Do Jack Russells Smell Bad or stinky? Explained With Tips

Do Jack Russells Smell Bad Or Stinky? Explained With Tips 

JRTs essentially brighten up your life. But they can also be a terrible little mess. Some of these things could catch you off guard if you’re not fully prepared. One of such is your Jack Russell’s smell.

So, do Jack Russells smell bad or stinky? Of course, JRTs could be stinky sometimes. It could majorly be due to dirt and bacteria deposited under its fur. Occasionally, these foul smells might also be pointers of health issues. To avoid these complications, we compiled the following reasons and methods you can follow.

As an owner of two Jack Russell Terriers, I hope to share my insights about the reasons for JRT’s bad smell, the ways of reducing foul odors, and some valuable tips to keep your Jack without smelling. Let’s dive right in!

Do Jack Russell Terriers smell bad or stinky? 

Of course, they do. After all, it’s still a dog at the end of the day. But Jack Russells’ habit of playing with mud and dirt won’t help either. 

Don’t let that shiny, thick coat fool you. It can hold all sorts of dirt, from oils to bacteria.

Proper attention and caring go a long way. Still, if you overdo it, you can fire up Jack Russell’s smell too. So balancing is the key hare. 

This post gives you the main factors you need to pressure while taking care of your Russell.

Why do Jack Russells Smell? Reasons for bad smell?

Why do Jack Russells Smell? Reasons for bad smell

There’s more than one reason for the foul odor coming from your pet. As I mentioned above, JRTs habits, your caring pattern, and infections play a big part in this.

You don’t want your cute and adorable dog to change into something smelly and avoidable, now do you? 

So, let’s explore all the channels of reasons that make Jack Russell’s smell.

Bad habits of Jack Russell Terriers

In one perspective, calling it “bad habits” is wrong. Why? Because JRTs are very active dogs. They like to run around exploring their detective abilities.

You will often find your pet covered in mud or playing with carcasses. Eww? I know. 

But don’t blame that. It’s in its nature. But there’s a catch, you know? When Russell’s fur gets covered in mud and dirt, it’s easy for bacteria to build up. 

And we all know that bacteria emit nasty whiffs. People might even think your dog is breaking wind. You know what I mean, right? 

We earlier talked about how JRTs attract finding carcasses. It is a terrible thing, and you must (I Pressure) avoid this from happening at all costs. Not only will it make your baby smell foul, but it can also make it ill. 

Just imagine what will happen if it accidentally swallows it! Believe us; you do not want that to happen.

Several infections cause Jack Russell’s smell 

  • Ear Infections

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your pet’s ears smell from inside? It happens because of two reasons. 

One – moisture. If you forget to clean your puppy’s ears after a bath, it’s most likely to get infected. 

Two – wax build-up and dead skin. Dog’s ears are very complex and can be hard to clean up. So, if there were waxy residue from lack of regular cleaning, those cute little ears would start smelling bad.

  • Yeast infections

If your dog starts to itch, chew at its foot, drool, or build up a rash, you need to pay close attention. Those are common symptoms of yeast infection. But the most noticeable feature will be the odd smell coming from the skin. 

It could also raise questions about its health. Do you know why? 

Because these yeast varieties start over-growing when the dog’s health is deteriorating. Such as Immune System Failure. So, if your dog ever smells like dirty socks, never ignore it! 

  • Anal Gland issues

The best way of recognizing issues in the anal gland is through fishy odors. I know it’s gross, but you better hurry to your veterinarian.

  • Neglecting proper care 

Jack Russells are a delight to have. But at the same time can be a little tricky to take care of. They like running around freely, but most importantly, they love rolling around in the dirt. 

But, did you know that if you go overboard and bathe them too often, it’s most likely to bring problems with its fur? It’s advisable to brush it out on a daily basis and wash them once or twice a month.

How can you get rid of your Jack Russell’s bad smell?

The immediate action you could take is to give your JRT a thorough wash if it smells terrible. Make sure that you’re using a good quality dog Shampoo. It will easily remove all dirt and bacteria which cause the Jack Russells smell. 

But let me be clear on this. You must dry your Russell’s fur completely. Moisture attracts dirt and bacteria. So, after a towel dry, blow dry your JRT using a hairdryer.

But don’t be lazy and put it on high heat. Take your time, set the dryer on low heat, and work removing all the remaining water from the thick fur coat. It will help keep bacteria at bay. 

But if it still didn’t work and the Jack Russells smell is resurfacing, seeking professional advice is the next best option.

Tips to keep your Jack Russell without a bad smell

  • opt for a high nutritional diet

Your pet’s diet decides its health. A high nutritional diet can strengthen the immune system and keep your pet healthy inside out. Having a good meal will ensure minimal Shedding too. 

Your vet is the best person who can provide you with a balanced meal plan; with a proper amount of proteins, fiber, and other vital nutrients, your furball will have a long-lasting healthy life.  

  • Keep your JRT Clean 

I didn’t mean just its body. While daily grooming is necessary, cleaning its bed is essential. And make sure to give a regular cleanse to the terrier’s teeth as well.

  • Having a uniform Checkup can go a long way

A professional can quickly identify any health problems. A regular Checkup makes it easier.

Also, make sure to avoid bathing it unnecessarily often and keep an eye out to prevent your JRT from getting dirty.

It might sound like too much work, but it’s just like taking care of a tiny baby. After all, it is your baby we’re talking about.

So, there you go. We have voiced the best ways to keep your pet clean. If you know any other reasons why Jack Russells smell bad, be sure to comment it down below.

Until next time, folks. Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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