How To Potty Train A Jack Russell Terrier? Complete Guide

How To Potty Train A Jack Russell Terrier? Complete Guide

The Jack Russell Terriers are mostly the favorites among dog sports enthusiasts, animal trainers, or anyone who loves their fearless personality, boundless energy, and portable size.

When they have to adapt as a family dog, they need a handful of training, especially potty training. Otherwise, owners may have to face many messy troubles in their day-to-day life. 

So, how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier? It would be better if you can start potty training from an early age of your Jack Russell. Also, you need to follow a strict routine every day. There are several methods of potty training such as routine methods, verbal cue methods and attractive potty method. I have explained those methods in this post. And also, remember not to shout at your puppy or punish him on accidents and while training. Use only positive reinforcements to make the potty training effective.

Once you finish reading this post, you will get to know the basics of potty training for your Jack Russell, methods of potty training, how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier step by step and tips for the potty train to your Jack Russell.

This article will surely make your life easier with a Jack Russell Terrier. Remember, Jack Russells are 100% training dogs. They should be trained from an early age.

If you train them in their puppy age, they will never break that routine. They need a lot of training to grow the bond between their owners. And also a lot of love and affection. Then they will grow as loyal and protective family dogs.

The basics of how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier

You should be aware of basic steps before you start training your Jack Russell for potty training. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Give your Jack Russell Morning Exercise

Jack Russells are an energetic dog breed. So, they need a lot of exercise daily to burn their calories. So, taking them outside for exercises should be their first thing in the morning, which will heavily impact their other functions in the whole day.

Lack of exercise can cause frequent urination due to anxiety. Giving them 45- 60 minutes of exercise daily in the morning will be great for their potty training. When they are in the morning walk, they can free themselves from their outlets as they waited the whole night inside the crate.

Also, this will help them to have a good sleep throughout the day, which will avoid them peeing inside the house during day times. Because of these reasons, morning exercises should be their first thing every morning.

2. Take them out often

If your Jack Russell stays inside your house all the time, make sure you take it to the outside every 2-3 hours.

It may depend on each dog but watch their body signs carefully. Following a routine will make your life easier with a Jack Russell Terrier. 

3. Clean the Pee

In the beginning, it is normal for them to toilet inside the house, especially in their puppy age. You have to make sure that you clean those spots as soon as possible.

You can use a mixture of water with some washing powder to clean the spots. And do not use bleaching things to clean the spots, as that can make it worse.

4. Use a crate during the night and when unsupervised

Training your Jack Russell to a crate during nighttime from an early age. It will stop them peeing all around the house at night when you are unsupervised with them.

But, taking them outside for a morning walk should be their first thing in the morning. If they train properly in a crate, it will make them happy to have their own spot at the house and, for you, a clean floor.

Methods of potty training a dog

Here are several methods you can use when training your Jack Russell puppy. Select the best method that is comfortable for you and your dog.

I have mentioned three training methods you can use. These methods will help you find solutions for potty training a Jack Russell Terrier.

1. The routine method

  • Mealtimes – Feed your Jack Russell at the same time every day. This will make a body clock within them according to a regular routine. This will help you to predict what time they need the potty.
  • Keep his water topped up – Keep his water bowl topped up every time. It will help them to get into a regular routine for peeing. Even you cannot predict their toilet habits when they are dehydrated.
  • Morning toilet – As mentioned earlier, the first thing after waking up should be their morning walk-in outside. Also, when you feed them with their breakfast, take them out again. If they know the first thing in the morning is to go for a walk, they will hold their outlets until the morning. Jack Russells are really smart.
  • Lunchtime potty visit – Take him back to potty again at lunchtime.
  • Evening potty time – After it had dinner, take it to the potty after 15-20 minutes. Sometimes, they may need to go to the potty before their bedtime. But, when it trains to express their need, it will be easier for you to understand.

2. The verbal cue method

  • Potty time – Jack Russells are good at learning commands. So, you can use your words to train them. Give them instructions in a playful tone. They will listen to you immediately. Take him out for potty training regularly and wait until he’s just about to go or to go and then give a ‘potty time’ command. It will train for the command with time.
  • Turn around – Do not stare at your dog when he is doing his business. It will make them uncomfortable sometimes. So turn away and make them feel their space.
  • Reward – after finishing the business, treat them with a generous reward. As an example, you can give it a treat or verbal praise. When they are happy, they will repeat the habit.
  • Click – Clicker training method is a good way to communicate with your Jack Russell in potty training. 
  • Consistency – Practice your command every time when you train potty training. Your instructions will trigger their need to go for toileting when you train them properly. 

3. The Attractive Potty Method

  • Same spot – Another best method of how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier is the attractive potty method. And for that, make sure you take him to the same spot every day.
  • Yesterday’s potty – Sometimes, they are nervous and unsure about a new place for their business. So make sure you cleaned the spot yesterday, and they will be much more likely to go there again.
  • Privacy – Give them their privacy and make it comfortable for them.

How to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier step by step?

Now you know the methods you can use in potty training for your Jack Russell. In this section, let’s learn how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier step by step.

Step 1

 A consistent daily schedule is a must for Jack Russell Terriers. For example, if you usually wake up at 6 am, wake up your dog at 6.05 am.

Continue the schedule on weekends too. Many dog experts claim that potty breaks should be given to a dog after each meal, nap, and long play session.

Step 2

Carefully watch the signs of your dog when it expresses it needs to go for a potty. Usually, Jack Russell stiffens and hangs down instead of up when they need something.

Also, they may squat in “pee position,” which is another sign. If it shows these signs, immediately take it outside to the potty area. 

Step 3

Reward it with verbal praises, cuddling, sweets, or a toy after it has finished its business. This will make them repeat their habits.

Step 4

Train your Jack Russell from an early age to a crate because they will appreciate having their own spot in the house. But, do not leave them in the crate for a long period.

Always pay attention to its body language. On the other hand, training in a crate will help you to have a clean floor.

Step 5

Jack Russell Terriers are usually stubborn from its nature. Do not use harsh verbal methods or punishments to train them. Instead of that, say a quick “No.”

At the puppy age, you can pick it up and place it in the correct place. Always be patient with your dog.

Step 6

Always maintain consistency. You may feel like they will never train at the beginning. But, they also need enough time to practice. So, make sure to provide a regular routine to them. 

Step 7

As mentioned earlier, you should clean their accident spots immediately. You should remember this important point when you learn how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier.

Always make sure that you remove the smell of its pee because it may try again to pee or toilet in the same place if it smells the odor.

Tips for potty train your Jack Russell Terrier

Following mentioned tips will help you on how to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier.

  • The living area

Train your Jack Russell to distinguish the difference between the potty area and the living area. You need to train them to a certain place every night.

Also, let it eat and drink in that area. Use a dog pillow or a blanket to make that place more comfortable. Also, you can use a crate. 

  • The toilet area

He should have easy access to the toilet area when it needs to go. If he has an accident, do not punish or shout at them.

Remember to take him to the toilet area next time because shouting and punishing will make your dog more confused. And make sure it has the same toilet area every day.

  • Speed up the process with positive reinforcement

You can speed up its process by rewarding. Treat them with something they like when they finish their business in the correct spot. 

  • Stick to your rules

Do not change your rules from time to time. Stick to your rules every day. 

  • Limit Distractions

Through limiting distractions, you may see effective results, for that one person should take out the puppy at a time. 

Final thoughts about JRTs potty training

How to potty train a Jack Russell Terrier is a huge problem to many dog parents. But, as Jack Russell Terrier is a highly trainable dog breed, it is easier for you to train your dog. But you should start training from an early age and follow a strict routine every day.

And remember not to shout at your puppy or punish it when it accidentally pee or toilet inside the house. Use only positive reinforcements to make it effective, like praising them with treats or your warm cuddles.

By following the above-mentioned methods and tips will prevent him or her from making messes in your home.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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