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Do Dogs Like Snow? Why Are They So Happy With Snow?

Any dog would like to stroll, play outside, and entertain itself. Take your dog out while it’s snowing and see how the dog reacts. You will probably see your pet dog playing like a small toddler around the snow. What makes dogs like snow so much? Don’t they find the cold temperature bothering or uncomfortable? In this article, we will look into the reasons why dogs like snow.

So, do dogs like snow? Most of the time, dogs absolutely like snow. But why do they love snow? Several reasons spark dogs’ interest in snow. Dogs are adventurous animals. They are curious to explore new experiences, and snowing is one such experience. The cold weather, the icy texture of the snow, and the fresh smell will excite your dog because this is not something it gets to experience every day. Moreover, dogs are playful animals, so they will find it fascinating to play in the snow while digging and having fun.

Canines have the instinct to explore new things. As humans, we would like to face adventurous and new experiences instead of experiencing the same scenarios every single day, the same with dogs.

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Your dog will certainly show interest in trying out new things. You also should know that not all dogs have the same personalities.

Therefore while some dogs may show interest in getting exposed to new experiences, others might show little interest. Either way, snow can make dogs extremely happy most of the time.

Do dogs like snow? Why?

If you own a pet dog and have taken them out while snowing, I bet you’ve seen how excited the dog gets. Let’s try to understand this in the most pragmatic way.

Snowing is an occasional incident; it only happens in a specific period. Snowy and chilly weather could refresh your soul and make you happy; especially this will be a big deal for children.

This is why they prefer to get out of the house, build snowmen, throw snowballs, and play in the snow. Like how children get excited by snowing, dogs could also get excited.

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Snowing is not something your pet dog gets to experience every other day. So when they had the opportunity to get out of the house while snowing, they became explorers.

It is intriguing how dogs are curious to explore the environmental and climate changes that happen around them. As we know, when it snows, there are significant changes occur.

For instance, the temperatures decrease, the air smells different, and all these changes make dogs more and more curious. 

Dogs find snow fascinating for many reasons. Although snowing seems fun and exciting, humans find it difficult to bear the low temperature. However, compared to humans, dogs naturally have the ability to cope with shallow temperatures.

Dogs indeed find it comfortable to stay outdoors in chilly weather rather than overheat because their bodies maintain the temperature, and they get more energy to play around.

So it is rare that a dog will hesitate to run around and have fun in the snow. 

Why are dogs so happy in the snow?

You might not be correct if you are concerned that the cold weather will bother your pet dog, and they will not like to go out when it snows. Dogs find the cold weather soothing and will barely miss a chance to get out into the snow and play.

As mentioned, dogs are adventurous animals, but they are also somewhat mischievous. You might have seen your dog try to dig the ground and have fun when you let them go outside.

So when they get to be in the snow, they find it more fascinating because it is not the usual environment in which they play. Most importantly, it allows them to explore the new environment and enjoy themselves.

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Furthermore, dogs generally find chilly temperatures more comfortable than warm temperatures. If the dog plays outdoors on a warm sunny day, the heat will make them tired quickly, so the dog could quickly get exhausted.

However, when the temperature is low, they do not get fed up fast, and their bodies don’t get overheated, so playing in the snow makes dogs happier.

So overall, the newness, fun, and comfort are the main reasons dogs are so excited to be in the snow. 

Is it okay for dogs to be in the snow?

Most of us love being outside while snowing, but what would happen if we spend too much time directly exposed to the cold temperature? There is a certain amount that humans can hold shallow temperatures, the same with dogs.

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Usually, it is okay for a dog to be in the snow. In fact, they can naturally bear cold temperatures without any harm or discomfort.

Therefore letting your dog play for a few minutes in the snow will not cause any damage. Although letting your dog be in the snow is okay, you should also be aware of the limitations.

Dogs can hold the low temperature of snow, but if the temperature is way too cold, it will not suit your dog. 

Canines have unique physiques that naturally help them to deal with different weather conditions. For instance, the dogs’ fur and paws allow them to bear the cold without discomfort during cold seasons.

However, do not forget that there are certain limits that a dog’s body can hold under extreme weather conditions. So when you let your dog be in the snow, you must be mindful of the temperature and how long your pet will stay outside. 

You can always pursue safety mechanisms to ensure that your dog enjoys the snow without facing any troubles. To elaborate, prepare the dog for the cold weather before taking it outside when it’s snowing.

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There are coats and boots made for dogs which help to minimize the damage that could happen to fur and paws if the temperature is too low and will maintain the warmth in the body.

So if the temperature is too low, make sure to use dog boots and coats on your dog. Moreover, depending on the size and physique of your dog determine how long you will keep them outside.

If the dog is smaller in size, it is better not to keep them longer than 15 minutes; on the other hand, if you have a large dog, it can stay up to 30 minutes maximum.

You have to be aware of the outside temperature as well. In general, dogs can tolerate temperatures till 40 Fahrenheit.

When the temperature drops below 20 Fahrenheit, dogs will find it too cold, and it will be hard for them to bear. You also have to pay attention to your dog’s age and health when letting them enter the snow.

Because compared to young, healthy dogs, older and sick ones will find it difficult to cope with the shallow temperature. 

What breeds of dogs love snow?

Generally, dogs are fans of snow. Still, depending on the breed, some dogs will immensely love snow, whereas others don’t. In this section, we will be looking into dogs that love snow the most. 

  • Siberian Husky 

Siberian Huskies have their earliest roots coming from Northern Siberia, where tribespeople used these dogs for guarding and hunting purposes and carry sleds.

Huskies were eventually imported to other regions; nowadays, they are famous worldwide. Nonetheless, their bodies are made in a way that they can handle cold weather.

According to how their bodies are formed, Huskies can withstand low temperatures better than several other breeds without discomfort. Huskies typically find it more comforting and soothing to live in the cold rather than in warm weather. 

  • Newfoundland 

Newfoundland is another breed that loves snow. Newfoundlands descend from Canada, yet another country well known for cold weather.

Newfoundland is a large dog with a long thick coat, which ideally helps them deal with the shallow temperature.

If you own a Newfoundland, the dog will undoubtedly enjoy the cold season the most. Moreover, they will energetically engage in winter activities amidst the cold. 

  • Alaskan Malamute 

Alaskan Malamutes do not get bothered by cold weather or snow; instead, they will love it. This breed came from the North American Alaskan region, and they were initially sled dogs.

Like the previously mentioned breeds, Alaskan Malamutes also adore cold weather; snow isn’t unfamiliar to them. Thick coats and muscular bodies help them to stay active and enjoy the cold weather. 

Final thoughts 

Dogs are explorers; instead of staying inside the house, dogs would love to go out and experience new ventures. Their curiosity is one of the key reasons that make them love snow.

Despite the shallow temperatures, dogs often find it fun and exciting to be in the snow. So if you take your pet dog out when it’s snowing, you will surely see how much they would enjoy it.

However, as pointed out, it is also important to be aware of safety precautions so the dog can enjoy the snow without facing any problems. Stay with us for more interesting posts like this.


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