Why Does My Dog Stare At Me While Lying Down? Reasons Explained

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me While Lying Down? Reasons Explained

It sometimes unnerves and spooks us; the dog’s stare. Our dogs are beautiful creatures, but sometimes they have the capacity to do that by intensely staring at us. If you have an adorable pup at home, then you may as well have experienced this first-hand.

And when they do it, we will do everything in our might to just distract them with something else. Let it be his favorite toy or go out for a short walk; it will make them stop staring.

So, Why does my dog stare at me while lying down? There are multiple reasons why they do this. From asking to go out for a quick second to telling you how much he adores you, there could be a million and one reasons. It all depends on the situation and how much you can read your pet’s body language to understand what he wants. Because staring is one way how your pet communicates, learning how to read this is vital.

So if you are wondering why your dog stares at you while lying down, you must double check if you have covered all his needs like going out for potty, water, food, a clean bed, playing, exercise, etc.

But, if it’s not either of these, keep in mind that your pet might just be so obsessed with you that he can’t get enough of looking at you. 

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me While Lying Down?

As I already explained, dogs stare at their owners for multiple reasons. And these reasons differ from situation to situation. Therefore, I repeat again that learning to read your pet’s body language is vital.

Some of these reasons could be;

  • your cutie is asking for a quick snack
  • asking to let him out to pee
  • asking to refill his water bowl
  • looking at you to say how much he adores you
  • trying to understand your mood and body language, etc.

Dogs are very focused and alert about anything and everything that is going around. So, even if you slightly shifted on the chair, your pet knows exactly what you did. It’s creepy yet awesome.

So if you ever felt your pet’s eyes watching your every single move, then it is nothing to be surprised about.

No matter what they are doing at that moment, chewing his favorite chew toy or lazily napping on the floor, he will stare at you adamantly.

Because of the long history dogs share as man’s best friend, they are more tuned to our moves and know how to read our body language.

And that is how they learn that picking up the leash means you’re taking the pet out for a walk or that you come home every day at 5 pm.

Why Does My Dog Lay Her Head On Me And Stare At Me?

No words are used in the relationship between a dog and a human. Instead, the whole “talk” is done through facial expressions, actions, vocalization, and body language.

So whether your pet is laying his head on your lap, running around you doing a happy dance, or scolding you with his bark, it is all part of a conversation. 

But, there could be different interpretations for a single action. Sometimes we get doubts about what our pet is trying to convey, such as “why does my dog stare at me while lying down?”

Most of the time, when our pet lays her head on us and stares, it means they are asking for your affection or attention or are stressed. 

So, if you coo at your doggo, pet her, or play with her, she will get satisfied. Asking for your time and affection is common in dogs.

But, if you ever start noticing signs of stress in your dog, you must keep an eye on your dog to find out why she’s stressed.

It will help you get your pet out of what is bothering her and relieve you of the doubt, “why does my dog stare at me while lying down?”

Some of these visible signs of stress include, 

  • Agitated facial expression
  • Yawling
  • Whimpering

What Do You Do When Your Dog Stares At You?

Understanding the look on the stare of your pet will help you take action accordingly. Some of the ordinary meanings behind their different facial expressions are given below. 

  • Longing eyes – your dog is asking for something. 

Perhaps he’s hungry or thirsty, but the bowels are empty. Sometimes, he might want to go out for a quick pee. Ask your pet what he wants, and your puppy will tell you what he wants if he’s trained. 

  • Head tilted at an angle – he’s confused or trying to read you.

The pup will tilt his head sideways when he has trouble understanding or reading your mood. This confused stare is the typical illustration of how your dog is trying to figure out what you want while trying to understand what he wants as well. 

  • Hard eye stare – the pet is tensed

This is the stare you will see a few seconds before a dog attacks you. Before the dog jumps on you to bite, he will first analyze the situation and his enemy. During that quick few moments, you will see this stare.

Most of the time, our beloved puppies won’t give us a stern look, indicating he’s going to jump on us, but it’s pretty standard among outside dogs who don’t know you. So, if you see this, brace for impact!

  • Soft eye stare – your puppy adores you

When your pooch looks at you with the most adorable puppy dog eyes, no matter how stern you are, you won’t be able to resist.

He’s saying, “I love you,” and not responding will be just rude. And it will hurt your pet’s feelings. So why not give him a kiss?

So, these are only a few prevalent types of stares your dog will give you. Although I have explained these states’ most basic, standard meanings, they could change according to the dog and the situation.

Therefore, if you’re well accustomed to your pup’s body language, interpreting these looks will be like a walk in the park.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite pet.


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