Can Two Jack Russells Live Together? Explained

Can Two Jack Russells Live Together? Explained

Dogs have become long-term poppets in our homes. I know that our busy schedule makes them feel alone. So, it is important to raise them in pairs in a household because it helps them spend time without loneliness.

And also, good rapport pleases them both mentally and physically. But, I believe if you are an owner of a tempestuous puppy like Jack Russell, you have a burning issue about whether two Jack Russells can live in the same household.

So, can two Jack Russells live together? Yes, two JRTs can live together. Jack Russells are interested in having a plummy rapport in pairs. Giving regular training and socialization from birth will lead them to do well in pairs. Living together is not a simple thing with Jack Russells. You must have a deep understanding of the characteristics of Jacks, and coaching them to be well-behaved dogs at an early age is a mandatory factor. Though they have aggressive behavior, I know well that they are very good at nourishing better companionship when living in pairs.

After reading this article, I confide in your feeling of excitement, taking you to a happy ending with living together with Jack Russell Terriers. This will grant you correct guidance about Jack Russell’s behavior when living in pairs.

So, why do we get late? Let’s get started.

Are Jack Russells better in pairs?

As a Jack Russell owner, you have a piece of prior knowledge about their behavior. Jack Russells are highly intelligent, ferocious, and an active breed. 

Jacks are admired for being independent. They need regular activities to unfreeze their energy. 

They have inherited the hunting behavior from their ancient ancestors. That’s why Jacks show their aggressive actions toward visitors and other animal breeds. Well-trained Jack Russells are obedient to the owner.

It does not mean that JRTs can not live in pairs. Typically, Jack Russells have a good intention to live with female breeds. If you hope to bring a male JRT to the home, then you have to assure behavioral understanding among them.

Jack Russells need to dominate themselves when they live in a group. The most powerful Jack becomes the leader of the pack involuntarily.

Think for a moment what you will do if this hierarchy takes place in your residence. That’s why I suppose it is not advisable to raise a pair of male dogs within the same house. 

As we mentioned earlier, Jack Russells are more comfortable with female leads than males. If you need to raise a Jack with your own, you should be the pack leader to them.

Accordingly, you will be the decision-maker of JRT’s. They should only follow up on your commands. Simply, you have your conditions when you feed them and give them space to walk, play, run, etc. 

The lack of leadership characteristics of the pack leader causes Jack Russells to be the model of your home. This situation will be worse when you feed many Jacks under your own company.

It is not a problem whether they are the same pairs or opposite pairs. But, the thing is you should get to know to treat all fairly. If you give more attention to one or neglect another, it will show your weak leadership pattern. 

If you feel you can not be a good pack leader, you should train them under a professional dog trainer.

When Jack Russells live in pairs, you should admit the good actions and thoroughly reject the bad actions. Then only you can behave obedient Jack which can live with another breed.

You should also consider selecting the best companions for Jack. If they have a rival thought to another, keeping them in the same household is not good. 

In my opinion, you had better choose an opposite gender when raising two Jack Russells. My two JRT’s named Shaggy and Lenny are a great example that Jack Russells can live in pairs but mostly with the opposite sex.

Do Jack Russells get along together?

As I discussed earlier, if you have an intention to raise Jack Russell in pairs, your best option should be the opposite sex or another breed because it causes to tone down the battles among pairs.

When you take a dog as an adopter, you must consider whether that breed has similar characteristics to the Jack Russell. They are playful, wise, and not aggressive like Jack.

Further, you should have a sense of knowledge about the time intervals when adopting a second breed. Let’s think this way. If your Jack Russell is still a puppy, they need your affection and attention thoroughly.

Otherwise, your careless attention will drive Jacks’ aggressive behavior at young age. So, it is mandatory to gain Jack Russells enough time to shape the nature of your home.

What dogs are good with Jack Russells?

What dogs are good with Jack Russells?

If your Jack Russell is not fond of living with another Jack, then you have a chance to take a second dog from another breed.

I believe you have wondered about the list of companions who can get along with Jack Russells well. Here are those listed below manner,

  • English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is one of the most suitable breeds for a good companionship with Jack Russells.

They have similar characteristics to Jack Russells, and Springers’ active, lovely behavior makes for a good fellowship with Jacks.

  • Labrador Retriever

All of you have known about this adorable puppy called “Labrador Retriever.” Labradors are very playful and active.

The intimate characteristics of Labradors will make a plummy companionship with Jack Russells. 

  • Golden Retriever

Both Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever have similar traits. When compared to other dog breeds, Golden retrievers are low rivals. Their laid-back features make them a perfect selection for Jack Russell Terriers. 

Another important thing about this breed is that it is easy to train them to live together with Jacks and be willing to live together.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

Even though Yorkshire Terriers have inherited some kind of aggressive characteristics, they are also a good choice to be a fellow of Jack Russells. 

I believe you should have fundamental knowledge about the companionship of Jack Russells. You must study Jack’s behavior acutely and give them a sufficient period to get along together with another breed or pair.

Can a male and female Jack Russell live together?

I know many Jack Russell owners are curious about whether Jacks can live together with male partners or female partners. The ferocious characteristics of Jack Russells will continue to fight, especially when they live as a male pair.

When the pack leaders’ power turns down, both Jack Russells compete with each other to gain power within the household. The role of the pack leader is important to make a well-behaved Jack Russell. 

A group of animal behaviorists did the research, and they have analyzed the canine aggression of varied breeds. They have used the number of 5312 dogs from 25 varied breeds.

The final result of this study was Jack Russell Terriers are the third-highest number of breeds for dog directive aggression and the second-highest dog rivalry after the Chihuahua. (Duffy et al., 2008)

If Jack Russells have regular conflicts between them, you have to keep them in a separate place. But, according to my experience, I believe Jack Russells can live together with opposite-sex partners than same.

Shaggy and Lenny are the opposite sex JRT couple, and they live together in harmony. They are very playful, and keeps a good command of both.

I do not want to confirm Jack Russells are a deadly breed to keep a firm connection with owners. But suppose you can give steady attention and interest. In that case, it is not an impossible thing to live together with two Jack Russells in a household.

Final thoughts about JRTs suitability as pairs in same household

Eventually, I believe you have got a positive intention about whether two Jack Russells can live together. Jack Russell’s aggressive behavior is inherited from their ancestors. They are an active, intelligent, and energetic breed well-obedient to the owner after firm training.

Most people say it is not easy to live with Jack Russells in pairs. I do not agree with that declaration. As a pack leader of Jack Russells, you need to get a deep meaning about the characteristics of Jacks.

Although Jack Russells have some tough traits, you can socialize them from birth and train them to do well in pairs.

Jack Russells show demanding characteristics when living with the same pair. We can see this in male pairs. The worst thing is they have a constant fight between the two of them.

The most likely reasons for this are lack of attention or giving more attention to one dog, weak leadership of the pack leader, etc. The pack leader plays a major role when conducting Jack Russells towards building a good fellowship with pairs.

When compared to the opposite sex, Jacks have a will to live with them, and the potential conflicts are less than in male pairs. But, if both Jack Russells have rival intentions toward another after a firm training, it is not advisable to live with a pair of Jacks in a household.

But, you can turn your choice to feed a dog from another breed. Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and English Springer Spaniel are a few examples of good candidates for the Jack Russells.

It is good to choose a similar characteristic breed for living with Jacks. Especially, fewer rival and lie back factors are important to consider when taking a second lead to the home.

If your Jack Russell is at an early age, you should not feed another dog quickly. You have to be patient while Jack shapes the nature of the household. Keeping a time range will give them a beneficial space to make a good companionship.

Thank you for reading and Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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