Do Jack Russells Love their Owners? The Truth You Should Know

Do Jack Russells Love their Owners? The Truth You Should Know

Jack Russell Terriers are energetic and intelligent hunting dog types born in England. They are small in size and therefore suitable to adopt as a domestic pet.

But many people have several questions before adopting a JRT due to the bad image they have built up due to their aggressiveness and difficulty of control without proper training.

Therefore, most people need to measure the loyalty of JRTs, and they pay more attention to the matter of Do Jack Russells love their owners or not? 

As a Jack Russell owner for two years, I think my answers may be justifiable for your questions. 

So, do Jack Russells Love their owners? Yes, Jack Russells love their owners a lot and create a strong bond with their owners with love and affection. I was also in the same situation with the same question when deciding to adopt my JRT, Shaggy. I’m so glad to have him adopted since he is such a loving and caring pet. 

So that I would like to share my experiences with my JRT, Shaggy, with you, and through that, I’m going to provide an effective answer for the matter, whether Jack Russells love their owners or not? While reading, you’ll be able to have proper clarification on the way JRTs show affection and how you can know it.

Then, I’ll support you to measure their loyalty to owners, and finally, let’s pay more attention to whether they are attached to one person or not.

So all the truth you should know about the love of JRTs for their owners is here, and this may support you to decide to adopt a JRT or not. Let’s get started with the love of exploring the journey of JRTs.

Do Jack Russells love their owners?

The answer to your question, “Do Jack Russells love their owners?” is yes, they love their owners. JRTs are very good in love, affection, and caring.

But the matter is you need to make them closer and familiar to you and your family members by providing a good introduction and proper training. After building trust with you and your dog, your JRT will show 100% love towards you.

JRTs love to spend time with humans and love to play with them. So by encouraging him to interact with you more often may increase the bond between the two of you. 

When it comes to my JRT, Shaggy has built a strong relationship with me and my family and loves all of us. In the beginning, he was somewhat aggressive, and I had the fear that he may not act lovely or friendly.

But, then after two to three days, he began to actively interact with us and showed love. He needs to be around all of us every time and shows a major concern towards me as I’m his owner, and I know that he loves me a lot. 

How do Jack Russells show affection?

While observing the matter, Do Jack Russells love their owners? It is better to understand how they show affection to owners.

If your JRT loves you, he always tries to show how much he cares for you. With their high energy level, they have unique ways of expressing their affection by following, cuddling, and protecting you.

JRTs are always keen to protect you and guard every occasion by always being alerted about strangers and external threats.

They are pleased to show loyalty and devotion in every possible way. It’s the nature of JRTs, and they use showing affection as a way to express their love to owners. 

According to my experience, my JRT always turns around whenever I’m, and he never lets any stranger come near me until I signal not to interrupt. Shaggy is always audible for every single sound and stays careful about them.

In addition, he fought with a dog larger than five times than him, predicting that the dog would bite me. I had faced some difficulties too due to his excess affection towards me.

Once, he had bitten one of my old school friend’s legs when he was going to hug me in a sudden meet-up after a long time.

However, all of these things happen due to his unconditional love and affection towards me.

Therefore, believe me that you don’t need any other security system if you have a JRT with you. He will provide you care and affection to the core. 

How do you know if your Jack Russell loves you?

Do Jack Russells love their owners? If yes, how do you know that your JRT loves you? It is great to know whether your JRT loves you or not.

And after adopting a JRT, you may be excited to know this as it is a great pleasure to be loved by your dog in return for your love for him. Here are the ways you can find out about it.

1. Eye contact

Eye contact is the basis of every relationship, even between humans. It depicts love and trust. When your JRT loves you, he begins to maintain eye contact with you and stare.

It marks more warmth than you think, and it is a sign that your JRT respects you and trusts you by returning love.

2. Licks you

Licking is the most popular way among dogs to show their love. It is similar to JRTs as well. They are keen to lick your face when they start to love you. Please don’t think it is unhygienic.

If you are adopting a JRT, you need to adapt to their licking behavior, and you may feel it sweet soon. 

3. Relaxed body language

JRTs are famous as aggressive dogs. But when they start to love you, they begin to stay calm and relaxed whenever you are there.

They show relaxed body language with a wagging tail, blinking eyes, soft facial expressions, and a lolling tongue. 

4. Listening

JRTs are very independent dogs and not easy to control. They only listen to you if they love you and respect you as their owners.

Then they show a high level of listening and responsiveness for your call. They are obeying your commands, and then it’s easy to control them.

5. Follows you

When your JRT loves you, he wants to follow you everywhere and needs to stay around with you.

You’ll be his comfort zone, and they feel that they are safe around you and they enjoy following you.

6. Jealousy

Jealousy is a good sign of understanding that your JRT loves you. They get jealous when you pay attention to any other thing or person than them.

You must be careful since their jealousy can be directed to your wife, children, friend, or any other pet.

7. Back to home greetings

Your JRT is excited to see you when you are not around and when you are back home, you’ll exactly experience his heartiest greetings with tail wagging, jumping, licking, dancing with excitement.

8. Snuggle up with your belongings

The scent is a primary communication means for dogs. When your JRT loves you, he is attracted to your scent as well. So he may snuggle up with your belongings like shoes and clothes.

You may feel distracted by this behavior, but it shows his love for you, and you can train him to chew toys and make them aware that snuggling with shoes or clothes is not good.

Are Jack Russells loyal to their owners?

Many people consider the loyalty of JRTs when identifying Do Jack Russells love their owners? If you ask me whether Jack Russells are loyal to their owners or not, my exact answer is yes; they are loyal dogs.

Among dog types, JRTs are one of the most loyal dogs. Jack Russells love to stay with their owners, provide affection, play with them, and work together.

Most importantly, JRTs are loyal to their owners in providing protection and affection to their owners and family members. 

My Jack Russell, Shaggy is the best example of the loyalty of JRTs. I didn’t think at the beginning that he would be raised as this loyal dog for my family and me.

He is always caring for us, and I have a sensitive experience regarding his loyalty. Once I faced an accident and was admitted to the hospital.

Shaggy came all over there and stayed outside the door of my room. No one was unable to take him away, and finally, doctors had to let him in. He was there with me by supporting me in every task and bringing the things I needed.

It was such a heart-touching incident which proves my JRT’s loyalty and love towards me. My relatives are still remembering this incident and praise me for having such a loyal dog. It is such a fortune that I had my Shaggy with me.

So I’m proud of my Jack Russell, Shaggy. Without any hesitation, I recommend you adopt a JRT, and he will be the best loyal dog you have ever had.

Do Jack Russells Attach to One Person?

It is better to concern the attachment of JRT to one person when considering Do Jack Russells love their owners? Jack Russells are extremely attached to their owners. In most cases, they show more attachment and love towards one person among the family members.

Adopting a dog is not a single decision or procedure; it’s a family effort. Therefore, JRT is a pet for all the family members, and he will love and be affectionate to everyone. But among them, the JRT may choose one family member as special for him and attach more to him.

That will be the person who spends more time with him, who trains him, does his tasks, feeds him, and takes his responsibilities. 

Fortunately, my JRT is more attached to me than other family members. He is loyal to all the family members and takes care of them.

But he shows a special attachment towards me as I’m the one who spent more time with him and trained him.

My friends acted as if they were hitting me for fun to see the reaction of my JRT, and then they ended with a bite mark!

Likewise, JRTs are always shown a special attachment towards one person while loving all the other family members, and exactly that one person is so lucky to have such an unconditional attachment with love, devotion, and affection.

Final thoughts about Jack Russell’s love for their owners

Finally, we have come to the end of our journey on exploring the Jack Russell’s love towards their owners? I have shared my personal experiences with you of adopting a JRT for two years without any hesitation.

After reading the article now, I guess you have got a clear idea about their love, loyalty, affection, and attachment. I’m glad if this was support for your decision to adopt a JRT as your pet.

You may be excited with the feeling of being loved and affectionate by your Jack Russell, and it is such a heart-touching feeling you may ever have. So, good luck with your journey of adopting a JRT, and trust me, you’ll have adorable days ahead.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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