Are Jack Russells Good With Kids? Truth + Tips

Are Jack Russells Good With Kids? Truth + Tips

Hey, dog lovers! How’s life going on with your furry friends? If you are an owner or a potential owner of a Jack Russell Terrier, you might be worried about whether Jack Russells are good with kids or not. It is very important to find answers to that doubt for the sake of your kids. 

So, are Jack Russells good with kids? Yes, Jack Russells are good with kids, and they can be loving and affectionate companions for your kids. However, this will depend upon you. Before getting along with your kid and JRT, you should train your JRT well and make sure it is a very obedient and loyal dog. And then, you should introduce and socialize your JRT with your kids, and keeping your control over everything is very important at the beginning. Do not keep your kid and dog alone together, and just wait until your kid turns into an age of self-defense.

By reading this piece of writing, you may identify whether JRT is good with kids or not. Then let’s understand how to introduce your kids to JRT and can you keep both of them alone together.

After that, you’ll be aware of the negative behavior of your Jack Russell that you should correct. Finally, I’ll provide you with some tips to make your dog good with kids. So, JRT lovers, this is your chance. Keep reading.

Are Jack Russells good with kids?

Jack Russell Terrier is a famous dog breed among many dog lovers. They are small, energetic, loving, and affectionate dogs for your family. As an owner of a JRT for three years, I can share my experience of the matter ‘are Jack Russells good with kids’ since I also have two kids.

Jack Russell is famous as a somewhat aggressive dog due to its hunting roots. They need essential training at the initial stage of adoption. If not, it is a bit difficult to expect an obedient dog for you and your family. 

If you are a JRT lover but have kids, you may doubt whether it is possible to adopt a JRT and how they will act with your kids. As parents, you may have a major concern regarding the sake and protection of your kids than anything else.

Therefore, most parents think twice before adopting a JRT. The answer for this matter of JRTs and kids is yes, JRTs are good with kids, but it depends upon you.

The first thing you need to do is train and socialize your Jack before getting it along with your kids. It is better to adopt puppy JRTs, and introducing them well to your kids during their young ages will make it easy for your dog and kids to raise together and be friends.

Then they may have time to understand each other and play with each other. Raising together will make it easier to identify their nature and needs.

However, as parents, you should be cautious about your kids. Most importantly, remember to train and socialize your JRT while ensuring it is obedient before introducing it to your kids. 

How to introduce kids to your dog?

When it comes to making your JRT along with your kids, introducing kids to your JRT is essential. To make Jack Russells good with kids, first, you need to introduce them to each other and socialize them.

If not, there will be a disastrous situation since JRTs react aggressively to strangers. Here are some steps you can follow to introduce your kids to JRT. 

1. Go for a walk with both

Going for a walk with your dog and kids will be a great idea to introduce them to each other. However, it is good to use the leash and collar for your dog to prevent accidents.

During the walk, they’ll have time to identify each other and understand that both belong to one family and you love them both. They’ll become familiar by walking together.

2. Introduce their names

When introducing your dog and kids to each other, their names take an important place. They need to understand each other separately, and names are important.

Tell your dog’s name to kids and kids’ names to the dog. Indeed, your dog can’t call your kids by their names, but who knows whether they have their special means of communication or not! So, introduce them with names.

3. Let kids treat JRT

Treats are one of the best ways to be friendly with dogs.

Every dog loves treats, and therefore allow your kids to give treats to your JRT with their hands, and it will let the dog be friendly with your kids. Some good treats are meat, cookies, and sweets. 

3. Play

Jack Russell Terriers are very active, energetic, and playful dogs, and they love outdoor activities so much.

Therefore, playing games will make them happy and more enthusiastic. You can play together with the dog and kids and let them make them closer. 

4. Keep the distance 

When introducing your dog and kids, the most important thing you need to do is keep your distance.

Since they are not familiar yet and JRTs are aggressive towards strangers, you need to keep the distance between them and keep the JRT in your control with a leash.

Can you keep your kid alone with a Jack Russell?

When considering whether Jack Russell Terriers are good with kids or not, the doubt of whether you can keep your kid alone with your Jack Russell or not comes into mind.

It is a matter that should think twice. In my personal view, I don’t recommend leaving any dog, not only Jack Russells, with your kids alone for a considerable period.

Before leaving your Jack Russell with kids, you should first make sure that your JRT is well trained and disciplined.

You should interfere with the relationship between your kids and JRT while introducing each other properly.

Before letting your kid be alone with JRT, you should make sure that they are familiar and closer to each other and your dog is loyal to your family and your kid.

Even after that also, do not keep your kid alone with JRTs. You should wait until your kids turn into self-defensive ages.

If not, some accidents and disastrous situations can happen, and precautions are better than facing such situations. Therefore, never keep your kid alone with the JRT until your kid turns into a young age.  

Negative behavior of JRTs that you need to correct

Since we are considering whether Jack Russell Terriers are good with kids, it is good to identify the negative behavior of JRTs that should be corrected.

Since JRTs are active, energetic, and a bit aggressive dogs, there will be some irritating behavior and harm to your kid.

Therefore, before letting your JRT get along with your kids, it is better to correct those negative behaviors. Here are some of them, and try to identify and correct those behaviors of your Jack Russell. 

1. Chasing

Chasing is a famous behavior of Jack Russells that comes from their hunting roots. They chase strangers to show their aggressiveness.

And with their playfulness, they chase family members as well. This can be harmful to your kids since they don’t have defensive abilities.

2. Biting

Biting is another negative behavior of JRTs. They are having the behavior of biting everything. It can be your leg, hand, furniture, pillows, or anything they meet.

This is dangerous for your kid since it is painful. Therefore, you need to train them well to get rid of biting. 

3. Jumping 

Jumping is another confusing behavior of JRTs, and it can be irritating to kids.

They will jump into your kid unexpectedly, and it can cause accidents and injuries to kids. So, when training your Jack, try to avoid their jumping behavior as well. 

4. Standing with two paws on the kid’s body

This is also a negative behavior of JRTs to kids. Unlike adults, kids are small and do not have much energy to hold and balance the weight of JRTs.

Therefore, if your JRT may stand with two paws, placing their two front paws on the body of your kids will make your kid fall, and it can cause injuries. 

Tips to make your JRT good with kids

Now, you know that JRTs can be good with kids. So, you need to be aware of the ways that you can follow to make their relationship better and familiar.

Here are some tips that I used to make my JRT good with my 5 and 8 years old kids. 

1. Enough exercise

Exercise is important for your dog since Jack Russell is a dog with an excess amount of energy in its body and needs a way to release it.

If not, they will act aggressively towards your kids to release their stress, which will be harmful.

So, before getting your JRT closer to kids, provide enough exercise and activities for it to release energy.

2. Teach kid not to irritate your Jack Russell

JRTs become aggressive when they feel threatened. When your kid plays with your Jack, touching its body and some acts of your kid may irritate the dog.

JRT will understand those behaviors like threats and can cause harm to your kid. So, train your kid not to harm and irritate your Jack Russell. 

3. Safety first

When making your kid and JRT closer, safety is the most important fact to consider. Always keep an eye on them and be aware of their safety.

Your kid can be hurt by the dog as well as vice versa can happen. Therefore, always be cautious about their activities and their safety.

4. Set boundaries

Rules and boundaries are very important for the relationship between your kid and the JRT.

Teach both of them their boundaries and the things they should and shouldn’t do. Be strict on your kid to follow the rules, and it will help to make their relationship better.

5. Keep the authority

Even though you create a relationship between your JRT and kids, always try to keep your authority.

Try to control their behavior until your kid turns into an age where he can take responsibility for himself and the pet alone. 


At the end of the article, you have understood answers for the matter, are Jack Russells good with kids. In addition to that, we’ve discussed how to introduce kids to your dog and whether you can leave both of them alone together.

Then, you get an idea about the negative behavior of JRTs that you should correct before making them get along with kids. Finally, I’ve provided you with some tips to make JRTs good with kids.

You can follow them as well. So, JRT lovers, here is your chance to make your JRT good with your kids.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Good Luck!


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