Can Jack Russells Kill Rats Or Mice?

Can Jack Russells Kill Rats Or Mice?  

If you own a Jack Russell Terrier or are thinking about getting one, you may be wondering if the legends about Jack Russell Terriers being professionals at killing mice and rats are real.

So, can Jack Russells kill rats? Yes, of course. Jack Russell Terriers have a predatory history of hunting down foxes and rabbits. Still, they carry some ancestral hunting instincts with undivided alert and courage. It makes them good rat and mice killers.

Well, I’ve been parenting a Jack Russell Terrier for the past five years, and here’s what I’ve learned.

In this article, first, you will learn about can Jack Russells kill rats or mice? Secondly, would a Jack Russell kill a rat? Then do Jack Russells go after rats? And finally, you will learn about what animals can Jack Russells kill?

Sounds interesting, right? Here we go!

Can Jack Russells kill rats or mice?

Yes, do you know that Jack Russell Terriers have the capability of killing and hunting mice and rats? JRT was developed for hunting and had a high prey drive.

When you take your Jack Russell outside, it will be attentive and eager to seek and kill a rat if the opportunity arises. 

I didn’t observe any mice or rats dying in my yard for the first several months after getting my female Jack Russell Terrier, and I honestly didn’t think I would.

For the time being, it had faded from my consciousness. Then, as she approached her 10-month birthday, everything changed.

When I went out back, I noticed she had neatly arranged two mice on our backside of the home, which she had managed to trap and kill.

This piqued my interest, and I began to grasp precisely how much this canine breed is on the clock and attempting to hunt even if they’re only outback for a few minutes.

Would a Jack Russell kill a rat?

Hunting is an instinct for your Jack Russell. I haven’t taught my Jack Russell to kill mice or rats in any way. My Jack Russell takes care of her business and then sits patiently, observing and listening to what’s going on around her.

She is ready and waiting for anything, whether it’s leaves blowing or a squirrel making noises in a tree. She also frequently darts at full speed after something I can’t see.

Because I live in a city, I’m presuming it’s a rabbit, mouse, or squirrel. Still, her ability to sight, smell, chase, and execute the kill is incredible to witness.

It is preferable to become accustomed to it rather than oppose it. I live in the city, but I still get to witness my Jack Russell hunt, and I’ve seen her bring her collection of dead mice into the house and line them up neatly like baseball cards.

While it’s a little unpleasant, I think I’m glad they can’t come into my house, so my Jack Russell did a good job.

Do Jack Russells go after rats?

The JRT is one of the most popular ratters. It is descended from a fox-hunting breed, and one of its natural tendencies is to catch small creatures such as rats and mice. It has a short, silky coat that is primarily white.

Jack Russell Terriers are a breed of intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and lively dogs, yet aggressive sometimes. They get along well with youngsters as long as they are not teased or hit.

Now that you know that Jack Russell goes after rats and hunting them is a real thing and a biological activity of the Jack Russell Terrier, I’d like to go over a few things and measures you should do to guarantee your Jack Russell’s health and safety.

In case you didn’t know, mice and rats are carriers of rabies, and sure, a rat or mouse biting your Jack Russell during the killing or hunting period can induce rabies.

It’s also worth noting that a bite from a mouse or rat isn’t always noticeable, making this advice much more crucial to remember. The first step is to place the mouse or rat in a secure travel bag and take it to your local veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will be able to test the mouse or rat for rabies due to this. Another suggestion is to assist your Jack Russell in dealing with mice and rats if they are a problem on your premises.

Risks of your JRT hunting rats

Yes, I realize that certain Jack Russells are exceptionally trained for ratting or mousing, their primary duty and function.

However, there are a few risks associated with their killing of mice and rats regularly. I propose utilizing practical techniques to control mice and rats, such as traps or mouse exterminators.

Also, do not leave food or other attractants in an area where your Jack Russell is likely to go outside regularly. Don’t think your Jack Russell is your new mouse and rat killer; instead, assist them in reducing specific threats.

Another reason to attempt to control some of your Jack Russell Terrier’s hunting tendencies is his propensity to dig in the yard when he detects a smell.

Not only that, but once they are concentrated on hunting prey, Jack Russells have a hard time breaking the line of thinking. This frequently leads to their leaving or escaping the yard and going away.

These terriers may do amazing stunts if adequately taught. Because Jack Russell Terriers are such high-energy dogs, they require regular walks.

When determining whether to adopt or not to adopt this dog breed for you, keep these pros and cons in mind.

What Animals Can Jack Russells kill?

Due to their strong natural hunting instincts, Jack Russells have hurt or killed other small pets such as rabbits, rats, gerbils, cats, birds, mice, snakes and other small animals.

For many years, these instincts have been bred into the Jack Russell Terrier, which is why they make such excellent field dogs.

Whether it’s a mouse, rat, squirrel, or rabbit, your Jack Russell being in this zone and hunting attitude all of the time might bring you extra problems unless you’ve previously given your dog a lot of training and discipline.

It is sometimes even advised to neuter your female Jack Russell to help lessen this urge. And, of course, male Jack Russells should be fixed.

Final thoughts of Jack Russell’s rat killing skills

Yes, JRT has the capability of killing and hunting mice and rats. And, of course, Jack Russell Terriers were developed for hunting and had a high prey drive.

When you take your Jack Russell outside, he will be attentive and eager to seek and kill a rat if the opportunity arises.

I hope you learned more while enjoying this article ‘Can Jack Russells kill rats or mice?’ 

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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