Can Jack Russells Live In An Apartment? Yes, But Read This First

Can Jack Russells Live In An Apartment? Yes, But Read This First

Most people that are willing to adopt JRTs raise the matter of whether Jack Russells can live in an apartment or not, due to the controversial nature of Jacks despite their small size. Therefore, I thought about discussing the suitability of Jack Russell Terriers to live in an apartment along with some valuable tips. 

So, can Jack Russells live in an apartment? Yes, Jack Russells can live in apartments, but they are not precisely good apartment dogs. Since JRTs are active dogs with hunting roots and excess energy, they need a way to burn their energy. An apartment environment with less space is not their type. But nothing is impossible, and you can make your JRT live in an apartment by fulfilling his needs and providing enough training and physical exercise regularly.

By reading this piece of writing, you may come up with the answers for the doubt whether your Jack Russell can live in apartments or not. Then let’s identify why JRTs are not good to live in apartments and make them good apartment dogs.

Finally, I’ll introduce you with some tips for the apartment training of your Jack. Staying with the article won’t be a waste if you plan to adopt a JRT to live in an apartment. Let’s get started.

Can Jack Russell Terriers live in apartments? 

Yes, a Jack Russell can live in an apartment, but there are some significant concerns about this. Since JRTs are filled with excess energy, they need enough space to release them.

Jack Russell Terriers love to stay active and play outside. As mentioned above, adopting these energetic creatures requires a lot of patience. They are attention seekers and need daily exercise.

Suppose you have a flexible work schedule and a walking area or a park nearby. In that case, you can adopt Jack Russells in your apartment.

But remember, Jack Russell terriers are not exact apartment dogs. Therefore, you need to train and adapt to living in an apartment.

The responsibility of training your JRT to make it adapted to the apartment is on your hand as the owner.

Why are Jack Russell Terriers not good to live in an apartment? 

There is nothing ‘not good’ with these Jack Russells. But I need to remind you; they are hyper dogs. Accordingly, they are a somewhat stubborn breed who get destructive behaviors sometimes.

Here are the main reasons why most people state that Jack Russells are not good apartment dogs.

  • Energetic behavior 

Jack Russell is a dog breed with excess energy, and they need a way to release their energy. If not, JRTs get stressed, and therefore, small spaces are not recommended for JRTs since they need to be active always.

  • Jack Russells don’t like solitude

Generally, people who live in apartments are so busy. They have worked throughout the day. But Jack Russells don’t like solitude and require active participation in everything.

If you are a busy workaholic, you need to make time for this tiny creature. Sometimes they can be another burden to a family because of the overprotective behavior of their owner. It acts as the shadow of its owner and requires full participation in the family.

  • Not recommended for kids

JRTs are not recommended for children under eight years old, and they can sometimes behave with no control. Therefore, you can’t leave your kid and JRT alone in an apartment since they do not have enough space to interact.

  • Excess barking 

Jacks are famous for excess barking and are considered somewhat aggressive dogs. As we all know, apartments have a small space, and excess barking of your dog may be a disturbance for your neighbors.

As a dog fan and an owner since my childhood, I am used to their midnight barking and angry naughty things in my household.

But in case you are a fresh new owner, you need to prepare when you select Jack Russel as your very first dog.

  • Aggressiveness towards strangers

Most of the time, JRTs are aggressive towards strangers, and you need to train and introduce other people to your dog.

If not, it will behave aggressively and have biting behavior towards strangers. It will be irritating to your neighbors in the apartment.

How to make Jack Russell an apartment dog?

Have you ever thought of adopting a jack Russell in your apartment? I won’t say it is so good, but it is totally fine only if you have time and love dogs’ active behavior.

Before you plan a Jack Russel in your apartment, there are specific facts to be fulfilled. So, let’s see my very own essential tips in a nutshell to make your Jack Russell to live in an apartment.

  • It would help if you had a disciplined work schedule (not be a workaholic) – even a little time for a walk or at least for a run.
  • You must potty train your JRT.
  • Socialization.
  • Keep patience.

Tips for training your Jack Russell to live in an apartment 

With my experience dealing with Jack Russells for some years, let me teach you some simple but important tips for dealing with this little creature.

However, every breed has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is better to know some of these traits beforehand. It will make it easier for you to make it worthwhile.

Highly intelligent and smart Require lots of exercises 
Easy to train if you start at the young age Can’t always trusted with small children 
Food-motivatedStubborn and mischievous
Loyal companionsStill having the traits of hunting dogs  
Small – easy to transport Need a lot of attention and time 
Not much expensive as other small breeds          Sudden destructive behaviors 
Complied by Jack Russell Owner

I guess you could have taken an idea about the pros and cons of Jack Russel Terriers from the above small table. Especially in an apartment, we can use small tricks to keep their attention consistent.

Sometimes, adapting to these terriers is like looking after a naughty baby. I know it is struggling and challenging, but at the same time, they bring so much happiness and love to you.

Here are the quick tips:

  • If you live in an apartment, make sure to take your dog for a small work at least for 30 -45 minutes every day. It can be any exercise, jumping, running or anything it likes. 
  • Jack Russells love to participate in daily play sessions. ’’Ball chasing” is one of the most suitable games for them as terriers are well-behaved when they are tired.
  • As mentioned above, you should make sure it’s crate training correctly along with good behaviors. Plus, you can invest in a crate for a cheap amount.
  • Correct crate training will be necessary if you live in an apartment, even though it is difficult initially. Due to separation anxiety, JRTs will start barking continuously. And in the starting days, it will be an issue when you leave them, but it will get better with time.  
  • If you want to be a good Jack Russell Terrier owner, you should always have patience and prepare for crazy fun in your household. But if you love solitude and stay peacefully, don’t think about adopting a JRT.
  • Getting them some toys is an investment when you have terriers in an apartment because they love toys very much, even when they are a bit old. They usually like toy bones, and you can give them when they are not in the crate. From this, you can keep it busy and mind your work for some time. 
  • When you have other small animals in your apartment, don’t ever leave terriers with them because you cannot trust your JRT all the time.
  • It is very effective if you start training your terrier early. In that way, you can avoid so many behavior issues which are yet to come. 
  • You already know they are hyper dogs, so they love to dig. It would be great if you have a small yard near your apartment.

Final thoughts about JRTs suitability as apartment dogs

Stepping into the conclusion of the remaining question, ”can Jack Russells live in an apartment?’’, theoretically, they can be considered good apartment dogs because of their size. But it is successful only if you have a flexible work schedule and have enough time to be with your JRT and give it love, attention, and time. When it comes to the practical world, you should consider if you have enough potential before adopting a Jack Russell Terrier.

Do not hesitate about adopting a JRT if you have a patient and loving heart and time to share with the little creature. Jack Russells are tiny in size but smart enough to face anything. No matter how sad or busy you are, Jack Russell Terrier will always shower you with endless love.

Thank you for reading this article. Keep an eye on Jack Russell Owner for more informative articles about your favorite dog breed.


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