Jack Russell and Pug Mix (Jug) - Facts, Pics and More

Jack Russell Pug Mix (Jug) – Not A Good Cross Breed?

Jack pug (Jug) is a small cross breed resulting from the Jack Russell and pug mix. They are gentle and family-friendly dogs, with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Therefore, there is a high demand for adopting this little, intelligent and lovely dog breed.

If you are interested in Jack Russell Pug Mix, you will have many questions on your mind regarding this excellent dog breed.

That is why I thought to share my findings and experiences of being a proud owner of two beautiful Jack Russell Terriers named Shaggy and Lenny.

I have listed the main topics that I discuss in this topic below. Feel free to jump straight to the topic you want.

Fast facts – Jug (Jack Russell Terrier and Pug mix)

Average height 12 to 15 inches
Average weight 14 to 22 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Suitable for Singles or Couples, Active seniors, Apartments
Temperament Gentle, Alert, Intelligent
Good for families?Yes
Other nicknamesJack pug, Jug, Jack Russell pug, Russell pug, Terrier pug
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Origin of Jack Russell Pug Mix (Jug)

Origin of Jack Russell Pug Mix (Jug)

Jack Pug, known as Jug, is a designer dog that resulted from a mix between Jack Russel Terrier and Pug. Jack Pug’s origin and historical data are not recorded yet.

However, some researchers have guessed that Jack Russell Pug Mix’s origin could have happened in the 1960 – the 1970s somewhere in the USA. The American Canine Hybrid Club recently registered Jack Pugs.

As usual, this mixed breed has both qualities of their parents. They have got energy, loyalty from Jack Russell Terrier, and companionship, love from Pug.

The appearance of Jack Pug

Jack Pug mixes get their prominent appearance from either parent. Typically, they have round heads, curly tails, and short muscles. Their body structure is small, as both parents. However, they are stronger than a purebred Pug.

Jugs have enthusiasm and energy like a Jack Russell. Most of the time, they got folded ears and dark faces like Pug. But, they got more minor sprinkles on their face.

As a mix of Jack Russell and Pug, Jug’s physical features may differ from one another even in the same litter. It affects the bloodline, quality of the genes, and the pedigree of their parents.

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How big does the Pug Jack Russell mix get?

Pug Jack mix is a small dog with an average height of 12-15 inches and around 14-22 pounds of weight. Jugs are a little bit larger than purebred Jack Russell Terriers and Pugs.

They have longer and muscular legs. However, Jack Pugs are not that heavy compare to their body structure.

How big does the pug Jack Russell mix get?

Temperament – Common facts about Jack Russell and Pug mix

Jack-Pug is an intelligent, friendly, fearless, and energetic small dog like its parent Jack Russell Terrier. At the same time, Jack Russell Pug Mix is a great family pet with gentle, loving, pleasant, and adorable qualities from the purebred Pug. 

They are playful and friendly with children. Typically, they are loyal to the owners and expect a lot of attention. Sometimes, they are jealousy of other pets and babies due to less attention they get from the audience.

Are Jug dogs aggressive? 

Jugs are active and attentive dogs every time. Sometimes, they have got digging and hunting instinct from Jack Russells. They may be aggressive towards small animals like squirrels, chipmunks, and cats.

However, if you train them properly at their early age, they won’t be aggressive unless you want them to.

Are Jugs stubborn?

They have a quality of leadership by birth. Therefore, they expect to do what they want. Jugs may become stubborn if you poke them too much or shout them too much. Other than that, they will act weird when you don’t give them attention. 

But, the best thing is you can easily bribe them with a small treat or a snack to do what you expect. 

Are Jack pugs guard dogs?

Yes, contrary to their body size, they will guard you against threats. They have qualities for being good guard dogs with attentiveness, bravery, and loyalty. However, Jack Pug Mixes are quite sensitive dogs.

Temperament - Common facts about Jug

How often should you wash a Jack Pug Mix dog?

They don’t have a strong doggy smell like some other dogs. It means you don’t need to shower them frequently. However, their coats need to be regularly brushed and maintained.

Jugs have a short and thick coat which is easy to maintain. This is an advantage of adopting a Jack Pug.

How much exercise do Jugs need?

Jack Russell Pug Mix dogs have qualities of both Jack Russell Terriers and Pugs half to half. Therefore, they may be extremely active and playful. So, they need at least 30-40 minutes of regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

What are the common Health issues Jugs have? 

Jugs are typically healthy dogs. Sometimes, they may have some respiratory disorders like Pugs.

And also, there is a possibility of having skin problems, weepy eyes, kneecap dislocations, and allergies from time to time with their age.

Does Jack Pug Get Along with Other Pets?

Jack Russell and Pug mix create a very sociable and energetic combination. Usually, they get along well with other pets. However, they need proper training at their younger age to avoid some destructive behaviors.

Jugs are selfish and jealousy sometimes, depending on the attraction of the owner.

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Are Jack Russell Pug mixes Good for Families?

Are Jack Pug mixes Good for Families?

Of course, they are great for families. They are so gentle and love kids as well. Jugs never get tired of playing and running every corner of your house or garden.

They are also such protective and fearless dogs; so, you can expect some safety from threats.

How much do Jug puppies cost?

Jack Pugs puppies’ cost could be 600$ to 900$ (750-1000 Euros) depending on their parent’s pedigree and the bloodline. However, Jugs puppies get different appearances even within the same litter. Therefore, my advice for you; negotiate with the breeder or the seller.

And also, keep some extra bucks in hand for initial expenses like tests, shots, deworming, chipping, carrier, collar, and leash.

Jack Russell Pug Mix lifespan

Jugs have a decent life span like their parents Jack Russell and Pug. Typically, they got 12-15 years of average life expectancy. However, they are susceptible to the weather and sicknesses.

Therefore, proper care and attention will help them for their maximum lifetime.

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As a proud owner of two Jack Russell Terriers, I would love to adopt a Jack Russell Pug mix known as Jack Pug and Jug. Thank you for reading this post.


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