Why Is My Dog Distancing Himself From Me?

Why Is My Dog Distancing Himself From Me?

As a dog parent, you know that our pets are almost like our kids. We love them to bits and do everything in our power to keep them healthy and happy. It becomes our life’s mission.

And any dog owner knows how sociable our pets are. They love smooches, kisses, belly rubs, and hugs from anyone and everyone (almost!). 

But what if your pet suddenly stops being like that with you? Then you might be wondering, why is my dog distancing himself from me? However, our pet dogs love being around us all the time; there could also be times when they want to do the exact opposite; to distance themselves from us. Pain, annoyance with us, depression, anxiety, trauma, being sick, and even getting old could make your pups want to isolate themselves from everybody. 

If you’re a worried mom or a dad of a lovely pup, yet he’s doing things that make you worry, why is my dog distancing himself from me, out of the blue, this post is dedicated to you.

We hope we can give you some closure as to why your dog behaves the way he does.

Why Is My Dog Distancing Himself From Me? 

As we explained earlier, many dogs around the world love being around people. They love it when people play and pet them.

As active as they are for most of their lives, a dog may also pass through stages when he wants to stay away from the people he used to love.

You might even notice that your pet spends much time away from you in a completely different room than that you are in.

But why is your dog distancing himself from you?

There could be many reasons for one another as to why he does that. Although it might be hard to decide the exact reason, knowing some of the most common causes may give you a general picture of the answer.

Following are some common reasons that make a pooch want to distance himself from others and spend time alone.

  • Pain 
  • Age
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Heart disease
  • Annoyed or angry with you for something
  • Trauma
  • Not used to being socialized

These are some of the most frequent reasons for a dog to spend time alone. So before jumping to any conclusions, check for his body language and what he does when he sees a human.

That is the first thing you should do when you feel like, “why is my dog distancing himself from me?”

If the dog looks in pain or you suspect he’s depressed or is feeling sick, the only best thing you can do is get a professional to check him. 

Although you should not take haste actions, you should also not waste time if you think the situation is urgent and your pooch needs medical attention.

Why Does My Dog Not Want To Be Around Me Anymore?

Have you wondered, “why is your dog distancing himself from you?” because he’s not spending time with you but is very friendly around others?

Have you ever given a second thought to your behavior? 

Our pets are very good watchers. They carefully inspect all our moves throughout the day. That is how they know the difference when we are in a bright mood or sad. 

While they will play and dance with us when we are happy, they will also give you a friendly gesture when we are feeling down as well.

The same goes for when you act angry and deadly around your dog. It will make him scared and give him trauma. His instant fight or flight instinct would kick in. 

And what do you think he will do? 

A dog wouldn’t fight with you. Bark at you – maybe – but there are only rare instances when they attack and grab a bite of their owners. Instead, he will try to distance himself from you. That is because he’s scared of you. 

Shouting, fighting, and being aggressive in front of your dog are some negative behaviors that will impact your pet.

So, undoubtedly, he will try to distance himself from you and would even spend his time alone in a completely different room than you are.

That is why it is essential to behave calmly when you are around your pet. 

What Can You Do When Your Dog Is Distancing Himself From You?

When dogs are getting old, they are bound to feel the discomforts of old age. They become prone to diseases, get pains once in a while, and so on. That is normal, considering we, humans, face the same fate.

Do you have a pet who distances himself from you by always sleeping in the corner of a room? In that case, it might be his way of hiding his pain from you. 

But regular visits to the veterinarian will help in this situation because he might be able to prescribe some vitamins or medication to make him more comfortable. But don’t forget to mention his changes in behavior. 

Next, no matter what, always keep calm in front of your pet. Never fight or get aggressive with your spouse, friend, or family when the dog is around you. It might make the pet anxious and fearful.

It could also make him hate you and feel angry at you because you are suddenly making him scared. And that will push your pet further away from you. 

In the end, you will be sitting on a chair, looking at the pet sleeping far away from you, wondering, why is your dog distancing himself from you”

Another thing that could make your pet move away from you is diseases. You doggo might be in his youth, but no one can say that he is not depressed or has a heart condition.

Therefore, if you are suspicious that your puppy might be sick, never waste another minute without seeking medical attention. 

Sometimes, your quick decisions may even save your pet’s life. Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts


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