Jack Russell Terrier Personality - Truth And Hints

Jack Russell Terrier Personality – Truth And Hints

Dogs are like their own children to every dog owner. Every dog parent should be aware of the personality of their dog to take good care of them. The personality of a dog changes from breed to breed.

When it comes to a Jack Russell Terrier, they are a bit far away from the personality of a normal dog. They should be properly taken care of, and there are specific personality traits, unlike other dogs.

If this dog breed is not taken care of properly, you may have to face many negative consequences as a dog parent. So, it is a must to know the truth about Jack Russell Terrier personality. 

Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog breed since the beginning of the early 1800s in England. They were good at hunting foxes, rabbits above and below the ground. In England, this dog breed is divided into two categories: “Parson Jack Russell Terriers” with long legs and “Jack Russell Terriers” with shorter legs. 

Jack Russell Terrier’s personality is usually lively, energetic, clever, and stubborn. Also, they are loyal and affectionate too. But it needs a handful of training to become an excellent domestic dog. If you are a dog parent of a Jack Russell terrier, you need a lot of patience with them. 

If you already have a Jack Russell Terrier or hope to adopt one, read the article to know about their personality. Moreover, the physical traits of Jack Russell Terriers, their common personality truths, common health issues within this dog breed, and how to deal with them.

Many people all around the world are having various interpretations of this dog breed as they are not suitable as domestic dogs. Once you finish reading this article, you will realize that the Jack Russell Terrier is a loyal and affectionate pet you can adopt at your home.

Let’s get started!

Physical traits of a Jack Russell Terrier

Let’s check the physical appearance of this Jack Russell Terrier first. Below mentioned factors are common physical traits of a Jack Russell Terrier.

  • Size

Usually, the size of a Jack Russell Terrier is; height 10 to 15 inches and weighs around 13 – 17 pounds. They are a small dog breed. 

  • Coat

There are two types of coats to this breed, namely, smooth coat and broken coat. Both types have a double coat. The broken coat is typically longer than the smooth coat. Some Jack Russells have a rough coat that is longer than a broken coat. However, both coat types do not need to brush frequently as they are not curly or wavy.

  • Color

Color varies according to their coat. It may be white, white with black or tan markings, or a white, black, and tan coat.

  • Ears

Small and take a V-shape. Also, it folds over at the midpoint of the ear.

  • Eyes

Almond shaped eyes and dark in color. 

  • Tail

Erect and straight tail. Sometimes a slight curve appears when it is in motion. 

  • Nose

A black button nose.

Common Jack Russell Terrier personality truths

Below mentioned are a few common truths of Jack Russell Terrier’s personality.

1. Energetic 

Jack Russells are energetic dogs that love to play, run, and dig all the time. If you are not used to being as energetic and active as Jack Russell, it may not be easy to take care of this dog breed.

They are great for people who love to explore and stay outside because they will easily keep up with you.

2. Very intelligent

Jack Russells are a very smart dog breed. They can understand what their masters say and do. That’s why they are good at training and exercisings.

Most commonly, this dog breed is taken to TV commercials and for the movies too. 

3. Fearless

This personality trait passes through their genes. They are hunting dogs who are fearless by nature. When they get a target, they do not stop until they catch it. 

4. Noisy

They are noisy as they always want to take their masters’ attention. There are many training methods to stop their constant barking, especially with love and affection. 

5. Jumping abilities

Jack Russells can jump around 5 feet high. So, it is better to put a high fence around the yard to avoid chasing someone or hurting themselves by escaping from you.

6. Stubborn at Times

Jack Russell Terrier personality is stubborn at many times, which leads their owners to frequently frustration. They try to stay their way. T

raining as many as possible is the only solution to control this personality trait. 

7. Fit and Ready for Challenges

Jack Russells are needed to be challenged. As they are energetic dog breeds, they need a way to burn their calories and energy.

So, as a good dog parent, you should ensure you provide daily exercises and activities like ; 

  • Running
  • Fetch
  • Tug of War
  • Swimming

These activities will calm them. Otherwise, they become stressed and aggressive very quickly.

8. 100% Trainable

This is another positive personality trait with these dogs. They are 100% trainable; as mentioned before, they are really smart and can understand what you are saying and doing.

Use this as your advantage to train them. As an example, you can use the clicker training method to train them basic commands. Such as ; 

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lay Down
  • Shake
  • Walk

9. Love to dig

If you have a yard, they will love to dig your yard as much as possible. They are hunting dogs from an early age, so this personality trait is nothing to surprise. 

Common health issues with Jack Russell Terriers

Generally, this dog breed is healthy and energetic as always. However, they are prone to specific health issues as same as any dog breed.

So, it is better to know these health issues that are common in many dogs in this breed.

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease 

This disease is common in many small dog breeds. And this is a cause of arthritis. It can be repaired after surgery and therapies.

This disease emerges with jack Russells when the patella is not aligned correctly. This causes a hop in the legs when they walk.

  • Lens Luxation  

Their lense of the eye can be displaced, and Lens Luxation emerges. This can be treated with proper eye surgery.

  • Deafness 

This Is associated with white coat color of the dog breed rather than other colors.

  • Glaucoma 

This is a painful disease with high pressure in the eye.  This leads to constantly producing and draining fluid to the eye. 

  • Constant shedding

Shorthaired coats Jack Russells shed all around the year. Most dog owners do not like to adopt a Jack Russells because of this shedding.   

  • Obesity

This dog breed needs a lot of extensive exercise. If you overfeed them and do not give them enough exercise it will push them to obesity.

  • Overshot and undershot

Overshot is when the upper-jaw extends beyond the lower jaw, and undershot is when the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw.

  • Oligodontia

The absence or decay of most or all of their teeth.

Hints to deal with Jack Russell Terriers personality

Now, you have a good idea about a Jack Russell Terrier personality well. Here are some hints to deal with them.

1. Providing enough exercise

As Jack Russells are an energetic dog breed filled with energy, it is a must to give them enough exercise daily. If not, they will become stressed and aggressive easily.

You can play with them or make them your exercise partners and help them to burn up their extra calories.

2. Potential animal aggression

Two Jack Russells of the same gender are not suitable for one house. They can be aggressive towards each other. This can be over small things like possession of a toy.

Also, they are a jealous dog breed that does not want to see their owner cuddle another dog.

3. Fence security 

Jack Russells are good at escaping. Also, their personality allows them to jump high.

So, it is better to make your fence high to avoid running them outside to harm another person or themselves.

4. Stop Your Jack Russell From Biting

Biting is common with puppies but also common with Jack Russells throughout their lifetime.

To protect your furniture from their sharp teeth, you can replace a chewing toy with what they bite from an early age.

How to Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier From Barking

To stop barking, you should find out the reasons for their barking. Mainly Jack Russell Terriers bark frequently because of ;

  • Boredom
  • Anxiety

Start his training and socialization early

If you want to get rid of the aggressive behaviors of your Jack Russell, you have to start their training from an early age.

This smart dog loves to learn new things. But, do not use punishments or scoldings when you train them. Always try to use fun tricks with love.

Minimize separation anxiety

This is a common personality trait with the Jack Russells. They often suffer from separation anxiety.

Train them to stay a few hours a day alone from the beginning to get rid of this. 

Conclusion – Jack Russell Terrier Personality

If you want to erase your boredom with an energetic, active dog, Jack Russell Terriers are the best option for you. Now you know Jack Russell Terriers personality well. Many people view them as not suitable for adoption in a domestic environment due to their personality. But, with a handful of training and love, they will become the best dog breed you can ever have. Also, following the mentioned tips in the article will be easier for you to deal with your Jack Russell. Knowing the personality trait of your dog helps to adopt them healthy and happy.

Moreover, you can get rid of unnecessary problems. Remember, this small dog breed can be like a tiny beast without enough training. So, if you love to lay on your couch all day with your dog, Jack Russell Terriers are not for you.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about our four-legged friends.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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