Are Jack Russells Good With Other Dogs?

Are Jack Russells Good With Other Dogs? Answers + Tips

Every dog parent’s dream is to adopt a dog that behaves well. In that case, most potential JRT owners ask us; are Jack Russells good with other dogs. Therefore, this article is all about JRTs and their friendliness towards the other dogs. 

So, are Jack Russell good with other dogs? Generally, most Jack Russells are aggressive towards other dogs and animals. However, it depends on the JRT’s socialization level. They can also maintain a good companionship with some dog breeds like; Golden Retriever, Miniature Poodle, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Labrador, Border Collie, etc. And, if you feel that your pet is not still good for other dogs, it is important to socialize them well through; training, joining it for outdoor walks, making them confront other dogs, etc. then, you can own the best pet that you ever wanted.

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered; who Jack Russell is, are they good with other canines, who are the other breeds that can maintain good companionship with the JRTs. Finally, I have given you some tips to socialize your furry friend well. 

Let’s get started!

Who are Jack Russell Terriers? 

Before discussing; whether Jack Russells are good with other dogs or not, we should have a clear idea about this terrier.

Accordingly, during the mid-1800, they were developed in Southern England and originated as hunting dogs. Their energy and activeness can’t be measured when compared to other terriers. 

Therefore, many sportsmen like to own a JRT, especially those who hunt on horseback. By the 1930s, they became very popular in the USA. They have different sizes and take various types.

The height, which is around 10-15 inches, and the weight is around 13-17 pounds are common to Jack Russells. Accordingly, it is recommended to give a dog 1.25 to 1.75 cups of quality food daily.

And, make sure to pay attention to their age and the size when feeding your pet because the diet is important for their healthy growth. 

There are various JRT types like; Shorty Jacks, whose height is about 10-12 inches. So, they are very much loved by the people with that cute look.

Also, they have a unique personality where they are energetic, loved, spirited, devoted, and playful dogs. If you have a pet from this breed, you can enjoy your life more than anyone else. 

When talking about the health of these dogs, generally, they do not get sick often. But, when they get older, they may face many health issues with the changes in the body functions and the systems.

So, it is better to be concerned about health issues like; diabetes, Patellar Luxation, glaucoma, deafness, lens luxation, etc. 

Not only that, but it is also important to know about the grooming habits that depend on the dog’s coat type. It is not recommended to groom them daily, but it is better to brush them weekly by removing the loose and dead hair.

Also, a rare bath and trimming nails is important. So, you may do it at least once or twice a month while the other grooming habits include dental hygiene.

There, you have to brush your teeth at least twice or thrice a week. So, this is about the Jack Russell terrier that we are talking about today.  

Are Jack Russells good with other dogs? 

As you know, JRTs are originally aggressive. So, many dog owners question is; are Jack Russells good with other dogs. So, here let’s discuss their friendliness towards other dogs with more details.

Really, in this case, we can’t give a direct answer because they are different from one another. But, most of the JRTs are aggressive and dominant towards both other dogs and people.

For example, if two JRTs are kept together, they will fight over each other. And, there are many reasons for that. It may be their anxiety, stress, lack of socialization, etc.  

But, it does not completely say that your Jack Russell can’t be good with another dog; they can live with them so well. But, it is on your hand to socialize them well in their puppyhood.

The pets that are socialized well at a young age do not become aggressive towards the other dogs much. Therefore, it can be said that the JRTs are good with other canines, but the push from you is important. 

What breeds are good companions for Jack Russell Terriers? 

When considering about; are Jack Russells good with other dogs, it is important to know about the good companions for them.

Therefore, here let’s talk about the other breeds that can maintain a good companionship with JRTs. 

1. Maltese 

This terrier is; easy to train, cute, alert, and intelligent. And they can become good house pets. Although Maltese tend to be timid around large canines, they are friendly companions for others.

And, they do not mind the rough play of children. Therefore, they do not want to be socialized like many other terriers. 

2. Siberian Husky 

This is a devoted and fiercely loyal canine for its family. They do not bear loneliness for a long period. Mutual respect with the owner is more important for them than anything else.

So, they normally do well in front of strangers and other terriers. So, this can be a good companion for your JRT. If they are properly socialized during puppyhood, there will be zero problems for you in the future. 

3. Poodle 

If you search for a smart, friendly, and affectionate dog, a poodle will be a nice choice. They are easy to adapt for your family and will be a good friend for your Jack Russell.

The obedience, friendliness, and the good nature and liveliness of these canines are highlighted when they are with the other dogs. An active family, exercises and training is very important for them to socialize well. 

4. Shih-Tzu 

These canines can be identified as friendly, family-oriented dogs that are easy to socialize with. The energy and liveliness will call for the need for regular exercise to maintain the health and fitness of this terrier.

It can include long walks, fetching in the yard, etc. And, if they are not provided with enough exercises, they will be hyperactive and overactive. 

4. Beagle 

This is also an active and playful dog that can get along with the Jack Russells. They also can maintain good companionship with many other breeds of any type and any size.

Also, they are very scent-driven and prone to obsessive food that is quite similar to the JRTs. They will be good family friends as they love everybody, including your JRT. 

Further, many other breeds can maintain a good friendship with your Jack Russell as; 

  • Golden Retriever
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Labrador 
  • Border Collie

How to socialize your Jack Russell to live with the other dogs? 

Now, you know the answer to the question; are Jack Russell good with other dogs. So, as we discussed the socializing of your furry friend, I thought of coming out with tips to socialize them well.

Accordingly, here let’s discuss them in more detail. 

1. Positive social encounters

It is important to keep everything positive when socializing your JRT. When they face negative and no interaction, they may show the opposite impacts than you thought to see in them.

Therefore, no matter whether you are in a new place with new people, your positive interaction with the pet is worth socializing well.  

2. Begin to socialize the pet just after the adoption 

This is very important as it will be difficult if you delay the socialization of your pet. Then they will adopt the new environments and animals at the earliest which will help them in the future to maintain good relations with them. And, add the walks to the dog parks and other places where it can meet new people and dogs. Then, they will be more exposed to the living environments. 

3. Socialize slowly and steadily 

This will work well for your pet to maintain good companionships. Although it is recommended to socialize a pet as soon as possible, it is not recommended to overdo that.

When you do it slowly but steadily, you can reap more results. Make sure not to over-stress your put in the name of socializing it.

Only do what you and the friend can do. This will offer you more positive results than you think. 

4. Do not force uncomfortable social interactions 

This should also be taken into consideration as uncomfortable interactions will not offer the results you expect.

This means, if you notice that your IRT is uncomfortable at the confrontation of a new person or another new pet dog of a neighbor, do not force it to interact with them because it will lack the chance to come out with positive reactions. 

5. Attend puppy classes

If it seems too difficult for you to socialize your pet, make it attend the puppy classes, which will make it easier. It also will teach the basics of this subject for your pet well.

It will become an excellent place for the JRT to have the chance to be with other dogs and their owners. So, this is a great opportunity for him to socialize well. 

Further, you can try the tips like; 

  • Introduce the vehicle sounds
  • Make sure not to become over confidential with your pet’s friendly nature
  • Visit dog parks
  • Adopt from a breeder
  • Remaining constant and patient
  • Keep on with other training tips

Final thoughts about Jack Russell’s behavior with other dogs

We have discussed; are Jack Russell is good with other dogs with more details. I think this article will work out for all the Jack Russell owners as I have discussed many important areas related to their companionship with other canines like; who are Jack Russells, are Jack Russells good with other dogs, who are the other breeds that can maintain good companionship with the JRTs and finally, I have given you some tips to socialize your furry friend well.

Dogs are the closest friends of people, and Jack Russell is one of the most loved pet dogs. So, people are keen on every single matter of them. Although they want another dog from a different breed, they do not like to remove the place of their JRT at home.

So, here I have given you some tips to socialize them well and make them maintain good relations with the other terriers as well like; introducing the vehicle sounds, making sure not to become over-confident with your pet’s friendly nature, visiting dog parks, adopting from a breeder, etc.

And, some other breeds can maintain good relations with JRTs like; Golden Retriever, Miniature Poodle, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Labrador, etc. Anyway, as a good owner, it is on your hand to train your JRT to maintain friendly companions with other dogs.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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