Rat Terrier Walking Guide - How Much, How Long, And How Often?

Rat Terrier Walking Guide – How Much, How Long, And How Often?

To keep your pet dog healthy, you must give him a fair share of exercises every day. It’s mandatory because just a healthy diet is not enough. Also, it would help if you kept a regular exercise schedule active and were free to execute it properly. I think this Rat Terrier walking guide will help in that case.

So, how much should you walk your Rat Terrier? You must at least take your Rat Terrier walking and exercising 3 or 4 times a week for 40 minutes to one hour. It would keep him fit, but it will also stop him from being hyperactive throughout the day.

Let’s find out more in-detail,

How Much Should I Walk My Rat Terrier?

As I often say, Rat Terriers are bred to be active. If not, how could they be useful in hunting and farming? But now, they are much more domesticated and live as house pets.

That also means another thing. Now they don’t have a proper way to let go of their energy. 

Most of the time, if you’re a Rat Terrier parent, you’ll notice a significant change in his personality if your Rattie doesn’t get enough exercise during the day started. He’ll be hyperactive and eventually become a nuisance to you and everybody around. 

Therefore, the best way to calm him down is by giving him enough exercise. Get your Rat Terrier walking and generally active straight for about 40 minutes to one hour every day. Then, you’ll have a calm and quiet Rattie with you for the whole day. 

Or else your cute little Rat Terrier will become a destruction machine as he tries to release all the energy he has.

Not only walking, but you can also help him release his energy by playing with him, running, playing fetch, etc. 

And did you know that your Rattie can run 2 to 3 miles a day or even more if he’s trained and perfectly healthy?

How Long Should I Walk My Rat Terrier? 

Ratties are incredible athletes. They are very active, intelligent, and easy to train. Overall, you can call a rat terrier smart.

They are speedy runners with a top speed of 27 miles per hour. There’s a myth around the society that you should not take your Rat Terrier walking for more than one mile per day because their legs are short.

But do not get fooled by this. Your Rattie will be perfectly fine to walk and run a dozen miles a day. 

And if you’re an outdoor adventure enthusiast, believe us, a Rat Terrier will be a perfect companion.

Activities like day hikes are nothing to him as long as you keep him hydrated and energized. So, if you’re considering taking your Rat Terrier walking, two or three miles, divided throughout the day or not, will be the perfect amount of exercise for him. 

But other than just walking, don’t forget to add a day of outdoor activities between the days; your Rattie will surely enjoy it.

How Often Should I Walk My Rat Terrier? 

It is another one of the frequent questions that our Rat Terrier parents ask us. Taking your Rat Terrier walking to get him to spend his energy is not a must for every single day. There are several other methods to make your Rattie active.

Don’t ever expect a laid-back personality from your Rat Terrier; they love to be active throughout the day.

Sometimes your Rattie will annoy you with all the energy he stored in his little body. But if you’re an active person yourself, no other factor will make you love your Rat a ton more. 

True, you need to help him release his pent-up energy every day. But you don’t have to make it a chore to walk him because there are many other ways to do that.

It’s also true that taking Rat Terrier walking is the best way to calm down your dog for the day and contain his excessive barking trait, yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice it up a bit more and get the job done a little more creatively. 

Just think, all you have to do is, keep him active for a few minutes. 

  • Go For A Swim

Even though Rat Terriers are not the best of the best swimmers, they can hold themselves fine. And they do enjoy a good swim and love to be in the water.

Therefore other than taking your Rat Terrier walking, you can consider going for a swim, especially on hot days in the summer. 

  • Play Tug Of War And Fetch 

These two games are another way to keep your Rattie engaged and active. The most significant advantage is you can play tug of war and fetch in the comfort of your home.

Better if you can go outside into your backyard, though. Because then there is much more space for your pet to run around.

  • Hide And Seek 

It is a pretty fun game that you can play with your doggo. You can hide in some corner and ask your dog to “come.” He’ll try to find you with your natural scent.

Another version of this is hiding treats all around your house. Find some good yet, not hard-to-reach corners in your home, and your Terrier will be occupied for quite some time.

  • Cycling With Your Rat Terrier 

If you love cycling around the outdoors, your doggy will be a great partner. Even though he can not cycle on his own (Ha Ha), he’ll run behind you as you go.

But don’t forget to hold his leash securely; he’ll take on running as soon as he feels free. 

Do Rat Terriers Like Walks?

Hell, yes. Your Rattie loves exploring and tasting the freedom of adventure. Therefore naturally, Terriers do like walks.

Take your Rat Terrier walking, and he’ll feel contented after much sniffing and shuffling around during the trek. 

One; You can either take him on walks every day. Two; you can do a fusion of walking and engaging in other activities throughout the week.

However, if you decide to give your doggo some exercise, keep in mind that your dog loves being active and spending his energy.

How do you think you’re going to exercise your dog? Are you going to take your Rat Terrier walking or running? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

And don’t forget to forward your problems regarding your Rattie. We’ll see you next time. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more.


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