Are Jack Russells Easy To Train? Truth + Complete Training Guide

Are Jack Russells Easy To Train? Truth + Complete Training Guide

Jack Russell Terriers are a bit aggressive dog breed due to their hunting instincts. Therefore, most potential JRT owners ask us, are Jack Russells easy to train? As an owner of a JRT for three years, I hope to share some valuable insights about Jack Russells training with you. 

So, are Jack Russells easy to train? Yes, they are intelligent and active dogs that learn things easily and quickly. Therefore, training JRTs is not difficult, but you should start it as early as possible when you adopt a JRT. If not, they may be aggressive and difficult to control. Therefore, early and constant training is recommended. 

By reading this article, you may understand whether it is easy to train your JRT or not and when to begin the training of your JRT. Then let’s identify what you need to train your JRT, and finally, I’ll provide you with some tips to train your JRT.

So, if you are a JRT owner or a dog lover willing to adopt a JRT, then this article will help you, and let’s get started. 

Are Jack Russells easy to train?

Jack Russell Terrier is a famous dog breed among dog lovers and first originated in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. JRTs are active and energetic even with their small size.

If you are a new pet owner of a JRT, then you may have the matter of how to adapt your JRT as a domestic pet that is lovely, loyal, and affectionate. Of course, JRTs are loyal dogs that love their owners a lot.

The matter here is that you need to understand the initial steps in adopting a JRT before expecting a good companion from them.

As we already discussed, JRTs are a bit aggressive and uneasy dogs at their initial adoption stage. If they have such a nature, you may wonder whether Jack Russells are easy to train or not.

The answer is yes; since they are intelligent and quick learners, they are not much difficult to train. Therefore, they love outdoor activities and, therefore, involving them in training won’t be a difficult task.

However, the training of a JRT will be a bit difficult for new dog owners or kids. Jacks may show off excess barking and biting behaviors with aggressiveness at the initial stage of their adoption. You may receive complaints from your neighbors at the beginning.

Do not get discouraged, and be positive about your dog’s intelligence. It will learn everything easily, and then with proper training, your Jack will turn into a good domestic pet with love and loyalty to your family.

Trust me; this small four-legged creature will transform into your best friend after the training. 

When to begin your Jack Russell’s training?

In considering the matter, are Jack Russells easy to train, you may have the issue at what time or period you need to start their training. It is important to understand this concern to make your JRT a good domestic pet and a companion to you and your family.

As a JRT owner for three years, with my experience with my JRT, Shaggy, you don’t have to waste a single day by postponing the training of your JRT. Initial training is the most important part of adopting a JRT, and you need to identify the necessity of it in the adoption of JRTs. 

If you are a JRT owner, then my answer is that you need to start the training of your JRT now after reading this article. If you miss the training, your dog will continue as an aggressive and difficult pet to control.

If you are a dog lover willing to adopt a JRT, I suggest you start the training of your new JRT soon after the adoption or take them to the home. Normally, a JRT will remain with you for 13-17 years.

Therefore it will be a good investment of time to train them since the training will turn the JRT into a loving, obedient, and closer friend to you and your family.

If you have missed it yet, you still have the time to plan and start the training of your Jack Russell. It will let you enjoy a nice bond with your JRT for years. 

What you need to train your Jack Russell Terrier?

As discussed, training is the most important part of adopting a JRT. To begin the training process of your JRT, you may need several things. Before starting the training of your Jack Russell, you need to understand the things that you have to get supplied.

Here are a few things needed to train your JRT.

1. Time slots

Time is the most important thing that you need in training your JRT. If you need to adopt a JRT, then the first thing you need to allocate is your time.

Even with your busy schedules, you have to find time slots for the training of your JRT. And also, JRTs are loving and affectionate dogs that love their owners so much. And they always seek their owners’ attention and time. 

2. Basket muzzle

At the beginning of the adoption, your JRT may show off aggressiveness and excess barking behavior. They will surely be irritating to your neighbors and your family members.

So, until they are trained to control their barking, you have to use a basket muzzle during the first days. It will reduce the barking of your JRT. 

3. Collar and leash

Collar and leash are necessary for you to start the training of your JRT. During the training, since your dog is still in the process of learning obedience, you have to use a leash and collar to control the behavior of your JRT.

Leash and collar will support you to train your JRT to walk properly on a lead and to train potty. 

4. Crate

A crate is important for training your Jack Russell to understand your routine and leave it alone.

A crate is needed to teach your JRT to train sleeping patterns, potty steps, separation anxiety, and behaviors. It will support you to control the aggressive behavior of your JRT and help reduce irritation. 

5. Chewing Toys

Chewing toys are necessary for your JRT to control its biting behavior. At the beginning of the adoption of JRTs, they will show off the behavior of chewing and biting everything they meet.

Therefore, training your JRT for chewing toys will support you to protect your shoes, clothes, furniture, and legs from your JRT. 

6. Treats

Treats are a good way to train your JRT. Every dog loves treats, and they will behave well with treats and rewards. You can choose treats that your dog loves.

Normally, JRTs love cookies and meats, and rewarding them with their favorite things will make your training procedure more easy and successful, 

Tips for training a Jack Russell

So, are Jack Russells easy to train? As we already discussed, JRTs are intelligent and quick learners. Therefore, you have to follow a proper plan for training your JRT.

According to my experience with my JRT, I hereby mention some tips that you can follow to train your Jack Russell.

1. Start early

Starting the training process early is necessary for JRTs. You have to start it when your JRT is a puppy or young age. You need to start the training immediately after the adoption.

Being late will make it more difficult to train and control your JRT. So start early!

2. Enough exercise

Exercise is one of the major parts of adopting a JRT. Jack Russells are a dog breed that is rich in excess energy. Therefore they need enough exercise to release their excess energy.

Your JRT will behave aggressively when they get stressed with excess energy. So, take your dog for walks and play with it outdoors. 

3. Regular training

When you start the training of your JRT, then it should be done regularly. You have to allocate your time from your regular timetable to train your dog.

If not, they get bored and stressed. You have to keep them active and always working and don’t miss it with your busy schedules.

4. Be confident

JRTs are very confident and headstrong dogs due to their hunting roots. So to train and make them obedient to your orders, you need to be confident first and then allow your dog to act confident.

But don’t allow it to behave on its own every time. Always keep your control on your dog.

5. Socialization

Socialization is another tip in training your JRT. Socialization is necessary to adopt your JRT and to make them aware of your neighbors and friends.

Introduce your friends, neighbors, and their pets to your JRT and allow them to be friendly and spend time with them. 

6. Love and attention

Love and attention are other factors that you should consider in training your JRT. Provide them love and your attention since they always seek them.

Everyone loves to be taught caringly, and your attention and love will make them follow your orders easily. 


So, JRT owners, I guess now you are well aware of the matter, are Jack Russells easy to train. You have understood when you should begin the training of your JRT and what you need to train it.

Then, I’ve provided tips that you can follow to train your JRT, and you all can try them according to your preference with your JRT. Since training is a crucial part of adopting a Jack Russell, I think this article has guided you on it.

So, good luck with your Jack to train him to be a good companion for you and your family.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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