Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? Is it safe? Answers

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? Is It Safe? – The Truth

The dog is the most raised pet animal in the world. Many people love them with their friendliness, playfulness, loyalty, etc. So, they do not like to see any pain in their pet.

Feeding should be much considered here because food can provide energy. But if that food is not ideal for the pet, it can result in worse problems. Black pepper is a commonly used spice by people all over the world to flavor food.

But when it comes to dog feeding, you should be concerned about many things as they can’t eat all the things that people eat. Therefore, this article is all about; can dogs eat black pepper? 

So, can dogs eat black pepper? We can’t say that they can’t eat them. But they will refuse the food with its smell and the flavor. Dogs can eat a small amount of black pepper. There will be some health issues with your pet by eating too much of this seasoning, like; sneezing uncontrollably, upsetting the stomach, etc. But, if your dog eats them, do not bother. Anyway, it is better to be alert to it because it can show diarrhea, vomiting, etc. And also, you can use alternative spices like; parsley, rosemary, oregano, etc. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered, is it safe to provide black pepper for your dog, why dogs do not like them, what can you do if the pet eats too much black pepper and what are the alternative spices you can provide for the dog. 

Let’s get started.

Is it safe to provide black pepper for your dog?    

Black pepper is a seasoning used all over the world to give a spicy flavor to the food. People like to eat it, but can dogs eat black pepper? Is it safe for them? 

Black pepper hasn’t identical health benefits for dogs. It can only irritate the dog’s nose. Also, they do not like its smell and the flavor. And there will be no health issues when it takes them in small amounts. If you want, you can add only 2-3 teaspoons of them.

But, when the amount exceeds, it can create many health problems, and it starts from sneezing uncontrollably. So, let’s see what health issues occur if it takes black pepper.

1. Stomach gets irritated

When the dogs eat black pepper, it will feel like burning inside, which is unpleasant for the pet.

It can even bother the lining of its intestine and the stomach. As this brings spicy flavor to the food, adding them to the dog’s food is not essential. 

2. Vomiting and diarrhea

When the stomach gets upset, the dog will most probably be sick with diarrhea and vomiting. So, it will become dehydrated.

Therefore, make sure to give them more water if it shows those symptoms. And, if it gets worse, visit the vet soon. 

3. Causing respiratory problems

Black pepper is spicy, and when it is inhaled, the dogs can cause breathing problems.

You may recognize that the dog will sneeze as soon as it reaches the smell of black pepper, and it will be a very unpleasant feeling for them. 

4. Haemorrhoids

As the dogs’ bodies do not favor spice, they will be likely to catch haemorrhoids when it gets this seasoning. It will be very discomforting for your pet.

You can recognize that it is suffering from this through itching more, blood on carpets and their stools, etc. So, if your dog suffers from haemorrhoids, you may soon consult the vet. 

Therefore, although there are a few issues in providing them with a small amount, you should make sure not to provide them in excess amounts. 

Why do dogs not like black pepper? 

You should consider the nutritional needs and think about the favors of the pet when feeding it; if not, the dog will refuse the food, causing many health issues.

So, when thinking about spices, can dogs eat black pepper, it should be considered because they hate it for many reasons. Here, let’s consider those reasons for their dislike.

There is a very sensitive nose for the dogs. So, they hate the smell of black pepper, which is irritating for their noses, and when inhaled, it can even cause breathing problems.

Have you noticed that some dog owners use this as an effective tool to train them not to chew? So, it is best to use it as an anti-chewable tool. You can create a mixture with water and black pepper powder and spray it in areas that you want to stop your pet’s reach.

On the other hand, the spicy flavor of it is also not favorable for them.

It is surprising to hear that the dogs refuse one of the human foods, but yes: they do not like black pepper much. If you add more of it for the dog food, for sure, the pet will ignore it. You may notice how it ignores even meat covered in this spice. 

The major reason to refuse this seasoning by the dog is that it gives a burning sensation to their stomach and their heart. So, once they meet with this, of course, they refuse the next time. 

What can you do if the pet eats too much black pepper?

The major problem among the dog owners who are feeding the dog with the same food they prepare for them is that; dogs can eat black pepper because it is one of the prominent seasonings used by many people.

Now, you know that a small amount of black pepper does not create problems for your pet, but it will be a problem when it takes them in large amounts. So, what can you do if that happens? Let’s see what to do there with more details.

Generally, dogs do not eat excessive amounts of black pepper when they feel the smell and its favor, but they will likely eat them more if it falls on the floor. So, if they did such a thing, make sure to be alert and careful with the pet. 

There will be many health issues in front of a large amount of black pepper-like, respiratory problems, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, the best thing to do here is to consult the vet if the dog shows the above symptoms.

And also, tell them everything related to the health condition of the dog. It will be helpful to give the necessary advice to the vet. 

And also, there are a few remedies that you can try at home for this. Accordingly, you can provide them with ice cubes instead of water to keep them dehydrated because; it will be worse when they drink more water with an upset stomach.

And, plain, canned pumpkin is another thing that you can try to recover from their upset stomach. There will be a favorable taste for the dog, and at the same time, it will absorb slowly. 

Anyway, this is not a commonly seen situation among the dogs as they do not eat black pepper anymore.

And, most importantly, you may get clear advice from the vet before providing the pet with a species if you are not sure about it. 

What are the alternative spices that you can provide for the dog?

Can dogs eat black pepper? Yes, they can; but they hate it, and when it takes in large amounts, there will be worse results. Then, what spices can they give? These are the two major problems of dog owners when they think about the feeding styles of their dogs.

So don’t worry; I will help you. Let’s see; what are the alternative spices that you can give for the pet dog instead of black pepper.

1. Parsley

This is a nice herb that you can provide for the dog. It includes healthy antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It will be helpful to reduce the respiratory issues of the dog, especially; this can reduce bad breathing.

Further, it helps for the improvement of the functions of the organs, flushing toxins from the body, etc. 

2. Rosemary

This includes a large number of nutrients favorable for your pet dog. But make sure to provide them with small amounts because it will be harmful to give them in large contents.

3. Oregano

Oregano is a delicious herb. Therefore, dogs love to eat it. And also, it is helpful for the digestion of the dog.

Further, there are some other safe spices for the dogs like;

4. Basil

There are lots of antioxidants with antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

It is helpful to reduce the pain due to arthritis, stimulates the mood, and gives remedies for anxiety and stress.

5. Cinnamon

There are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in cinnamon. It is good for counteracting the effects of diabetes.

It also decreases the aflatoxins found in store-bought food. Not only that, cinnamon improves the bad breath. So, it is one of the best spices. 

6. Ginger

There are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in ginger. Therefore it boosts the digestive system and soothes nausea.

Also, it improves circulation. But make sure to use dried or ground ginger as the fresh ginger can be strong.  

7. Turmeric

This is best to boost the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. It comes from a root and gives benefits for cardiovascular, brain, and joint health.

It also helps to release the pain of arthritis for a little amount, protects against anemia and cancer. 

Conclusion – Can dogs eat black pepper? and is it safe?

We have discussed; dogs can eat black pepper with more details in this article. I think it will work out for all the dog owners as I have covered some important areas related to dog feeding like; is it safe to provide black pepper for your dog, why do dogs do not like them, what can you do if the pet eats too much of black pepper, what are the alternative spices that you can provide for the dog.

The closest friend of people is the dog. They are not only a pet for them but also a good guardian. Therefore, they love and protect their pet dogs much. Feeding should be the prominent case here because they have to be concerned about many issues regarding dog feeding.

So, can dogs eat black pepper as a spice just like people? No, they can’t eat like people because they do not like its flavor and the smell. And also, if they take them in a large amount, health problems like; respiratory difficulties, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., will occur.

So, be careful about the pet if it eats too much of the black pepper, and if things get worse, you have to consult the vet quickly. And also, you can try alternative spices like; oregano, parsley, and rosemary here. Then you can feed the dog without any problem.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it answered your burning questions about your dog. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


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