Rough Haired Jack Russell Terrier - Rough Coated JRT

Rough Haired Jack Russell Terrier – Rough Coated JRT

Jack Russell Terriers are a small and energetic dog breed with a long history as hunting dogs. This active and enthusiastic dog breed originated in England in the 17-18th centuries. They are working dog breeds that are famous for outdoor activities.

JRTs are considered aggressive dog breeds that need essential training to adopt domestic pets. Today, JRTs are popular as domestic pets.

They will turn into an affectionate and loving family member with proper training. Among different types of JRTs, rough coated Jack Russell is popular among dog lovers.

There are different types of JRT breeds, and their coat types are different from each other. There are mainly three major coat types: smooth coats, rough coats, and broken coats.

Rough coats include long fur throughout the coat, and it protects the dog from cold, snow, and other external threats.

As a JRT owner for three years, I can share my knowledge about JRTs, and my Shaggy is a rough haired Jack Russell. They are shredders similar to other JRTs, and you can follow several grooming steps to reduce their shedding as well as to maintain their rough coats.

You can use brushing, trimming, stripping, and bathing to groom your JRT’s rough coat.

By reading this article, you may understand the coat types of Jack Russell Terriers, and it will mainly focus on the rough coated Jack Russell. Let’s focus on whether the rough coated JRTs are shedding or not and then identify how to care for the rough coat of your Jack.

Finally, I’ll provide you with some tips to groom your JRT’s coat. So, if you are an owner of a JRT, then it is necessary to identify the coat type of your JRT and maintain it. Let’s get started!

Coat types of JRTs

Jack Russell Terriers are famous dog breeds that are specialized in outdoor activities. They are hunting dogs that are famous for hunting small rodents, rats, rabbits, squirrels, and foxes.

The hunting nature of JRTs has been diminished with time, and now they are a famous pet among adventurous dog lovers.

JRTs are prominent as aggressive and athletic dogs that are small in size, and due to their size, they are a perfect match for the domestic culture. 

JRTs are different and have several categories and mixed breeds when it comes to appearance. The coat is the most prominent part of the appearance of your JRT, and there are three major types of coats.

1. Smooth Coat

When a JRT has a smooth coat, there is no trace of hair on their body, head, and face. Smooth coats are free from alterations and easy to maintain.

Their coat is short and has a small coat around their legs, body, and face. The smooth coat will lie in one direction, and it is not soft but appears sleek.

However, smooth-coated JRT s should have coarse hair to protect its body from snow, rain, and other elements. 

2. Rough Coat

Then rough coated Jack Russell has long fur that covers the whole body. They will have a textured look with wiry and straight hair that grows in different directions in the body.

Their rough coat can be one or two inches long and does not need much effort in grooming, but you have to pay attention to the grooming and show the ring of it. 

3. Broken Coat

The broken coat has similarities with smooth coats. They do not need alterations, and similar to smooth coats, they are easy to maintain. JRTs with broken coats have traced hair on their bodies, faces, heads, and legs.

It is somewhat a combination of both smooth and rough coats. There are patches through the coat with long fur, and it can be wiry to take care of your dog’s body. 

Do rough haired Jack Russells shed?

If you are an owner of a rough haired Jack Russell, then you may have the matter whether they shed or not. Normally, all the breeds of JRTs shed, and their shedding may increase in the seasonal change.

When it comes to rough-haired JRTs, the situation is the same, and they also shed like other Jack Russell breeds. During their shedding seasons, you may frequently experience your Jack’s hair on your sofa, couch, and throughout the house. 

But don’t worry. It is natural for dogs to shed and not irritate from it. You can minimize their shedding by brushing them daily and grooming their coat well.

And remember, regular baths will increase the shedding of your rough coated Jack, and therefore avoid too many baths and try to maintain their coat with brushing. You can use the grooming tips and ways we are going to discuss here for caring for your JRT.

How to care for a rough coated Jack Russell?

If you are an owner of a rough haired Jack Russell, then you need to care more about the coat of your JRT than other JRT types. Rough and broken coated JRTs should be groomed, and pay much attention to care for the rough hair of your dog.

You need to groom the coat of your JRT for several reasons. To maintain the appearance and comfort of your JRT and to develop a water-repelled hard coat to provide good protection are the reasons to groom your JRT.

There are several factors that you can consider in caring for the coat of your JRT. 

1. Brush the coat

When it comes to the grooming of JRTs, brushing takes a major place. Brushing creates the coat of JRTs hard and water repellent. In the shedding season of JRTs, daily brushing is necessary.

A slicker brush and a wide-toothed comb are suitable for brushing and combing your JRT in its grooming. 

2. Stripping the undercoat

Stripping should be done two times per year, and it should be best used in the period of coat blowing by your dog.

You should find whether the dead hair was removed or not and pluck them out after combing and removing dust out of the coat.

It will support the growth of new hair. A stripping knife can be used to remove these dead hairs from the skin.

3. Trimming

JRTs do not need heavy trimming, but it is better to trim their loose hair through a blunt scissor. Just trim to balance the dog’s face and remove a little amount of hair.

Do not trim eyebrow hair and whiskers. Trimming the hair in genital areas, feet and toes should be done, and trimming the excess hair should be at the tip of the tail as well.

4. Bathing

Regular baths are not necessary for JRTs, but when your rough-haired Jack is dirty, it is good to bathe them by using a good dog shampoo.

It will help to soften their rough hair supports to remove the dirt from the coat. 

Tips to groom rough-haired JRTs

Hair grooming is important for the JRTs with rough hair. Since my JRT is a rough-haired dog, I’m following the grooming of my JRT Shaggy, and here are some tips that you can follow in grooming your JRT.

1. Groom twice a year

Normally, a rough coated Jack Russell should be groomed twice a year. You should first groom the coat of your dog in February.

Then your dog’s coat will be well maintained till April, and it supports keeping the JRT comfortable in summer. Then, his coats will grow again, and you should groom them again in late August.

After that, the coat will be maintained good again in October and grow as a full coat in winter to keep your dog safe from snow and cold. Do not groom before the mentioned months and be considering doing it before the trials. 

2. Talk while grooming

It is better to groom the coat of your JRT while talking to him. If not, it will get bored, and try to go away from the grooming process.

Talk with your JRT and keep the conversation active and actively engage with the relationship with your dog.

3. Good equipment

The equipment used for grooming is important for your dog, and try to use safer tools for the grooming process.

Wire brush, wide-toothed comb, blunt scissors, a short serrated knife, mat, and thinning shears are some of such equipment that you need in grooming.

4. Assess well

Before grooming, you should assess your dog and try to get a clear idea of its body, coat type, and its preferences.

Find out whether they are interested in grooming or not. Then, it will be easy for you to groom your JRT.

Final thoughts about rough haired or coated Jack Russells

So, JRT owners, did you get an idea about the coat type of your Jack Russell by reading the article? If you are an owner of a rough haired Jack Russell, I hope this article has given you broad knowledge.

Now, you are well aware of the shedding of your dog friend and the way you should take care of the coat of your JRT. You have identified the tips you can follow in grooming your Jack Russell and try them out with your JRT.

So, good luck with your rough coated JRT and to maintain his appearance more attractive.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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