Why Does My Jack Russell Terrier Sleep So Much? Explained

Why Does My Jack Russell Terrier Sleep So Much? Explained

Jack Russell Terriers are ideal companions to have in your households. If you are a Jack Russell owner, you may not only enjoy its company, but you may also be concerned about the well-being of your beloved pet.

Hence Jack Russell Terriers are super active and energetic dogs; seeing them sleeping a lot will undoubtedly bother you.

So, why do Jack Russell Terriers Sleep so much? Typically a healthy Jack Russell sleeps around 8 – 14 hours per day. If your JRT sleeps more than that, there could be various reasons behind that excessive sleeping, such as adjusting to a new environment, getting sufficient exercise, and aging. Apart from those, there could be health concerns that make them sleep more than usual.

If you are a Jack Russell Terrier owner who faces this question, this article will provide you with answers. Also, read through to get a comprehensive understanding of some essential sleeping habits of this dog breed. 

 Jack Russell Terrier’s sleeping behavior and pattern

Before getting panicked, let’s understand the usual sleeping patterns of a Jack Russell Terrier. You may have heard that Jack Russell Terriers are exceptionally energetic and lively dogs; they certainly are.

Jack Russell Terriers love spending their time actively with the family. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a Jack Russell Terrier will spend their entire day running or playing. 

Any dog, including Jack Russell Terriers, spends a considerable amount of time sleeping and relaxing.

The average time a healthy Jack Russell Terrier would spare for sleeping would be 8 -14 hours per day. If your Jack Russell Terrier sleeps around 8 -14 hours, that is entirely normal; there’s nothing to get panicked about. 

Why does my Jack Russell sleep so much?

Here we are coming to the matter of concern. Now you know how long a Jack Russell Terrier usually sleeps. It is essential to understand that the sleeping patterns of a Jack Russell Terrier are not always consistent; it typically changes in several stages.

However, if you feel like they sleep quite a lot, and you are curious to know why, here are the most common reasons.

  • Adapting to a new environment

If your newly brought Jack Russell puppy tends to sleep a lot, do not worry about it. When jack Russell Terrier adapts to a new environment, more specifically at a young age, they will sleep quite a lot.

If you wonder why, mainly due to their lack of socialization with humans and unfamiliarity with the environment. Dogs have emotions. When a newborn puppy gets separated from its mother and the litter, it could be an exhausting experience.

So it takes a few days for them to get used to the new surroundings and their new family. Therefore they will spend most of their time sleeping rather than being playful or active.

But after a couple of weeks, they’ll fully get used to their new home, and sleeping hours will eventually decrease. 

  • Getting sufficient exercises

As already mentioned, Jack Russells are a dog breed with high-energy levels. It is mandatory to provide their exercises on a regular basis to release their energy.

Jack Russells love to engage themselves in physical activities. Taking your Jack Russell Terrier for a jog, playing fetch for an hour or so would help them get their daily dose of exercise.

After an intense exercise session, they prefer taking long naps to relax and restore their energy. 

  • Aging

Another possible reason that makes your Jack Russell Terriers sleep a lot is aging. It is evident that any dog would lack their energy levels as they grow old.

More extended sleep patterns are an ordinary condition seen among senior Jack Russells. In general, this dog breed has an average life span of 14-18 years.

Once they reach 11 years or above, they are considered senior dogs. By this age, they won’t be as active as they used to and prefer sleeping more than usual. 

  • Health concerns 

Previously we discussed the common reasons why a Jack Russell terrier sleeps a lot. In such cases, you don’t have to worry; hence they are normal conditions.

But suppose you notice sudden and frequent changes in the sleeping pattern of your Jack Russell. In that case, you should take necessary action because it could be an indicator that your dog is facing a health issue.

Especially if they have health complexities like diabetes or depression, they tend to sleep more. 

How do Jack Russells like to sleep?

Even though they are active, Jack Russell Terriers also prefer a good sleeping routine. And here are some essential things that you should know when providing them with a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Jack Russell Terriers typically prefer sleeping in a comfy environment. So wherever they sleep, make sure that it is warm enough to keep them cozy.

They are not big fans of cold environments because, generally, small dog breeds have more tendency to catch colds. Apart from a relaxed atmosphere, Jack Russell Terriers prefer when it’s quiet while they nap.

But remember not to force your Jack Russell Terrier where to sleep. Yes, they usually seek a comfy and cozy place to sleep. Sometimes it could be your bed.

However, they could also prefer to sleep somewhere else. These intelligent little dogs know what they want. So you can observe how they like to sleep and provide what they need accordingly. 

Should I let my Jack Russell sleep with me?

Jack Russell Terriers sometimes could be very clingy to the family members. Therefore they may prefer sleeping with you.

As mentioned earlier, Jack Russell Terriers love to sleep in cozy places, and your bed with big blankets could be the ideal sleeping spot for your Jack Russell Terrier.

As long as you train your Jack Russell Terrier and keep them clean, there won’t be an issue of letting them sleep with you.

Final thoughts about JRT’s sleeping

Jack Russell Terriers are energetic little dogs. As much as they prefer spending their time actively, they also like having a good sleep. Their sleeping patterns eventually change, and in most cases, such changes occur due to usual reasons.

There could be some exceptions, too, such as health concerns. You need to have a general understanding of the sleeping pattern of your Jack Russell Terrier; then, you can easily spot if something is different or unusual.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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