Russell English Bulldog mix is an energetic dog breed. Mainly due to Jack Russell’s genes.

Due to their hype energies, they aren’t the easiest dog breed to train. Yet it is not impossible to train a Bull Jack. They are easy to train if you follow the necessary actions consistently since the pup stage.

On the other hand, they tend to be intelligent dogs. If you keep doing the training consistently, they’ll quickly get used to it. And, don’t forget to start the training at their young age.

But if you don’t bother enough to do this, it could make the dog extremely stubborn. 

Origin of Jack Russell Terrier and English Bulldog mix

Speaking of the parent breed of Bull Jacks, both the Jack Russell Terrier and English Bulldog are considered old dog breeds. Also, both of the breeds were developed in England. 

Jack Russells are famous hunting dogs developed around the 1800s. It is said that the dog was named after Parson John Russell as he called his hunting dog, Jack. 

English or British Bulldogs, who also come from England, were bred in the 1200s. And the breed was developed up until the 1900s.

When it comes to the hybrid version of these two dogs, Jack Russell English Bulldog mix, the period of the invention is not precise.

However, data shows that these mixed breed dogs tend to be famous in the United States within the past two decades.

The appearance of Bull Jacks

English Bulldogs are adorable looking relatively small-sized dogs, so are Jack Russell Terriers. Therefore undoubtedly, Jack Russell and English Bulldog mix make a cute pup.

They are indeed a mixture of both breeds. Yet, there’s a tendency to have more physical characteristics of either the Jack Russell Terrier or the English Bulldog.

Generally, Bull Jacks are small made yet muscular dogs with a height of 12-14 inches and weigh around 17-50 pounds. Typically, they don’t have long leges because of both parent breeds have short legs.

Bull Jacks are a mixture of white, black, and brownish colors, and they have smooth, dense, and short fur. 

The temperament of a Jack Russell English Bulldog Mix

The temperament of a Jack Russell English Bulldog Mix

It would be fair enough to say that Bull Jacks are a mixed dog breed with lots of charisma. Jack Russell English Bulldog mix is often considered a stubborn yet playful and friendly dog type.

If we discuss the parent breeds separately, Jack Russells are lively dogs with extreme energy levels. English Bulldogs are more likely to be couch potatoes. However, both of these dog breeds have a stubborn temperament.

The same is with their mixed version, Bull Jacks. If you pay good attention to your dog and train accordingly, you can take control.

As an active and busy dog, BullJaks adore spending time with people. Especially they associate well with children. Also, they make good apartment dogs as well.

They are a friendly dog breed at the same time, loyal and emotional. Don’t forget that sometimes they can be very clingy too. And, they show some sad and depressed faces sometimes. 

How much do Bull Jack puppies cost?

This is a tricky question to answer. Jack Russell English Bulldog mix is not a common type of dog that you can find. Therefore, it is hard to mention an estimated price. Breeders may charge different prices.

However, they are not that much expensive. An average price of a Jack Russell English Bulldog mix would be around 500 to 1000 US dollars.

The most important fact is, if you ever plan to purchase a Bull Jack, it is always good to purchase it from a reputed breeder.

Because when you purchase a mixed breed dog rather than a purebred one, especially uncommon breeds such as Bull Jacks, they may inherit health concerns. 

Tips in adopting a Jack Russell Terrier and English Bulldog mixed dog

If you read the article up to this point, you now have a sound understanding of the Jack Russell English Bulldog mix.

So now, let’s elaboratively go through some tips that you have to look into when adopting a Bull Jack.

  • Not very suitable for first-time dog owners

This is a crucial fact if you plan to have a Bull Jack. Due to their energy levels and personality type, they are suitable for experienced dog owners.

It is easier for them to maintain the temperament of a Bull Jack. But suppose you are a first-time dog owner or someone elderly.

In that case, you may find it is hard to adopt a Bull Jack because this breed particularly needs more attention and proper training.

Nonetheless, they are considered excellent family dogs, and this breed is suitable to adopt in households with children.

  • Give right appetite

When adopting a Jack Russell English Bulldog mix, it is crucial to pay attention to their meals.

Whatever the dog breed that your dog belongs to, it’s important to pay attention to their appetite as it ensures the health and happiness of your pet.

But when it comes to Bull Jacks, there are certain things that the owners should specifically pay attention to.

As we discussed in this article, Bull Jacks have good energy levels; therefore, they need more protein in their appetite to stay fit.

It is also important not to overfeed your Bull Jack because English bulldogs tend to be bulky and muscular in general. 

  • Give sufficient exercise

This is another fact associated with your Bull Jack’s energy level. It is mandatory to give adequate exercise on a regular basis for this dog breed.

We recommend to do exercises approximately for an hour per day with your Bull Jack. It helps them not only to be healthy physically but also mentally. 

  • Grooming and general health status of a BullJack

Coat maintenance of Bull Jacks is not hard since they aren’t very furry. Bathing is recommended once or twice a month.

However, you need to brush your Bull Jack once a week to make sure you keep its coat smooth and healthy. Bull-Jacks are not heavy shedders like other Jack Russell Mixes.

Furthermore, brushing their teeth once or twice a week is recommended to maintain oral hygiene. It is important to trim their nails as needed because long nails are vulnerable to crackling. 

When it comes to the health status of Jack Russell English Bulldog mix, they might face complications sometimes, especially if you purchase them from an unprofessional or irresponsible breeder.

Some of the common health concerns are cherry eye, heart murmur, atopy, and mast cell tumor.

There can be severe ones such as hip dysplasia, glaucoma, and epilepsy when they become senior dogs. Therefore make sure you buy the dog from a reputable breeder and also do veterinary checks as necessary. 

Final thoughts about Jack-Bulls (English Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix)

So here’s everything in a nutshell. We talked about Jack Russell English Bulldog mix or the Bull Jacks throughout this article. Even though hybrid dogs are popular, Bull Jacks aren’t the most popular mixed breed out there.

You should pay attention to certain things when adopting a Bull Jack. Nonetheless, if you properly take care of the dog, they are another great breed of dogs to have in your household.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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    Lisa W. is a practicing certified veterinarian (BVetMed Hons in Veterinary Medicine) who graduated from Royal Veterinary College, UK. One of her research fields is mixed-dog breeds and their temperament, behavioral issues, and genetic health concerns. Also, she gathers data about purebred dog breeds and their origin, lifespan, and genetic conditions. Lisa is a loving dog parent who is keen to share her expertise with other fellow dog parents.

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