Rat Terrier's Characteristics And Personality Traits

Rat Terrier’s Characteristics And Personality Traits

Rat Terrier is an adorable dog breed. Many living in apartments love to adopt this breed because of his cute body size. However tiny and sweet they are, they pack a unique set of characteristics and traits inside them.

So, what are Rat Terrier’s Characteristics? Generally, they are fun-loving, energetic, very affectionate, and loyal to their owners. Other than these, many traits distinguish a Rat Terrier From Other breeds.

Let’s find out more!

What Are The Common Characteristics Of Rat Terriers? 

Before determining your dream doggo, you should like his looks and personality not just because it should match your mind’s picture but also because your doggo must be compatible with your neighborhood, especially his temperament and behavior.

Today, we’ll break down Rat Terrier characteristics so you can determine if that’s your dream doggo.

  • They Are Very Energetic

You should keep in mind that this small dog is very energetic. It’s understandable due to the reasons this dog breed was first designed, that is, to hunt rodents.

So, you need to be ready to play and be active with your puppy almost throughout the day. 

Moreover, because of this high energy level, Ratties usually need an exercise routine of around 45 minutes to one hour every day to spend their energy walking and running.

Being active straight for an hour will also eliminate being hyper-energetic during the day.

  • He’s An Affectionate Doggo

Rat Terriers are always affectionate and loving towards their family members. He will always find ways to keep his humans happy.

Ratties can be funny and aloof throughout the day. But, there’s a catch. Do not ever think that your Rat Terrier will warm to any strangers.

Even if you’re entirely comfortable with this new person, it takes time. They will first need to gain your pet’s trust before the Terrier becomes less wary of that person. It’s one of the best Rat Terrier characteristics among this breed. 

And please, don’t even think of not trusting your Rattie because he’s the epitome of loyalty. 

  • Highly Intelligent 

Even to train a doggo, it should be smart enough to grab whatever you’re trying to teach. Or else the training period will stretch to the limit of your patience.

But you don’t have to worry about that with a Rattie. They’re brilliant and will learn anything you teach them properly within a short time. Just like that, he’ll adopt bad habits too.

So, keep an eye on him and teach him not to when he tries to be mischievous.

  • An Excellent Watchdog

Since the beginning, they have had a hunting trait in their bloodline. So these tiny dogs will always be on alert mode, even when they are sleeping.

This guy’s pointy ears will let him hear any slight sound from a long distance. So if you need a watchdog for your security but want to be wary, he’s your best option.

These Rat Terrier characteristics add a high value to this breed.

What Are The Other Rat Terrier Traits You should Know

  • Dynamic Personality 

This small dog is feisty. He’s quick to bark, will chase down small animals, and be stubborn, impulsive, and bossy.

These habits at times make him look so adorable and funny, but sometimes, they will annoy you to the max.

Some of these personalities can be minimized through training, but you cannot eliminate them entirely. 

  • He’s A Digger 

Ratties might be small, but they are big-time yard wreckers. They are known to dig under fences to escape and make holes on the ground to hide things occasionally. But that’s one way he’s having fun by himself.

  • He’s A Runner 

Make sure you have a chipped collar on your pet’s neck because he loves running away to explore and be generally curious about everything.

  • A Big-Time Talker

Rat Terriers love barking to get your attention. Sometimes this barking trait will annoy you to the maximum. But, this unnecessary barking can be minimized through personality training.

That training is necessary if you live in apartments because it could disturb your neighbors. 

Many Rat Terrier characteristics would annoy and frustrate you, but these distinctive features of Ratties make them so much desirable.

Yet, you need to make sure that Ratties are compatible with your life. You don’t need to feel exhausted because of your dog at home.

Determine If He’s Your Dream Pet With Rat Terrier Characteristics 

Finally, it’s time to decide if this terrier breed suits you or not. You cannot find perfect doggos with no flaws.

But you should analyze the pros and cons of Ratties and determine if you could devote yourself to this dog type. Let’s see.

Rat Terrier becomes the perfect puppy for you if you search for an energetic, loyal and playful dog. Furthermore, they’re excellent and talented watchdogs.

What’s best about this dog breed is that they only need little grooming because of their sleek and short fur coat. 

If you bathe your dog once a month and brush him regularly, you’ll have a high-class, elegant doggo at your service.

Therefore if you need a pet who lives around 18 years with low health defects and has many options of colors and coat types to choose from (in mix Rat Terriers), Rat Terrier is the best for you. Believe us; these Rat Terrier characteristics make them a well-sought-after puppy.

But you must highly reconsider buying a Rat Terrier if the following traits and habits don’t sit well with you. Rat Terriers have dynamic temperaments, are stubborn and bark excessively, wreak havoc on gardens and be active most of the day.

Moreover, rattles tend to be aggressive with small animals because of their hunting traits. 

So, what’s your final decision? Are you happy with the positives in Rat Terriers’ temperaments, or do the cons outweigh the good? Let us know your thoughts.

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