Are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic? Must Know Facts

Are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic? Must Know Facts

In general terms, hypoallergenic can be defined as something with the ability to reduce allergic response. Hypoallergenic things contain lesser allergy-causing substances.

If you are a person that tends to have allergies often, then you need to ally with hypoallergenic things to avoid that situation. When it comes to dogs, some dogs are considered hypoallergenic due to their fewer tendencies for allergies.

Most of the time, hypoallergenic dogs shed less amount of fur, and there are low allergies causing dander in their fur, and they don’t release to the air or floor as other dogs. When choosing to adopt a dog, many people consider this hypoallergenic.

Therefore, discussing Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic is helpful for many people who are willing to adopt a JRT or already have JRTs.

Are Jack Russell Terriers hypoallergenic? The answer is they are not. JRTs are shredders, and they shed even seasonally. So, they are not hypoallergenic dogs due to their shedding. Therefore, JRTs are not suitable for people who have allergies. If you are such a person, then reconsider adopting a JRT or try the tips to minimize the allergies of your JRT. Some other dogs were identified hypoallergenic, and if you are suffering so much due to allergies around canines, then it is good to consider another breed. 

As an owner of a JRT for two years, I can share my practical knowledge of adopting a JRT with you. So through this article, let’s find out why dogs cause allergies and whether Jack Russell Terriers are hypoallergenic or not. Then, I hope to make you aware of the shedding of JRTs.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to identify some tips to minimize JRT allergies at the end of the article. If you are a person that has allergies but still loves to adopt a JRT as your pet, then this article may help you.

Let’s get started!

Why do dogs cause allergies?

Allergies caused by dogs are a common matter, and there are several reasons for dogs causing allergies. Most consider dogs’ hair as the main cause of allergies, but it is only a half-truth. A protein produced by dogs is the main reason for allergic reactions.

They are included in dogs’ dander, saliva, and urine. Dander is a small microscopic piece of dog skin similar to the dandruff of people. It emerges on the hair of dogs and, through this dander in hair, causes allergies. They enter the human body through the nose and lungs.

All dogs produce dander, and some dogs were known to be hypoallergenic with lesser chances of causing allergies due to the convenience of washing their dander easily and less shedding.

In addition, dogs’ saliva and urine can also cause allergic reactions, and it is better to be aware of them. If you are a person with more allergies, it is better to search for hypoallergenic dogs.

Are Jack Russell Terriers hypoallergenic?

The word hypoallergenic was first used in the cosmetic industry to indicate products with a lower chance of causing allergies. Like that, if something is hypoallergenic, they contain substances to reduce the tendency of allergies and have less possibility to make allergies.

When this concept applies to dogs, a dog is considered hypoallergenic when it has less possibility of causing allergies to people than other dogs. However, there are no completely hypoallergenic dogs.

Thus, there is less chance of allergies occurring due to their low shedding and easy to clean away dander from hair.

Some hypoallergenic dog breeds can be named Spanish water dog, Irish water spaniel, Komondor, Havanese, Giant Schnauzer, Hungarian Puli, Russian black Terrier, Poodle, etc.

Suppose you are planning to adopt a JRT or are already a pet parent of a JRT. In that case, you may have the matter of whether Jack Russell Terrier is hypoallergenic. JRTs are small, energetic, and affectionate dogs that are loving pets for their owners.

However, unfortunately, JRTs are not hypoallergenic dogs. They are shedders, and due to their shedding and the dandef included in the hair, they can cause allergies and therefore cannot be considered hypoallergenic.

If you are so much suffering from dogs’ allergies, then JRTs won’t be the right choice for you. It’s better to think about another hypoallergenic dog breed. 

However, this possibility of causing allergies can be reduced too. I have a JRT named Shaggy, and I’m adopting him for two years. I also have the same issue regarding the Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic at the beginning since my sister has allergies to dog furs.

Then, I followed up several steps to reduce the allergies that can be caused by my JRT, and now my sister does not have much suffering due to my JRT.

Shedding of Jack Russells

When concerning the Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic or not, their shedding takes a major place. Shedding is a continuous, natural cycle of losing dead hair by replacing new hair on it.

The shedding of JRTs may depend on their coat type. There are three types of coats such as smooth, rough, and broken. The smooth coat has short and smooth fur, while the rough coat has longer and wire-haired fur.

The broken coats are a mix of both types above. Among these types, JRTs with smooth coats shed more than others, and it is said that rough or wired-haired JRTs shed considerably less. 

JRTs are moderate shedders, and they are shedding seasonally as well. They shed especially in the seasonal changes of spring and fall. This seasonal shedding will be a huge challenge for JRT owners since it also creates difficulty with allergies.

You need to brush your JRT regularly. It is good to avoid bathing, especially during the shedding season, since it can worsen the matter. On the other hand, JRTs with shorter hair shed more due to the short and fast hair growth cycle. 

JRTs are easy to groom, and therefore the best option you can follow to minimize shedding is regular brushing. It will support you to clean the dander in their fur, and it reduces allergies then.

As an owner of JRT, I’m brushing my Shaggy regularly with the use of a brush and a shedding tool, and it gave me better results for the issue of shedding and allergies.

Therefore, don’t get discouraged from adopting a JRT due to their shedding and the fact they are not hypoallergenic. 

Tips to minimize JRT allergies

We have ideas now that Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic is not a possible fact. The best solution to avoid dog allergies from your home is not having a domestic pet dog. But if you have dog allergies and still need to keep a JRT, there are some tips here that you can follow.

These may not make you fully away from JRT allergies, but they will provide good results in minimizing allergies. So try them out. 

1. Brush regularly

Brushing your JRT regularly may help you to clean the dander in their hair while it helps to get rid of the loose hair everywhere in the home. It is good to brush them outside to get away from their shedding throughout the brushing place inside the home.

You may get better results from combining it towards the tail and then their coat. It may help in choosing loose hair. Make brushing a habit, and then your JRT may love it.

2. Reduce over bathing

Bathing is another way of cleaning your dog. But when your dog sheds too much, then don’t over bathe him regularly for a long period.

Especially in shedding seasons, it is not good to bathe them always and minimize bathing time as well. If not, it will create shedding worse and irritate you more.

3. Always vacuum the home

There are vacuum cleaners that are good enough to deal with dander and pet hair. Use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum your home regularly, especially the furniture, floors, and the places where your JRT may be in.

Vacuuming will help you to get rid of the allergy-causing dog hair and dander than normal cleaning.

4. Use air purifiers

When you have allergies, it is good to use an air purifier. An air purifier may support reducing dust, germs, and dander from the air.

It purifies the air and makes you breathe with no allergens while making your sleep better.

5. Limit your dog taking indoors

Try to maintain a dog crate and keep your JRT outside the home, especially when you have allergies. It will help reduce the allergens entering your home, and more importantly, don’t take your dog into your bedroom.

It is harmful to allergies and makes you suffer from less sleep as well. Therefore, try to keep your JRT away from inside your home.

6. Don’t let your dog stay in the furniture

Keeping your JRT away from your furniture is better because furniture easily grabs allergens like dander with dog hair.

If you don’t want to vacuum daily, then don’t let your JRT sleep in your chair or sofa.

7. Fewer carpets

Use fewer amounts of carpets in your home if you have allergies to dogs. Dog hair and allergens can be cleaned more easily with furniture and floor than carpets since carpets easily catch up with those allergens, and it is difficult to clean them.

If you use carpets, try to clean them frequently with a good disinfectant and hot water.

8. Always wash your hands

To reduce allergens entering your body, make washing hands a habit, especially after touching your JRT or his stuff.

Don’t touch your face while interacting with your dog, and after being with him; wash the hands with a good hand wash or a germ-fighting soap. 

9. Provide balanced diets to your JRT

Unbalanced diets cause heavy shedding sometimes and can open you to more allergens like dander.

Therefore, provide a properly balanced diet for your JRT with food that can make him healthier. Then it will help to reduce shedding and exposure to more allergens.

Final thoughts about Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic

By reading this article, now you have got a clear idea about dog allergies and the reasons for causing them. Most importantly, by exploring the Jack Russell Terrier hypoallergenic, now you know that Jack Russells are not hypoallergenic dogs.

So if you have allergies to dogs, then you must think more about adopting a JRT. If you still want to adopt a JRT, it’s better to follow the above tips to reduce allergies and suffering.

However, suppose you are affected and suffer from allergies too much. In that case, it is better to follow up on your doctor’s instructions before taking a JRT home.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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