Rat Terrier And Italian Greyhound Mix - Hybrid Dog Breed Info

Rat Terrier And Italian Greyhound Mix – Hybrid Dog Breed Info

Would you like to have a fun, playful, athletic, friendly, and, most importantly, unique dog? If your answer is yes, it would be totally worth reading this article. This article will provide insights into an exceptional hybrid dog breed: the Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix.

Dogs are popular domestic animals, and we can find hundreds of dog breeds around the world. There are also several hybrids or mixed-breed dogs besides purebred ones. 

The Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix is an eccentric hybrid breed that results from purebred Rat Terriers and Italian Greyhounds. Hence, the parent breeds have distinct looks and personalities; one cannot pinpoint this mixed breed’s appearance and behavioral traits.

Nonetheless, they could sometimes have more characteristics from one parent over the other or a perfect blend of both parents. Generally, Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix is a small-sized dog with vibrant personalities.

Since this is a unique hybrid dog breed, many will raise questions regarding having one. People will likely think raising such a breed will be extremely difficult. It is essential to understand that raising a dog is a challenging duty despite the breed they belong to.

However, when you educate yourself with the basics, you can be an excellent dog parent, and you can certainly raise a Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix. Let’s jump into the details.

Fast Facts: Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier Mix

Average height 10 – 18 inches 
Average weight 15 – 25 pounds
Lifespan 13 – 15 years 
Suitable for Active seniors,
Singles or Couples,
Temperament Active, Gentle,
Alert, Energetic,
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Rat-Hound,
Greyhound-Rat Mix
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Origin of Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix

When did the Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix originate? We cannot find exact information regarding the origin of this hybrid breed.

Still, there is plenty of information regarding their parent breeds which will help us to understand where the roots of this mixed breed come from.

If we commence with Rat Terrier, it is a breed initially coming from the USA. Rat Terriers were developed in the early 1900s, and the existing information shows that Rat Terriers were bred as hunting dogs; to be more precise, this breed was used by farmers back then to catch rats and pests in their farms. This is where the Rat Terriers got their name in the first place.

The other parent breed, the Italian Greyhound, though they go by that name; the breed first developed in Greece and Turkey.

During the renaissance period in Europe, around the 16th century, this breed became popular in many European states, particularly Italy; this is how they received their name. Just like Rat Terriers, Italian Greyhounds are also bred for hunting purposes. 

Although we cannot find clear information regarding the mixed version of these two dogs, it is evident that they became demanding not very long ago. 

The appearance of Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mixes

The appearance of Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mixes

If you are familiar with the physical appearance of parent breeds, you can roughly picture what a Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix dog would look like.

However, the looks of hybrid dogs can be unpredictable sometimes because they could get more looks from one parent over the other or equal physical characteristics from both. This is common for this hybrid breed as well. 

Both Rat Terriers and Italian Greyhounds are small-made dogs; hence their hybrid version also tends to be smaller in their size. Sometimes they can even be miniature because there are miniature versions of Rat Terriers.

The Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix usually grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh around 20 pounds. This hybrid breed gets a short and glossy coat, either bicolor or tricolor. It often combines black, brown, white, fawn, and sable colors.

They get floppy, semi-erect or erect ears and long thin tails. Despite the small size overall, the Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix tend to look athletic. 

How big do Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mixes get?

The size of this hybrid dog breed primarily depends on the parents’ size. As already mentioned, both Rat Terriers and Italian Greyhounds are small-made dogs.

The size of a standard breed Rat Terrier is around 10-18 inches and 15-25 pounds. Italian Greyhounds weigh about 10-15 pounds and have an approximate height of 12-15 inches.

Therefore the mixed version of these dogs typically has an average height of 12-15 inches and a weight of 15-20 pounds.

While genes are the most critical factor determining the size, other external factors, for instance, the quality of food and physical activities, can also impact their overall growth. 

The temperament of Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mixes

One of the things that I like the most about hybrid dogs is their personalities. They own temperaments from two separate breeds, creating dogs with dynamic characters.

Regarding the Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix, parent breeds share some similar personality traits and distinct ones. So the hybrid version gets bits and pieces from those personality traits.

To name some common behavioral traits of this mixed breed, the Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix dogs are energetic, sporty, and lively.

Despite being a little feisty, they can also be sweet, gentle, and affectionate dogs. Therefore it would be fair enough to say that the Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix is a small dog with a big personality.

How long do Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mixed dogs live?

How long do Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mixed dogs live?

We all would love it if our dogs could stay with us as long as possible. Unfortunately, dogs age differently from humans; their life spans are usually limited to 8-12 years.

However, some breeds tend to live longer than the average age range, and the good news is Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mixes belong to that category.

The parent breeds enjoy longer life spans compared to many other breeds; hence their hybrid version typically lives up to 13-15 years. 

How much do Greyhound Rat Terrier mixed puppies cost?

The approximate price of a dog may change based on several factors, primarily the parents’ bloodline and the breeder’s reputation.

If you buy a purebred Rat Terrier from a renowned breeder, you will likely spend around 700-1500 US Dollars. An Italian Greyhound will cost about 1200-1500 US Dollars.

When buying a hybrid dog, it is always better to be cautious about the bloodline of the parents and the breeder’s reputation.

So for a quality Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix puppy, you will have to spend around 1000 US Dollars. 

Tips for raising a Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mixed

The Rat Terrier and Greyhound mix are generally considered a low-maintenance hybrid breed. Therefore this breed is fit for anyone, even if you have a busy daily life.

However, because this is a low-maintenance breed, you cannot simply ignore their overall maintenance. If you need the dog to stay happy and healthy, it is mandatory to have sound knowledge of their care.

So here are some important and practical tips that help upkeep the Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix.

  • Following a consistent grooming schedule

Sticking to a grooming schedule is essential to this breed’s maintenance. The Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix dogs do not require frequent baths, but you can give them weekly baths to ensure their coat is nice and clean.

Since they have short length coats, brushing their coats a few times a week should be sufficient.

Furthermore, it is better to clean their teeth regularly because small dogs can be prone to oral issues. Also, clean their ears and trim their nails every few weeks. 

  • Be aware of primary medical care

Like any other dog, this breed also could face several health complexities. Having prior knowledge regarding basic medical care will undoubtedly help to prevent most of the concerns in the primary stages.

Some of the common health issues among this hybrid breed are patellar luxation, epilepsy, bacterial infections, and oral health problems.

Pay close attention if you notice sudden and frequent changes in your dog; if so, take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Moreover, do occasional veterinary checkups to get their vaccine jabs and oral and ear checkups.  

  • Pay attention to dietary and exercise requirements

The Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix do not have complex dietary needs. As they are small in size, they do not need large quantities of food, but the quality is necessary.

If you feed them dog food, ½ to 1 cup of food split into two meals will help them meet their basic dietary needs. When you add human food to their diet, make it grain and gluten-free.

Furthermore, these dogs are super energetic and require high-calorie food. Speaking of exercises, this is a generally active breed; taking them for a walk or playing with them for around an hour per day will help them to stay healthy. 

Final thoughts

This article provided a comprehensive guide on the Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix.

Combining two exquisite dog breeds, the Rat Terrier and Greyhound mix have become a unique, fun, and friendly dog. Most importantly an ideal pet for anyone.

Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about our four-legged furry friends.


  • Lisa Watson

    Lisa W. is a practicing certified veterinarian (BVetMed Hons in Veterinary Medicine) who graduated from Royal Veterinary College, UK. One of her research fields is mixed-dog breeds and their temperament, behavioral issues, and genetic health concerns. Also, she gathers data about purebred dog breeds and their origin, lifespan, and genetic conditions. Lisa is a loving dog parent who is keen to share her expertise with other fellow dog parents.

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