What Is A Male Dog Called? Stud, Sire Or Dog

What Is A Male Dog Called? Stud, Sire Or Dog

Which animal is considered the closest friend of humans? No doubt, it’s the dog. This furry four-legged creature has a long history as the pet of human beings. It dates back to early historical eras, where they play a supportive role in hunting.

Today dogs have become a significant part of most people’s households and families while they occupy an important role as a family member.

The word ‘Dog’ is commonly used to indicate this type of animal without concerning whether they are male or female. So, the matter arises that ‘what is a male dog called.’ 

When it comes to the search for an answer for the matter, what is a male dog called; the answer is we call them ‘dogs.’ However, it is a contradictory matter while there is a gender-based identification and breeding concerns dogs. Most people have no idea of the separate words that are used to call male dogs. The term ‘Stud’ is used to indicate the male dogs that are appropriate for breeding while for the dogs that have been fathered to a litter is called ‘Sire.’ In addition to these basic words, there are more other words that are used to call male dogs.

By reading this article, you may understand answers for the matter of ‘what is a male dog called’ and whether the term dog is a gendered or gender-neutral term. Then let’s identify the technical terms used for male dogs including stud, and sire.

Finally, I’ll consider the nicknames and other alternate terms used for male dogs. Then I’ll provide you with some commonly used male dog names, and you can get an idea from them to name your male dog.

So, if you are an owner of a male dog or a dog lover, then this article may find you.

What is a male dog called?

Since dogs are the most famous pets of humans, we have a close relationship with them. As a dog owner of two male and female dogs, I also face the question, what is a male dog called. With no separate distinction, we always use the term dog for both male and female dogs.

But mostly, the male dog is called the dog. The word ‘dog’ was derived from the old English term; ‘docga’ while no one knows its origin from which language.

During the 14th century, dogs were called ‘hounds’, and the term docga became popular in the 16th century. 

However, this term, dog that is used to call male dogs, changed with their breeding purposes. There are significant terms to call male dogs according to those instances.

The term Stud is used to call a male dog that is used for breeding, while if a male dog has fathered any offspring, he is identified as a ‘Sire’.

In addition, even though female dogs too were called dogs, they have gender-based terms.

Although there are several different terms to call male dogs, the most common consideration here is that a male dog is commonly identified as a dog. You can stick to it with no issue.  

Dog: a gendered term?

When concerning the question, what is a male dog called, we have already identified that they were commonly known as dogs.

However, the gender distinction arises, and whether the term dog is gendered or gender-neutral should be identified.

In the animal kingdom, there are several species with separate male and female names. Cattle have two terms of bull and cow to distinguish male and female, while chickens have rooster and hen.

In addition, the gender distinction of the lion is separated as lion and lioness while deer is buck and doe. 

Similar to that, there are gender distinguish terms for both male and female dogs. The term dog is used to identify male dogs that are not used for breeding purposes.

At the same time, there are more specific terms, such as Stud, Sire, Jerry, etc., to introduce male dogs with different breeding purposes.

When it comes to female dogs, they are known as Bitches, but the term is an insulting phrase for women, and therefore it is not that much used by many people.

Some animals don’t have such gendered terms to distinguish male and female.

Cats are called cats, whether they are male or female. The term dog is also used similarly with gender neutrality since people do not have much awareness about the different terms used to call different types and genders of dogs.

As a dog owner, I also use the word dog to call both of my male and female dogs.

What are the technical terms used for male dogs?

Even though the dog has been the best friend of man for centuries, we don’t know the terms used to identify dogs in different purposes or distinctions.

We all have practiced the same manner of calling them commonly dogs. The term bitch for female dogs also went to decay with the usage of insulting purposes.

Therefore, all the dogs, whether they are male or female or breeders or not, were called dogs in a neutral way.

I also followed the same yet and got to know about these terms recently and therefore thought to share them with you.

Have you ever noticed that there are several technical terms to call several breeders? So, what is a male dog called? 

1. Stud

Stud is a technical term used for male dogs that are appropriate for breeding. They are adult male dogs that are not fathered to a litter yet but have their ability.

The female term of the stud is bitch, and even though we think twice to call it, dog breeders usually use it. The term derived from the word ‘Studu’ in old English depicts prop upright or male genitalia.

Due to their ability to get erections and reproduce, they are called studs. Moreover, the term stud is used for male horses that are appropriate for breeding and the men that are popular among women.

Although this term is not used in general society well, you need to understand it to deal with breeders and choose the best dogs when you are adopting.

2. Sire

Sire is the term used to indicate father dogs. It identifies the male dogs that were fathered a litter, and instead of saying the litter’s father dog, the term is used there as the litter’s sire.

It is similar to the word stud. The only difference there was that a stud becomes a sire after breeding and fathering litter.

The term’s history goes back to early England that the knights and peasants used to refer to their almighty King as a sire, which meant he was their father.

The female dogs that have mothered litter are known as the dam, or dame, and used the same with the word sire. 

3. Jerry

Jerry is another term used by breeders and pet owners to indicate male dogs that are neutered or castrated.

Most people did not recognize it as a technical term for male dogs, while some consider it an entirely made-up term and do not use it. 

4. Cur

Cur is another term that was used historically in the eleventh century, and now it depicts a negative connotation.

The term Cur was used to depict a male dog that is a mixed or unidentified breed. It is further used for ugly or aggressive dogs, and then with time, it becomes an insult, and now it is not used. 

Nicknames and alternate terms for male dogs

If you are a dog owner, what is a male dog called? What kinds of nicknames and terms you can use to call your male dog. Since there is no rule to formulate such names, you can prefer anything.

They can be originated as a result of their appearance, qualities, or your love for them. Some people call their male dog Good Boy, Little Boy, Big Boy, or My Boy. This phrase of Boy can be witnessed mostly as a nickname to call male dogs.

In addition, fatty, mate, buddy, pal are used when owners consider their dog as a close friend. Boy and buddy are some most common terms that I used to call my male dog.

In addition, there are some alternative terms such as doggie, doggo, or pooch to call male dogs, and most people love to use these words since they are more cute and loving than calling their dog ‘dog.’ 

On the other hand, several different terms were used to call the male dog in several countries.

The term ‘rude’ is used in the United Kingdom to refer to male dogs, while rural areas of Australia use the term ‘mongrel’ to depict male dogs.

Some call the male dog in Australia ‘bastard,’ and most believe it as abusive slang that is not appropriate. 

Frequently used names for male dogs

Most of the time, in addition to the above terms, we name a dog at the very first period when we adopt him and then call him with his name. The name of my male dog is Shaggy.

What about yours? Here are some common male dog name ideas that you can use to find an appropriate name for your male dog. 

  • Max
  • Shadow
  • Rex
  • Charlie
  • Lucky
  • Simba
  • Snowy
  • Jack
  • Cooper
  • Jake
  • Sammy
  • Bruno
  • Rocky
  • Henry
  • Walter
  • White
  • Billy
  • Leo
  • Apollo


Now you are well aware of what a male dog is called, and I guess you have got enough knowledge on the concern. Now you know the gender distinction of the term, dog and you know the technical terms used to call dogs.

And also, you have identified nicknames, alternate terms, and male dog names. So, be aware of those terms, and it will be better to have proper identification on such terms when adopting a male dog.

Even though those terms are not that much used, knowing them is better. However, you can simply call male dogs ‘dogs.’

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it answered your burning questions about your dog. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


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