Types of Jack Russell Terriers - Comparison & Hints

Types of Jack Russell Terriers – Comparison & Hints

Jack Russells were bred as hunting dogs. So, they are a very active and energetic breed many people love to raise as pets. There are different types of Jack Russells.

If you are also one person among the people who love to raise them as your pet, it is very important to know all the related information on this lovely terrier. Therefore, this article is all about the varieties of Jack Russells that we meet.

What are the different types of Jack Russells? They are found in three different coat types as broken, smooth, and rough. Parson Russell Terrier is another type of JRT with a long coat. Also, there is another JRT type named Shorty Jack Russell, which has much shorter legs and a heavily built body structure. Apart from that, there are more than 15 Jack Russell Terrier Mixed dog breeds out there.

JRTs originated as fox hunting dogs. Therefore, all types of Jack Russells are loyal to their owners. They are good guardian for you that loves always to be around you.

But, there are also some cons as well. Sometimes, they become aggressive, show destructive behaviors like; continuous barking, digging, etc.

But, with better training, you can control the habits of the dog. And if you are finding a Jack Russell to make it as your pet, you should consider the common diseases of them like; deafness, oral hygiene problems, ear infections, obesity, arthritis, etc. 

In this article, I discuss; who are Jack Russells, what are some different types of Jack Russell terriers, the pros and cons of them as pets to be raised in a house, and finally, I have provided some important information on the common health issues that we found in Jack Russells. 

Let’s get started!

Who are Jack Russell Terriers?    

Jack Russells originated as hunting dogs 200 years ago in England. It is a small but clever dog. They are known for their intelligence, energy, activeness, loyalty, independence, etc.

There are also some negative characteristics of these dogs, like; aggressiveness in them, but they can be trained easily. 

Anyway, there are various types of Jack Russells. When you select a dog as your pet, a Jack Russell will be your best choice.

But, do not forget that sometimes, it will be aggressive, and accordingly, if you have a small child at home, Jack Russell will not be a safe choice. 

But, you can reduce their aggressiveness through enough training. As they are hyper-energetic terriers, they need to release more energy.

So, make sure to provide enough exercises for the dog. It will help you prevent many destructive behaviors of your dog and have a nice companion for you.

So, here let’s see some of this terrier’s important, common characteristics to identify who these dogs are.

1. Agile and energetic

This terrier loves to be always engaged. They love running, walking, playing, hiking, etc. So, they always seem to be busy.

Accordingly, if you want to be a Jack Russell owner, you should try to spend more time with your dog by keeping it busy to release its excess energy. 

On the other hand, they are very agile where you can see how quickly they engage in any activity they do.

For example, they are very fast; if they jump, they will quickly do it. It will be easy for you to train the dog with these qualities.

2. Fearless

This terrier is originally fearless with its hunting instinct. They do not give up any target without reaching it in front of any barrier. So they are good guardians for a house as they do not let anyone enter its place without its permission.

Of course, they do not go backward in front of a fight with any of their enemies. So, you should consider all these factors when socializing with a Jack Russell. 

3. Playful

This terrier loves playing with its activeness and energy. So, if you are finding a playmate, explorer, walking partner, Jack Russell is the best choice for you.

You can see how it enjoys playing by running here and there, jumping and hanging around you. So, they have a balanced personality.

They are not only good guardians or not only good playmates. But, they have both these qualities. Accordingly, you can find all the personalities through the one and only dog you choose.

4. Noisy

Jack Russell is a noisy terrier. They always love to be around their partners. Therefore, if it notices that its partner loses attention towards him, for sure, it will bark noisily by seeking your attention. 

So, Jack Russell is like a book that you can’t finish by reading. But once you start to read, you will never give up on it.

What are some different types of Jack Russell Terriers?

We can find three different types of Jack Russells based on their coat type. They are smooth, broken, and have rough coats.

And also, there are a variety of Russell terriers like; Parson Russell, Shorty Jack Russell, and Russell terrier. So, here let’s discuss these types of dogs and Russell terriers, which will be beneficial for you to identify their difference.  

1. Smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier

The smooth-coated Jack Russells are brilliant and smooth where many people love to own the dog. The coat of these dogs around the face, body, and legs are relatively short, and all have been laid to one side.

Although it is said these dogs are smooth-coated, there is some coarse hair in them to protect them from the snow and rain. Anyways, these dogs are easy to groom. 

2. Rough coat Jack Russell Terrier

Although the coats of these dogs are found rough, they have pleasant personalities with long fur that covers their entire body. They are straight and wiry and probably do not grow in one direction, giving a textured look.

Their fur grows 1-2 inches long to protect them from all external infections. But, you do not want to provide them with additional regular grooming, and only our caring for the show ring is enough.  

3. Broken coat Jack Russell Terriers

The bodies of these dogs are covered with a mixture of smooth and rough coats. They get a unique look with the spread of long fur patches along with smooth hair patches.

Their fur differentiates from one spot to another spot. But, you don’t want them to provide additional grooming. 

When we pay attention to Russell terriers, there are various types of them such as; Jack Russell, Parson Russell, and the Russell terrier. Here, I hope to give you an idea about all of them to identify them differently and choose the best pet for you. 

4. Parson Russell Terrier

The coat displays the major difference between Jack Russell and Parson Russell. They have a long coat that is usually colored with white, tan, black, or mixed for Parson Russells.

Their temperament is quite similar to the Jack Russells, where they are lovely, energetic, and very loyal to their owners.

Exercises and stimulation can be cited as basic requirements of these playful dogs. But, make sure to train these dogs correctly from the beginning.

5. Shorty Jack Russell

These types of dogs have a rectangular body shape that is very long which can easily differentiate them from the Parson Russells and the Jack Russells.

They are excellent performers who can take part in a variety of outdoor events and are found as lively dogs with loyalty, friendliness. They are also likely to be hyperactive as typical JRTs.

6. Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

There are various Jack Russell Terrier mixes out there. Jack Russells are being used for a number of hybrid and designed dog breeds. JRT have a high demand in the designed dog industry because of their energetic temperament, strong body structure, longer lifespan and good health. 

Here you can find several famous JRT mix dog breeds.

Pros and cons of Jack Russells as pets to be raised in a house

When talking about the types of Jack Russells, it is important to know about the pros and cons of them being raised as house pets. So, here let’s pay our attention to this with more details.

There are many pros of them as;

1. Highly intelligent

This is a very smart terrier. They can easily learn anything because they are very intelligent. They also can understand your feelings well.

So, they are intelligent not only for the training tricks but also for understanding their owner’s feelings.

2. Loyal companions

There is no other terrier that is loyal to its owner than a Jack Russell. They are strongly bound to their owners and always hang around them just like the shadow.

So, it will be aggressive to strangers to protect its owner from possible external threats. So, you do not need extra protection if you have a Jack Russell as your pet.

3. Small-sized breed

Jack Russells are easily recognized for their small size. Their height is around 25-38 cm, and their weight is around 6.4-8.2 kg.

So, you can easily carry your dog from one place to another well as you can easily groom your pet.

But, do not forget to give exercises for the dog, thinking that it doesn’t need exercises as it is small. It needs exercises to release its excessive energy.

4. Not much expensive

This terrier is not as expensive as some other breeds. The price varies from one dog to another depending on the age but it is not very expensive. 

4. Have a long lifespan

These terriers are relatively healthy. Its life span is approximately about 12-15 years. Rarely, some healthier dogs live more than that.

So, they live for a longer time than many other breeds. Apart from some common dog health issues like; sight, hearing, and breathing problems, they lead a healthy life. 

When it comes to the cons, there are also some of them to be concerned about as;

5. Need more exercises

These dogs are also hyper-energetic dogs who want to release more energy. So, they need a lot of exercise. At least you should provide exercises for the dog, even for an hour per day.

Especially if your living space is small, you have to give more exercise to the dog. Do not forget that they originated as hunting dogs, so they have those hunting instincts in them.

Exercises are the best remedy to release their energy and have the mental stimulation that they need.  

6. They can be destructive in front of small children and other animals

They are good and friendly dogs. But, they do not like the scratching and dragging of the small children, and they also become aggressive towards the other animals.

So, you can’t keep a Jack Russell alone with your small child. Make sure to pay your attention a lot when Jack Russell is with your small kid. 

7. Need a lot of training

This breed originated as hunting dogs, and therefore they have the feeling of being the leader of the pack.

You can control this feeling only by providing good training and socializing it well. So, do not give a chance for your dog to control you; instead, you control the dog. 

What are the common health issues that can be seen among different types of Jack Russell Terriers?

Generally, Jack Russell is a healthy terrier. But, we can find many types of Jack Russells who have been infected with various diseases due to various reasons like; getting older, exposing them to viruses and bacteria, etc.

So, here let’s discuss some of those common diseases that we can find among these dogs. 

1. Oral hygiene problems

This is a commonly found disease among these dogs. But, you don’t want to worry here because these diseases can be cured through better medical treatments.

And, if you can clean the teeth and gums of your dog regularly, you can protect the healthiness of its mouth.

2. Absence of premolars

This disease can be caused during the period of the growth of your dog. Here, you can have the assistance of the vet or a nutritionist to have an idea about the healthy food to be given for your dog. 

3. Ear infections

You can detect this infection of your dog through its behaviors like; shaking the head most often and scratching incisively. But, they are not dangerous and can be easily treated. 

4. Unilateral and bilateral deafness

Here, in unilateral deafness, only one ear is affected with hearing problems. And bilateral deafness means hearing problems will occur in both ears. On both occasions, you can use hand signals. 

5. Obesity

Jack Russells are hyper-energetic, and they need to release more energy per day. So, exercises are very important for them.

But, if you do not provide it with enough exercise but continuously give food and other treats, it will lead to the obesity of your dog. 

6. Arthritis

This is a disease associated with the dog’s joints, which develops with getting it older. But, if you can recognize the disease at the beginning, you can control it and identify your dog’s symptoms as; difficulty in climbing the stairs, long walks, etc. So, as soon as you notice the above symptoms, it is better to go to the vet. 

Not only these diseases, but you also can find some other diseases among them as; 

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Hernias
  • Wobbler syndrome
  • Glaucoma
  • Overshot
  • Undershot

Conclusion – Types of Jack Russell Terriers

We have discussed; types of Jack Russell terriers with more details. I think this article will work out for all people who are looking for a good pet dog and also for the people who already have a Jack Russell as I have covered many important areas as; who are Jack Russells, what are some different types of Jack Russells, pros and cons of them as pets to be raised in a house and finally, I have provided some important information on the common health issues that we found in this terrier.

Jack Russell is a small terrier with a cute and attractive outlook. Many people love to own them due to their intelligence, playfulness, energy, and loyalty, etc. There are also various types of Jack Russells according to their coat; smooth, rough, and broken coated dogs. And also, many Russell terriers are found as; Jack Russells, Parson Russell, and the Russell.

But, there are both pros and cons when it comes to raising a household pet dog. And, pay much attention to the common dog diseases that are found in this terrier such as; arthritis, diabetes, Hernias, etc. Anyway, Jack Russell is a lovely pet dog for anyone.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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