Jack Russell Walking Guide: How Far, How long, How Much Time

Jack Russell Walking Guide: How Far, How long, How Much Time

Jack Russell Terriers are a small hunting dog breed that originated in England. Since JRTs are energetic dogs and they need proper training for adaptation as well, taking your JRT for walks and exercise is necessary. Many JRT owners have matters regarding Jack Russell walking and how far, how long, and how much time they can walk.

Walking is heavily affecting the health of your JRT, and therefore Jack Russell Terrier’s walking guide is exactly beneficial for all JRT owners.

When adopting a Jack Russell, you must have a better knowledge about their health, fitness, physical features, as well as the rate of exercise they need.

Walking is the easiest and most suitable way to provide necessary exercise for your JRT. For that, you need to understand the capacity of Jack Russell walking with the distance and time you should take a walk. It depends on the age and physical status of your JRT.

It starts with ¼ miles to 5miles with a duration from 15minutes to 1 hour. Identify the appropriate distance and duration of walking according to the age and physical condition of your dog.

From this article, you may be able to identify the distance and time duration of walking that your Jack Russell needs. Then I’ll provide you some tips for Jack Russell walking and the benefits of it.

So, if you are a JRT owner, it will be beneficial for you to have walking guidance for your JRT, and this article will be supportive for you.

Let’s get started!

How far can a Jack Russell Terrier walk daily?

Jack Russell is a small, energetic domestic pet that needs proper training to behave well. They are a hunting dog breed that is full of energy. JRTs are intelligent and athletic dogs that love outdoor activities so much.

Daily walking is essential for the fitness of JRTs, and it is one of the best ways to get exercise to their bodies. Morning walking is better in this case since it will provide a fresh exercise for your JRT as well as you too.

It will support refreshing your dog’s body with the burning and releasing of energy. Energy releasing is important for JRTs since they are active dog breeds with lots of energy centered in their bodies. So taking your JRT for walking is good for their health and fitness.

When considering Jack Russell walking, how far they can walk or the distance your dog should walk is different from their ages and level of fitness. Most importantly, you should consider their age when taking Jack Russell for walking.

If you have a puppy JRT of 3-4 months age, then you can walk your JRT for a quarter of a mile per day. It should increase to half a mile when they turn 5 months old. Then you can take your JRT ¾ of a mile per day when they are at 6-7 months.

When it turns into 8-9 months, you should walk it for 1 mile per day, and it must increase to 2 miles after your JRT turns into 10-11 months. You need to take your JRT for a 3 miles walk when it is 12 months old, and it may increase to 5 miles at 1-8 years old.

Then when your JRT is above 8 years, you should limit its walk to 2 miles per day depending on their health conditions. As a JRT owner, I take my 2 years old JRT, Shaggy, for at least a 4-mile walk per day. 

How much time can you walk a JRT daily?

Jack Russell’s walking time is another major concern of JRT owners when observing walking guides. You need to have a proper idea of how much time you need to walk your JRT.

Similar to the distance, the amount of time of walking too depends on the age and physical fitness of your JRT.

If your JRT is a 3-month-old puppy, then you have to make them walk for 15 minutes twice a day. If it is 4 to 6 months old, the walking time length should be 20-30 minutes twice a day. Then you have to take your 7-9 months old JRT to a 35-45 minutes’ walk twice per day.

10-12 months old JRTs need a walk of 50-60 minutes twice a day. Then 1-8 years old JRTs should have a 1-hour walk twice a day, and then if the JRT is above 8 years, you can split the 1-hour walk into 2 or 3 sessions.

When it comes to general concern, an adult JRT with good physical status may need at least 1-hour walk per day, and if not, they’ll get stressed without having a chance to release energy.

And when taking senior JRTs for walking, they are concerned about their health conditions and don’t take much time to walk. Allow them to rest and use session-type walking.

Tips for walking with Jack Russell Terrier

As we all know, Jack Russell is an energetic and bit aggressive dog. They exactly need good training to control and behave as affectionate domestic pets. Walking is a part of their training, while it is most important for JRTs to release their excess energy.

JRTs are full of energy, and therefore they need physical exercises and activities to burn that energy. If not, they get stressed. Therefore, here are some tips you have to consider in Jack Russell walking.

1. Check the health conditions of your JRT

Before starting a walking procedure for your JRT, you have to make sure about the health conditions of your dog. Therefore, take the assistance of your veterinarian and find out the suitability of taking your JRT for tiring walks.

If they have bad fitness levels then excess walking may not be good for them. So, follow the guidance of the vet regarding the health of your dog. 

2. Start short

Don’t start with long walks first. It will be too hard for your JRT to adapt and endure. So, start with short walks, and you can gradually increase the distance and time duration of walking gradually.

In the beginning, your dog may get tired easily, and it may catch boredom as well. Therefore, training it for walking should be conducted as a gradual procedure.

3. Consider weather conditions

You should consider the weather conditions when planning Jack Russell walking. Don’t take your JRT to walk during the coldest or warmest weather conditions. It may be difficult for them and not good for their health as well.

It may be difficult for them to endure heat or cold, and their feats may get burned with extreme heat and freeze with extreme cold.

4. Take breaks

JRTs have small and short legs, and therefore walking continuously may be hard for them. So, allow sniff breaks for your dog and let it rest a bit.

If not, walking will be a tiring and boring activity for them.

5. Use a leash

If you are not very sure about the good behavior of your JRT, then try to use a leash for your Jack Russell.

Sometimes you may face several matters such as interruptions to strangers, aggressive behavior, trying to flee away, and prefer running than walking if you are not using a leash for your dog while walking. So it is better to use a leash for your JRT. 

6. Let it enjoy

Walking is not only an exercise, but it is a way of socializing your JRT as well as a means of enjoying the surroundings and the environment. Therefore, while walking, let your dog get familiar with new friends such as other pet dogs of the neighborhood.

In addition, allow it to observe surroundings and enjoy the environment it passes. Don’t take him forcefully, but give him a chance to stay and enjoy.

Benefits of Jack Russell walking 

Walking is essential for a Jack Russell, and it is one of the convenient ways of providing them exercise. As a JRT owner, I followed the procedure of regular walking for my JRT, Shaggy, and acquired several benefits from it.

So here are some benefits you may be able to achieve from Jack Russell walking.

1. Good for Health

Walking is a good exercise, and it is beneficial for the physical fitness of your JRT. Your dog may get a large portion of their necessary exercise amount, and it supports them to get rid of illnesses and maintain good health. 

2. An easier way to training

JRTs need compulsory training to adapt as loving domestic pets. As owners, you have to provide the proper training from the very first day of adoption.

So walking will be an easier and convenient way of training your JRT while teaching it to obey your commands. 

3. Release energy and stress

Jack Russell is an energetic dog full of energy, and they need space to release energy. If they don’t obtain a chance to release energy, then they may get stressed and nervous.

Walking is a better way for JRTs to release their excess energy by tying their bodies. 

4. To socialize

Walking is beneficial as a means of socializing for JRTs. Through walking, JRTs may get to know strangers, and you can introduce your neighbors and friends to your dog. In addition, JRTs can make friends while walking with the other pets of your neighbors.

Moreover, JRTs may get to know the environment, the nature of the society, and they become socialized and familiar with their surroundings.

5. Better sleep

It has proven that walking increases the quality and amount of sleep of your dog. Sleep is necessary for the physical and mental health of dogs, and it creates their mind more peaceful and happy.

Since walking makes JRT tired, you may observe him sleeping after walking, and it is beneficial for them.


Now, you have a clear idea of how far you should take your Jack Russell for walking and how much time it should take. And also, now you know the tips that you should consider in taking your Jack Russell for walking and the benefits of Jack Russell walking. So, remember, walking is necessary for the well-being of your Jack Russell, and follow a planned procedure of walking for your Jack Russell.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about our four-legged friends.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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