Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier-All You Need To Know

Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier – What A Perfect Breed!

Many people love Jack Russells with their cute looks. So, most of the time, they try to raise one of them as a pet. There are different coated Jack Russells. Wire hair Jack Russell terrier is one of the best choices of them.

So here, you should know all the related information about them such as; their grooming habits, likes and dislikes, diseases, etc. Therefore, this article is all about them. 

So, why does wire hair Jack Russell Terrier is so unique? These dogs have longer hair that often grows in different directions. They also shed, and you need to groom them by; brushing, bathing them regularly, stripping, etc., and make sure to feed them well by providing the food with essential nutritional requirements like; protein, carbohydrates, fats because they are active and energetic dogs. So, they need nutritious food as well as good exercise. And, pay your attention to their common diseases like; deafness, ear infections, arthritis, and obesity. When you give careful attention to all these things, you can adapt your pet without any trouble. 

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered the wire-haired Jack Russell terrier and how to groom and feed them. Finally, I have provided some important information on the common diseases among this terrier.  

Let’s get started.

Who is a wire-haired Jack Russell terrier? 

Wirehaired Jack Russell terrier is 100% similar in behavior and temperament to the smooth-coated Jack Russells. They have long hair which has grown in various directions than the others.

However, the personality, physical appearance, behavior, and grooming needs are a bit different. 

And, it is not a secret that Jack Russells shed, but they do not shed as the smooth-coated terriers do. Also, you can control the shedding by grooming it well.

You may think that they are hypoallergenic dogs with long fur, but they are not, and they are still moderate shedders. But it is better to groom your pet by; giving regular baths, brushing, trimming, and stripping. 

Of course, this will be an excellent family addition for you because; they are very friendly companions and loyal to their owners.

Many people are attracted to them with their personal qualities like; easy to train, affectionate, curious, energetic, cheerful, friendly, loyal, lovely, independent, responsive, intelligent, social, and outgoing.

They also will be good guardians with their alertness. And, they also struggle with common dog diseases like; overweight, deafness, blindness, obesity, etc.

Anyway, you can make a lovely environment in the family by selecting this dog type as your pet. 

What are the grooming needs of the wire-haired Jack Russells?

Grooming is essential for dogs to keep them healthy, especially for the excellent health of their fur and the coat.

When it comes to wire hair Jack Russell terrier, their grooming needs are slightly different from that of the smooth-coated Jack Russells.

So, now let’s see the grooming needs of them with more details.

  • Brushing

This will be a crucial task with your dog. But, remember that it is essential for them to shed out dirt and debris-filled hair.

And on the other hand, it is helpful to pull off the excess hairs before shedding them inside the house. So, it is better to brush them even once a week. Then you can maintain a clean and shiny-haired dog. 

  • Regular baths

This should be completed only for a specific amount because; more frequent baths can dry out their skin and the hair. So, you should be careful when providing baths for him.

It is recommended to bathe them every 4-6 weeks. You can have the best results by brushing the dog before the bath and using a high-quality shampoo that has been specially produced for wire-haired terriers with a conditioner. 

  • Stripping

Although this is the most tedious task you deal with the dog when grooming, it is necessary for them. But, you can have the best results by completing it twice a year.

You will strip the remaining dead hair after brushing through all the loose hair. You can easily do this task by using a specifically created stripping knife. 

  • Trimming

Trimming of wire-haired Jack Russell also differs from the smooth-coated ones because; there is grown hair in wire-haired dogs around eyebrows, eyes, and even lips.

You can neatly trim around these areas by using a special trimming scissor. This will be the last step of the grooming process, and finally, your dog will look quality and neat with them.

How to feed the wire-haired Jack Russells?

Wire hair Jack Russell terrier is a hyperactive breed. So, you need to feed them well with nutritional food. Accordingly, let’s discuss its dietary needs first.

Here, mainly they want macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients include;

  • Protein

Protein plays a significant role when balancing the nutritional needs of the dog. It creates new cells with the help of different amino acids.

Dogs need protein to keep the ongoing process of cell creation. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three main amino acids that decide the quality of the protein source.

  • Carbohydrates

The body uses carbohydrates for the immediate release of energy, including simple sugars like dextrose, lactose, and fructose.

Sweet potatoes and carrots contain complex carbohydrates. So, carbohydrates are essential for this terrier with their need to release more energy. 

  • Fat

The general healthy functioning of the cells and supporting the breaking of protein and some other nutrients in the digestive system are done with the help of the fat.

So, the provision of the right amount of this is essential for the dog. 

  • Micronutrients

Most of the chemical reactions in the body are done with the help of macronutrients.

The fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, and K, water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B, the helpful vitamins for the body like vitamin C are included here.

Further, the structural building of the body and the chemical reactions are also included here. 

But make sure only to provide the due amount to them because; if it exceeds or is reduced, it will be a problem for their health. 

So, you have to provide the food like;

 • Cooked beef

Red blood cells are produced with the help of iron which is included in beef. It also includes a little bit of fat.

So, the dog does not want to work more to regulate the nutrients to energy. Therefore, beef is best as a food item for this terrier. 

Cooked chicken

Chicken includes many healthy nutrients and lots of proteins with a few calories. But, don’t worry; it will not affect the weight of the dog too much.

Accordingly, chicken is also the best source of food with a lot of nutrients.

Cooked fish

There are many vitamins in fish that make your dog healthy, and it will own nice shiny fur. Brain functioning also will be another positive impact of fish on your pet. 

Cooked Turkey

Turkey includes many minerals and a lot of vitamins that help for the dog’s healthy life. 


Raw vegetables are also ideal for a healthy diet for your pet. So, you can add; potato, spinach, broccoli, and carrot for it. 


There are lots of proteins in eggs. So, your dog will get a balanced diet along with eggs. 


Raw fruits are best to provide essential vitamins like vitamin A. It helps them to have a clearer digestive system. So, give them fruits like; apples, blueberries, and oranges.

Dairy Products

There is a lot of protein and calcium in dairy products. So, yogurt and milk are nice nutritional sources for the dog. 

What are the common diseases that can be seen among the wire-haired Jack Russells?

When talking about the wire hair Jack Russell Terrier, we must be concerned about their common diseases to care for them well.

So, here let’s focus on those diseases with more details.  

  • Dental problems

Dental problems are common among these terriers, especially when they are growing older.

There, they will experience decaying teeth and catching gum diseases along with lousy smells and broken teeth.

This terrier catches them mostly when they come up to 10 or 12 years old. So, you must always be careful with the pet. 

  • Overweight

It is not a secret that this is a hyperactive and energetic terrier. But, for many reasons like; lack of exercise, excessive providence of food with the absence of exercises, some other diseases and growing oldness the dog can become overweight.

And make sure not to exceed the amount of food to give for them at their puppyhood because; obesity will be the short-term result that leads to the overweight in the long run. 

  • Blindness

This is common to many terriers, especially when they grow older. But they also will lose their sight due to harmful bacterial infections.

It may happen completely or partially. So, as an owner of a dog, take care of their eyes. 

  • Deafness

This is also common among many terriers. Accordingly, the same fate is there with your dog also.

The most common reason for this is their oldness. So, they may partially or completely lose their hearing capacity here.  

  • Diabetes

When the dog decreases the insulin level in their body, they will catch diabetes. The symptoms of it are; loss of weight, loss of appetite, and being inactive.

Changing food formulas is the best way to control this. Your vet will provide you with more guidance. 

  • Arthritis

This terrier is very energetic and active. But, with time, they will face joint issues when running, jumping, etc. So, they are more likely to catch arthritis.

Therefore, be alert to your pet if it shows the above symptoms. 

Conclusion – Wrapping up about Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier

We have discussed the wire hair Jack Russell terrier with more details in this article. I think this article will work out for all the dog lovers and the owners of wire-haired Jack Russell terrier as I have covered many important areas like; who is wire-haired Jack Russell, how to groom and feed them and finally, I have provided some important information on the common diseases among this terrier.  

People love to raise dogs as their pets more than any other animal. Wire-haired Jack Russell will be a nice choice for you with their; alertness, cuteness, energy, activeness, and intelligence. Although many people think they shed a lot, they do not shed much as the smooth-coated terriers do.

And, you can groom it by giving regular baths, trimming, brushing, etc. And, do not forget to be concerned about their diseases, especially when they are getting older, because they can catch common diseases like; arthritis, obesity, overweight, and deafness. Anyway, this will be a good choice for you and your family looking for a pet dog.  

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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