Why Does My Dog Play Too Rough At The Dog Park? Explained With Controlling Tips 

Why Does My Dog Play Too Rough At The Dog Park? Explained

There are times when our pets get out of our control. Have you ever faced any problematic situations just because your well-behaved puppy is playing too rough at the park? If you do, stop here for a moment, and read what we have to say about this problem. 

Why does my dog play too rough at the dog park? Most of the time, dogs love showing off and spreading dominance over an area. Especially if your pet hasn’t been spayed or neutered, they’ll try to impress the other gender, but there are ways to minimize this behavior.

So hang on in there. Let us tell you why and how to reduce this problem in our pet doggies. If you have ever been in this awkward situation before and are afraid it might happen again, never worry; we’re here to help you solve this.

Why Does My Dog Play Too Rough At The Dog Park? 

A dog is naturally an active animal. They love to run around playing and exploring the world around them. And more importantly, they love to impress you and other fellow dogs alike. 

Especially if you’re at the dog park, there will be many other fellow playmates and competitors for your puppy. At times like that, his play will get rough. But what does that mean? 

For a start, when your dog plays too rough at the dog park, he’ll try to get control out of you. He will start disobeying your orders, bark continuously at other pooches, and try to start fights.

His usual speed will increase in multiple folds, especially if you untie him from the leash. Or else he might try to get to a particular destination, and if you say ‘no,’ he’ll pull you there with all his might.

Maybe these do happen on an everyday basis. But if you remember clearly, rough-housing is multiple times rougher than this usual behavior.

Further, there’s another possible cause for this behavior in canines. It might be a learned one. When the other doggies are playing rough with each other, your pet might get the need to do the same. But, how do you stop or reduce the dog’s over-excitement at the park? We’ll see.

How Can I Calm My Dog Down At The Dog Park? 

Removing his excitement is tough whenever my dog plays too rough at the dog park. Sometimes it’s even funny to watch your pup being excited and enjoying the time.

Yet, there’s a catch. If you don’t stop it as soon as it starts, the animal might think you approve of his behavior. And all the fun ends if he ever starts a fight with playmates around him.

Therefore, you must stop your fluffy as soon as you notice he’s edging onto the wrong side. But how?

  • Define His Tasks When You’re At The Playground 

Make sure you have some gentle games ready at your hand. When the game is in full swing, if you notice the canine getting hyperactive, disturb his mindset and move on to another game.

  • Get Back The Leash

A doggo might get hard to control when he’s off-leash, and the gentle and friendly play will only take a second to flip over and cause drama.

So, now get him back on the leash. Maybe a pleasant stroll will put a stop to this excited state. 

  • Encourage Being Gentle 

Suppose the dog plays too rough at the dog park and starts getting hyperactive, and the other owners at the park are getting concerned. Call your dog to you.

Use the “come” command; repeat if it’s necessary. When your pup is at your side, command him to sit.

Don’t forget to encourage his obedience with a small tasty treat if he obeys without an objection. 

  • Avoid Crowded Times

It is the easiest way to avoid any unnecessary drama. Refrain from visiting the dog park at peak hours. And go at odd, less crowded times.

It will significantly downgrade the chances of your doggo wanting to spread dominance. Moreover, you’ll also find it easy to control your pet.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Playing Too Rough With Other Dogs?

Dogs are competitive, and as I said before, they love competition. But, he could get aggressive in a case when he’s in fear, defensive, possessive, or territorial.

So it will be helpful if you know how to stop your dog from playing too rough.

You need to introduce your friend to other dogs and animals at a young age. When he gets used to playing with other animals, he’ll find it easier to get on with playmates at the playground.

  • Spay Or Neuter Your Pup

Hormone-driven aggression is mainly caused in dogs who are not neutered. So, if you could neuter them at a younger age, this aggression would be minimized. 

  • Supervise Him At All Times

Never leave your pets unattended at the doggo park. Keep an eye on him at all times. And whenever you feel like you’re going to lose control, initiate positive reinforcement to correct him.

If you ever try to intimidate him, you’ll lose control altogether.

How Do I Teach My Dog To Play Gentle With Other Dogs? 

Obedience is the foundation. If you try to teach your pet to play with other pets, you should ensure that he obeys you duly.

Or else, whenever the dog plays too rough at the dog park, you have a big chance of losing control of your canine if he is stubborn and doesn’t listen to you.

Therefore before you start, make sure the dog knows to follow your commands to the max. 

Never encourage bad behavior. You need to stop every bad thing your fluffy tries to do. Whenever he tries to be rough or stubborn, you need to show him that you’re not happy with that and that the dog won’t get anything enjoyable out of it. 

Moreover, almost every domesticated dog goes through a thorough training process. During this time, don’t forget to socialize the puppy with other dogs. Having this experience at a younger age prepares your dogs to be calm and friendly around other canines at the dog park. 

So when my dog plays too rough at the dog park, this is how I tamed him. Have you ever had this experience? How did you stop it? Let others know in the comments.

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