Miniature Jack Russell Terrier - All You Need To Know

Miniature Jack Russell Terrier – All You Need To Know

Jack Russell Terrier is a popular pet among dog lovers. They are a small, active, energetic, and intelligent hunting dog breed that originated in England. They were famous for hunting foxes, rodents, squirrels, and rabbits during the earlier era and are now considered affectionate pets.

The standard JRT breed is 13-15 inches tall and has a proportionate body length. However, a mini Jack Russell Terrier was recognized. They are different from the standard JRT breed in appearance and characteristics.

This miniature Jack Russell Terrier has a height of 10-12 inches, making them shorter and smaller than other JRTs. They are also known as Minnie JRTs or Shorty Jacks. It is a hybrid dog breed and originated with the mix of some specific dog breeds with the JRTs. They are quiet, intelligent, and well-mannered JRT types and better companions than other JRTs while getting along well with children and other pets.

Mini Jacks are not much preferable hunting breeds like other JRTs and suit well with the domestic environment. Even though some inheritance factors are similar to other standard JRT breeds, miniatures are quite attractive with their cuteness and significance in mixing to another breed’s qualities.

By reading this article, you may understand all you need to know about the mini Jack Russell Terrier breed. It includes their origin and appearance together with characteristics.

In addition, you may understand the mixed breeds of miniature Jack Russell and, finally, tips to take care of them.

So, as dog lovers, if you are attracted to the cuteness of miniature Jacks, you need to be aware of their nature and characteristics first and choose the best miniature with appropriate origin.

Let’s dive in!

Origin of Miniature Jack Russell Terrier

The history of Jack Russell Terriers may run to the 18th and 19th centuries while they originated in England as a hunting dog breed. Then the history of the miniature Jack Russell Terrier is not that far away.

They originated in the recent 21st century. They are a new hybrid JRT type and created with a mix of breeds. Since this is a recently emerged new JRT breed, not much information was there about their history.

However, this mini Jack Russell Terrier breed was recognized by several hybrid clubs during recent history within the United States. With the recent recognition, it is said that they are not that much older dog breed as other JRTs and recognized as a novel breed.

They are created with a mix of specific breeds with the Jack Russell Terrier breed. The most famous hybrid partner of miniature JRT is Miniature Pinscher. Even the history of the JRT breed is also associated with a hybrid combination of Fox Terrier with Black and Tan Terrier.

It was believed to be done by the person called Parson, who is known as the father of JRTs. Both JRTs and Miniature Pinschers are small size dogs and hunters.

Even though miniature JRTs are not much older in their origin and history, they become famous as domestic pets with their small size and cuteness. 

The appearance of Mini JRT

The appearance of the mini Jack Russell Terrier is different from other JRTs and especially the standard Jack Russell breed. The major significance in their appearance is their size and height.

The height of a standard Jack Russell Terrier is 13-15 inches, and it becomes shorter in mini JRTs. They have 10-12 inches in height, and with that, they are smaller in size than other JRTs as well.

Their coat is short, rough, and wiry. When it comes to their coat color, they often do not have a solid coat color. It can be in two or three colors, mostly white, black, red, fawn, or tan. Their coat density is normal, while its texture can be wiry as well as straight.

In addition, miniature JRTs may have a medium-length muzzle and long legs. They have dark brown eyes with an oval shape. They are seasonal shedders and need low maintenance.

Temperament of Miniature Jack Russells

Mini JRTs are little, cute, and attractive and, therefore, easily take dog lovers’ attention. 

In consideration of characteristics, miniature JRTs adopt most of the qualities of other JRTs, such as hunting, chasing other animals, aggressiveness towards strangers, and interest in working outside.

However, unlike other JRTs, mini Jacks show good responses towards other dogs as excellent companions for them. They are active, energetic, and intelligent while affectionate for their owners. 

Mix breeds of Mini Jack Russell

The new breed of miniature Jack Russell can be seen with a mix of relevant breeds. They are a hybrid JRT breed, and there is not much recognition of the separate single breed as mini JRTs.

To create a mini Jack Russell, you should try to cross-breed a JRT with another small-sized dog breed. However, when buying a mini Jack Russell, you have to be aware of the cross-bred dog types, and some breeders market some weak JRTs with the name of miniature JRT.

Cross-breeding with every small dog type won’t work as miniatures, and they may have health issues. So, find out the matched mix breeds and search for their cross-bred history when buying a miniature JRT.

Here are some better mix breeds of mini Jacks. Try them out if you love to buy a miniature Jack Russell. 

1. Jack Russell and Miniature Pinscher

This is the most recognized and popular mini JRT mix, and Miniature Pinscher originated in Germany during the 17th and 19th centuries.

They were used in hunting small vermin while JRTs hunted foxes. Therefore, they both are matching to breed and create healthy mini Jacks. 

2. Jack Russell and Toy Fox Terrier

Jack Russell and Toy Fox Terrier is a better mix for creating mini JRTs, and they are matched and related. The Fox Terrier breed refers to the Terriers used for fox hunting.

JRTs are also fox hunters, and therefore these two dog breeds are nicely collaborated to create a mini Jack Russell.

3. Jack Russell and Toy Chihuahua

The mix of these two breeds is very popular, and most of the time, you may meet the tagged mini Jack Russells with the cross-breeding of these two dog types.

They also match your need for healthy miniatures. 

4. Jack Russell and Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a dog breed that originated in China, and they stand for the high class and royalty there.

They are a long-haired breed, and cross-breeding with JRT may create a cute miniature as the outcome.

How to take care of your Miniature Jack Russell Terrier?

When adopting a miniature Jack Russell Terrier, you have to identify their nature well and follow the necessary steps to take care of them.

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, and you need to spend your time on it with a contribution.

Here are some tips you can follow in caring for your miniature JRT. 

1. Brush the coat weekly

If your mini Jack inherits JRT’s coat type, then you have to brush it once a week. Most of the time, this hybrid breed is seasonal shedders and low droolers.

These mini Jacks need bathing only when necessary, and brushing is important to keep their coats clean. 

2. Enough Exercise

Similar to JRTs, these mini Jack Russells also are a dog breed full of energy. Therefore, they need enough exercise and activities to release their energy.

They are active, energetic, and playful dogs that need much space to interact. They need at least 60 minutes of physical exercise per day, and if not, they get stressed with no space to release their excess amount of energy. 

3. Initial training

When adopting a dog, training is a necessity, and you have to make the dog obedient to it. This factor is applicable in the case of mini JRTs as well.

Even though they are believed to be not much aggressive like the standard JRT breed, with the parental inheritance, aggressiveness is there with them.

You have to train them to adapt to the family and new environment. 

3. Make time for them

Your miniature Jack may love you so much as they are loving and affectionate dogs. Therefore, they need your time, attention, and love as well.

Even with your tight schedules, try to keep space and make time for your dog. Spend time with them, and they love playing a lot outdoors. 

4. Consider about health more

When it comes to health conditions, since mini Jack Russells are a hybrid breed with a mix of two dog breeds, you have to consider their health more than other dogs.

Some dog breeders are just concerned about money and cross-breed dog types that are neither related nor matching. It may cause severe health matters with puppies, and they may be weak and need more treatments.

Therefore, when adopting a mini JRT, remember to search for their parental breeds and find out whether the puppy you adopt is healthy or not.

After adopting a miniature, you have to follow necessary medical treatments and get the assistance of a veterinarian. 

Conclusion – Highlights of Mini Jack Russell

Suppose you are an owner of a miniature Jack Russell Terrier or a dog lover interested in adopting a mini Jack Russell. In that case, I guess this article provided you with much information that you need to know about them.

Now you are knowledgeable about their origin, appearance, and characteristics and their mixed breeds. You have the idea of which parental breeds are good for better miniature JRTs. You can consider that fact when choosing a mini-Jack to adopt.

Then, finally, you have identified some tips you should follow in taking care of your mini Jack Russell, and you can try them out with your pet. As I already mentioned, you have to be cautious about adopting a mini JRT. At the same time, there are some unsuitably mixed breeds and weak mini Jacks.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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